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Mediacom TV vs DISH Network TV comparison review

Mediacom TV vs. DISH Network TV Comparison Review

Choosing the perfect TV provider for you and your family can be quite a headache, especially considering the myriads of TV services available today. More so, trying to grasp what features are best for you and which TV packages offer the best value for money spent can be super confusing. Good enough, we are with you every step of the way, to make the process easy.

With Mediacom and DISH Network going head to head, it can be very tricky to decide which of them comes top. While Mediacom treats its customers to an exceptional TV experience, thanks to its reliable TV bundles and spectacular channel selections, DISH offers more bang for your buck as they roll out impressive packages, brilliant TV bundles, massive premium channel packages, and powerful DVR options. The only major caveat with DISH is that the company requires customers to agree to a two-year contract. Read on as we matchup Mediacom and DISH Network to see how both providers compare.

Mediacom Cable Overview

Mediacom has warmed its way into thousands of households in the United States, and that’s all thanks to the company’s impressive TV services. Today, Mediacom offers its formidable cable TV and brilliant internet services in 22 states. The company’s coverage area includes the Southeast and areas of California as well as the central and Midwestern states.

Wherever Mediacom services exist, you’re poised to find mind-blowing TV and internet bundles with an exciting variety of channel selections and internet speed options that will blow your mind.

For customers who dare to give Mediacom a try, you’ll enjoy access to the company’s powerful Tivo DVR, Xtream Voice Remote, the brilliant Tivo search guide, and the freedom to enjoy tons of on-demand content right from the comfort of your home.

If you have always wanted to control how you watch TV, then now is a great time to give Mediacom a try. Thanks to the all-powerful Tivo box, the incredible Xtream TV app, and thousands of Xtream on-demand titles, you’re in for a swell time.

One unique thing about Mediacom is that unlike other TV service providers, Mediacom doesn’t offer standalone TV packages as they strive to give their customers the best of both worlds. Instead of just offering exclusive TV packages, the company bundles TV and internet services to deliver a unique experience to its teeming customers.

Pros and Cons

There is no doubt that Mediacom is doing lots of amazing things in the TV landscape. But guess what, this company also has a couple of caveats. Here are some pros and cons you should know


  • Features and an exceptional on-demand library
  • Rolls out the impressive Tivo DVR
  • Impeccable bundle deals to explore


  • Limited sports selections
  • Mediacom Bundles are a bit pricey
  • Limited coverage as compared to the competition

DISH Network Cable TV Overview

DISH Network stands out from the myriads of TV service providers out there, and that’s a testament to the company’s spectacular TV service. With DISH Network, customers will enjoy the best value on TV with a two years price guarantee.

Where DISH Network shines the most is in its broad coverage. Unlike Mediacom that is available in 22 states, DISH Network is available across 50 states. So whether you reside in remote or urban areas, you’ll still get to enjoy their services.

From the company’s powerful Hopper 3 DVR to its impressive channel lineup to reasonable pricing and more, DISH offers a lot of unique services ahead of the competition. And for those who want to watch their favorite TV shows and movies in crisp HD quality, you can always trust the company to deliver the perfect HD experience.

Plus, when it comes to channel selections, DISH topples Mediacom as it offers more channels than you’ll ever get with the competition. While Mediacom offers customers access to a maximum of 175 channels, DISH features over 290 channels.

While Mediacom does not offer standalone TV packages and instead prefers to bundle TV and internet service, DISH takes an entirely different route as the company offers customers multiple TV packages they can explore.

Our only concern is that DISH Network doesn’t offer its own exclusive internet service, but guess what, they make up for this by partnering with established brands in the TV landscape. With DISH, you can bundle flawless internet and phone services from either Frontier or HughesNet.

DISH also offers the best DVR in the game. So if you’re on the market for a TV provider with superior DVR performance, DISH Network is the one for you. Their Hopper 3 DVR delivers over the top performance as it is uniquely designed to let users record 16 shows simultaneously.

Although DISH is a bit pricey, they make up for this by delivering a top-notch performance you’ll not see across the TV industry.

Pros and cons

While DISH Network outperforms many TV providers in the TV landscape, the company isn’t without a few shortcomings. Stay with us as we run you through some pros and cons of DISH, you should know.


  • Boast of a more extensive coverage than the competition
  • Impressive channel selections and on-demand content to keep you entertained
  • Rolls out the best DVR in the TV industry (the Hopper 3)


  • Customers are required to sign a two-year contract.
  • An imminent second-year price hike
  • DISH Network is very prone to weather disruptions

Installation and bundling services – What Do You Get?

Mediacom installation is a little on the high side, so you should keep that in mind when considering their services. With Mediacom, customers will have to pay a one-time installation fee of $99. Add this to the pricing for their packages, and your bills will look a little overwhelming. More so, Mediacom also charges a one-time activation fee of $10.

The good thing, however, is that there is a loophole you can explore to get installation free of charge. Interested? Well, we bet you are. If you order Mediacom online, there is a likelihood you’ll get their one-time installation fee waived. So if you’re looking to keep your bills low, we suggest you explore this opportunity.

One of the perks of doing business with DISH Network is that the company throws in free installation to spice things up. For DISH customers, this is one of the best deals you’ll encounter as most TV service providers charge their customers a one-time installation fee. Thanks to DISH Network, customers are poised to enjoy a free, fast, and convenient professional installation in up to six rooms.

To get hooked right away, all you need is sign up to DISH Network, and a technician will be dispatched straight to your home to survey your property, fully assemble your equipment, and have everything up and running. DISH Network even follows up one day before installation to confirm the professional technician’s estimated arrival time.

Considering the installation price and activation fee charged by Mediacom, DISH is a better bargain for TV watchers looking for a TV provider that charges a reasonable fee for its services.

Bundling services

Let’s be honest, Mediacom and DISH aren’t doing too badly with their bundling deals. In an industry that is famous for rolling out exciting bundle deals to customers, its refreshing to see Mediacom and DISH doing the most to offer the best bundling deals to their customers.

That said, Mediacom offers some of the most robust bundling services in this industry. With Mediacom, customers can bundle the company’s fantastic TV service with flawless internet and phone services from the same provider at a mouthwatering price. Plus, the company offers a Tripple play all in one bundle deal for a reasonable price.

For customers who are on the lookout for a decent internet connection with download speed as high as 100-200 Mbps, you’re welcome to give Mediacom a try as their internet performance is second to none. The cool part is that the pricing for their bundling deals is fair and will cost around $80 to $100 per month. Trust us when we say this is one of the best bundle deal you’ll come across.

In terms of bundling services, DISH Network is playing catchup as they offer their customers limited options when it comes to bundling. Although DISH Network lets customers bundle TV and the internet, it doesn’t have its own indigenous internet service. So, to provide these vital services to its users, the company partners with big brands like Frontier and HughesNet.

For people interested in a TV provider that offers robust bundling deals while helping them save more on their monthly cable subscriptions, you’ll not be disappointed to give Mediacom a try as the company puts you first in this regard.

Mediacom vs. DISH: Channel comparison

Both Mediacom and DISH have a pretty solid channel game. This means you can relax, sit back, and follow up with your favorite TV shows and movies. With Mediacom and DISH, you’ll get unlimited access to a wide variety of popular channels as well as premium channel selections.

From quality entertainment to lifestyle programs to sports to movies to news and others, both of these providers ensure you never miss out on your favorite programmings.

Where DISH edges, Mediacom is in channel counts. With DISH, customers have access to over 290 quality channels, while Mediacom plays second fiddle as the company offers only 175 channels. So for TV lovers who want more channels for less, DISH Network has everything you’re looking for. Read on as we explore the channel lineup offered by both providers and determine which one is perfect for you.

Mediacom channel selections

Although Mediacom doesn’t compare to DISH in terms of channel counts but guess what, the company isn’t doing badly with its channel selections. Thanks to this dominant TV provider, customers will enjoy access to top channels. We also love that the company varies its channel selections to meet the unique needs of its teeming audience. So whether you’re interested in reality TV programs, sports content, movies, or more, rest assured that Mediacom has you covered as they roll out some of the best TV channels this industry has to offer.

With 50 to 175 channels up for watching, we doubt you’ll ever run out of content to watch. More so, the company also features some fantastic premium channels you’ll love. With premium channels like Cinemax, HBO, Starz, and Showtime making it to Mediacom, you and your loved ones can expect to be treated to a fantastic time.

For avid sports lovers, Mediacom has you covered as the company offers access to some of the best sports channels out there. Thanks to their Sports and info Pak, customers can now keep up with their favorite sports content.

On the flip side, DISH leads the competition in terms of channel counts. With DISH Network, customers can sit back, relax, and enjoy unlimited access to over 290 channels depending on which of their packages you opt for.

Like Mediacom, DISH Network keeps things fresh by varying their channel selections. Whether you’re interested in sports, music, movies, reality TV programs, or more, rest assured that DISH has you covered. With DISH, you’ll pretty much get all the channels you want and guess what at a reasonable price too.

From top channels like CMT, USA, E! Disney Channel, and more to a wide variety of local channels, DISH boast of having one of the most complete channel lineups in all of TV. They also feature some of the best premium channel selections, including top premium channels like Showtime, Epix, and DISH Movie Pack.

DISH gets the winner’s glove in terms of channel selections. From channel lineups to sports offerings to premium channel selections and more, DISH Network trumps Mediacom on all fronts. So if you’re looking to get value from your cable TV subscription, your best bet is to give DISH Network a try.

Sports offerings

DISH Network takes the sports championship belt, and that’s because the company features some of the best sports channels in the TV industry. As things stand, DISH Network leads Mediacom for college sports content. With DISH Network, you’ll enjoy hassle-free access to some of the most exceptional college sports channels, including big names like SEC, Longhorn, Pac-12, and the Big Ten Network.

While Mediacom doesn’t come close to DISH in terms of sports content, it also features some excellent sports channels you’ll love. Thanks to their Sports and info Pak, you can keep up with your favorite sporting events.

Price comparison – How Do They Compare?

While both providers go head to head, thanks to their impressive TV services, have you considered the pricing charged by both providers? Well, this is very important when shopping for the perfect TV provider, as we are sure you wouldn’t want to go overboard with spending. Thankfully, both providers are pretty upfront with their pricing. Read on as we compare the cost of TV service as well as the cost of equipment and DVR charged by both providers. Knowing this information will keep you mentally prepared when shopping for the perfect TV provider.

The cost of TV service

Both Mediacom and DISH Network are quite upfront with their pricing, so you’ll have an idea about how much you’ll be paying every month. Plus, both providers roll out some impressive packages, so depending on your budget, you’ll find one of their packages worth exploring.

That said, Mediacom charges around $49.99 to $89.99 for their variety of packages. And regardless of what package you opt for, keep in mind that you’ll get value for money spent. And for those who want more, you can check out Mediacom’s premium channel packages and add-ons. Stay with us as we run you through some of the impressive packages offered by Mediacom, along with their unique pricing.

Mediacom packages and pricing

  • Internet 60 + local TV: Features brilliant channel selections as well as impeccable internet connections. With this package, you’ll enjoy access to 50 popular channels as well as a decent internet connection of 60 Mbps for only $49.99 per month.
  • Access Internet 60 + Essential TV: Although this package is very similar to the base package from Mediacom, it features more channel selection. Thanks to this package, you can explore 125 top channels along with a decent internet speed of 60 Mbps for $59.99 per month.
  • Access Internet 60 + Variety TV: Get the ultimate TV experience with this excellent package that grants access to 175 channels along with a reliable internet connection of 60 Mbps. Plus, it cost only $69.99 per month to get hooked.
  • Internet 60 + Variety TV: This package features 175 top channels and a decent internet connection of 60 Mbps. More so, it has its data capped at 400GB. To get plugged, this package costs just $79.99 per month.
  • Internet 100 + Variety TV + Phone: Thanks to this fantastic package, you can now enjoy access to over 175 channels, a decent internet connection of 100 Mbps, along with impeccable phone services for just $89.99 per month.

DISH Network also offers a competitive price for its TV services. And just like Mediacom, they offer a wide range of packages you can explore. Read on as we break everything down for you.

  • America’s Top 120: This package is perfect for families who are interested in a variety of popular channels. For just $59.99, this package will grant access to 190 channels, including top channels like HGTV, Lifetime, Disney Channels, CNN, Food Network, and more.
  • America’s Top 120+: If you’re interested in more sports channels, this is the package for you. Selling for $74.99, this package will grant access to over 190 channels, including popular sports channels like Pac-12 Network, SEC, and NFL Network.
  • America’s Top 200: This package features more channels than you’ll get with the two previous packages. With this excellent package, you’ll get unlimited access to over 240 channels, and these include big names like CBS, MLB Network, Golf Channel, NHL Network, and more. Plus, it costs only $84.99 per month to subscribe to this package.
  • America’s Top 250: For avid movie lovers, this is the package you have been looking for. With this package, you can explore over 290 channels, including top movie channels like Epix Drive-in, Starz, The Movie channels, and more for only $94.99 per month.

Cost equipment and DVR

Unlike DISH, Mediacom isn’t very straightforward with the cost of its digital adapters, so it would be wise to reach out to their customer service team to find out how much they charge for their digital adapters. And for DVR, Mediacom offers its customers the powerful Tivo DVR. Amazingly, this DVR comes with a lot of perks you can’t refuse. With this powerful Tivo DVR from Mediacom, you can record up to 1000 hours of SD or 150 hours of HD. Plus, it lets you record up to 6 shows simultaneously.

While DISH doesn’t charge extra for their main receiver, they charge an extra $7 to $10 if you’re interested in extra receivers. And in terms of DVR, DISH features its flagship DVR, the Hopper 3. With this impeccable DVR, you can record up to 16 shows at a time. The other cool thing is that their DVR services are affordable and cost around $5-15 per month.

Contract and cancellation – What You Need To Know

One of the upsides of doing business with Mediacom is that you’re spared the hassles that come with agreeing to a contract, and that’s because the company has a no-contract policy.

With DISH on the hand, you’ve to have to sign a two years contract to get the best deals. And if you decide you’re no longer interested in their services, you may incur early termination fees, depending on how many months you have left on your contract with them.

Frequently asked questions

Does Dish have more channels than Mediacom?

In terms of channel counts, DISH comes top. While DISH offers access to over 290 channels, Mediacom offers access to only 175 channels.

Can I bundle services with DISH?

Thanks to the strategic partnership with Frontier and HughesNet, customers on DISH can now easily bundle TV and internet services while enjoying amazing discounts.

Do I have to agree to a contract with Mediacom?

Thanks to the company’s no-contract policy, you don’t have to agree to a contract with Mediacom.

Can I stream sports with Mediacom?

For sports fans, Mediacom offers a decent selection of sports channels. So, you wouldn’t have to miss out on your favorite sporting events.


Choosing which of these TV providers stands out can be quite tricky. But if you compare channel selections, DVR options, sports selection, and pricing, you’ll agree that DISH comes top. The only issue we have with DISH is the company’s contract policy. Besides that, the company stands tall on all fronts.

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