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RCN vs DISH Network Cable TV Comparison Review

RCN vs DISH Network Cable TV Comparison Review

Shopping for the perfect TV provider isn’t the easiest thing to do, especially when big-time players like RCN and DISH go head to head. When it comes to delivering top-notch TV services, both RCN and DISH Network aren’t letting the competition win it all as both providers roll out a blend of exciting TV services that TV lovers will appreciate right from the get-go.

For TV lovers who would rather not commit to a contract and don’t stream a lot of content outside local news and a couple of series, RCN will make a fantastic option. Plus, RCN is perfect for cord-cutters using Sling or Netflix. The icing on the cake is that RCN offers a blend of impressive bundling services. With RCN, customers can bundle internet and TV services while saving big on their monthly cable billings.

On the flip side, DISH Network is a premium option and boasts of a massive library of on-demand content, fantastic DVR performance, brilliant HD channel selections, mind-blowing sports content, and unique packages customers can explore. Read on as we delve deeper into how both TV providers stack up.

RCN Cable TV

RCN isn’t a walkover in the TV landscape as the company is steadily rolling out new services that keep other TV providers on their toes. Thanks to their solid TV services, impressive channel selections, mouthwatering bundling deals, and more, RCN is fast becoming a favorite among TV lovers on the lookout for a TV service provider that puts them first.

Thanks to RCN, customers now have access to some of the most exceptional channels in the TV space, including premium channels like HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, Starz, and more.

Where RCN shines the most is the fact that they don’t force their customer into long time contracts, which is a very common practice in the TV niche. With RCN, you don’t have to go through the hassles that come with agreeing to a contract as the company lets you pay your TV subscription monthly. Another thing you’ll love about this TV provider is that they are pretty upfront with their pricing and offer some of the most competitive pricing this industry has seen.

In terms of availability, RCN falls below the pecking order as its services are only available in a few metropolitan cities like DC, Chicago, and New York. More so, they offer their customers only one standalone plan. So if this is a deal-breaker, you’re better off with big players like DISH Network who offer their customers a variety of packages they can explore.

While the company is loved for its remarkable TV services, they offer their customer impressive internet services along with a couple of customer-oriented perks. With RCN to the rescue, you’re guaranteed to have a remarkable experience you’ll always relish.

RCN and DISH tv packages

Pros and cons

RCN has lots of amazing things going for them, but guess what, the company has a couple of letdowns you should know. Stay with us as we explore some pros and cons of RCN.


  • No contract policy
  • Reasonably priced
  • Remarkable internet services


  • Limited availability compared to the competition (only six states)
  • Offers only a standalone TV package
  • Extra fees for DVR and equipment

DISH Network TV

With big players like DISH Network continually innovating and rolling out new services, it isn’t business as usual. As one of the biggest TV service providers in the US, DISH provides coverage in more than 50 states, this puts them way ahead of the competition who are only available in 16 states.

Featuring amazing channel selections, brilliant packages to explore, powerful DVR options, and more, DISH trumps RCN on every side. And you know what, the company offers one of the best HD experiences. So if HD is your thing, DISH Network will not fail to impress you.

DISH boast of a massive channel selection in terms of channel count and only a few TV providers can rival them in this aspect. With DISH, customers can relax and enjoy access to over 290 channels. And unlike RCN that offers only one standalone package, DISH Network rolls out multiple packages customers can explore.

Where DISH is lacking is that the company doesn’t offer its very own internet or phone services, instead, the company partners with some big brands out there to deliver these services on its behalf. Thanks to strategic partnerships with HughesNet and Frontier, customers on DISH can now bundle TV with a high-speed internet connection and phone services from either Frontier or HughesNet.

Another cool thing about DISH is that they feature one of the best DVRs in the game. Without mincing words, their Hopper 3 DVR outperforms every DVR on the market, including the Genie from DirecTV. Thanks to this powerful DVR from DISH, customers can now record 16 shows at a time.

The not so impressive part is that DISH is a bit pricey, so if you’re looking for something more affordable, then you’ll want to give RCN try. That said, DISH remains a reliable option for people looking to keep up with their favorite TV shows.

Pros and cons

While DISH is known to deliver impressive TV services to its customers, they have a few letdowns you should know before subscribing to its numerous services. Here, take a look at some pros and cons of the company you should know.


  • Features one of the best DVRs in the TV landscape. The Hopper 3 from DISH can record 16 shows simultaneously.
  • Remarkable channel selections and on-demand content
  • Lots of impressive packages you can explore


  • DISH is pretty prone to weather changes, and this can significantly impact signal quality
  • Offers no indigenous phone or internet services
  • Customers are tied down to a 2-year contract

RCN vs. DISH Network: Installation and Bundling services

With RCN to the rescue, customers will enjoy a hassle-free installation process, and there is a high probability that you’ll end up paying nothing for installation. This makes RCN a perfect choice for people looking to keep their bills low.

Although the company technically charges its customers for installation, RCN rolls out free installation coupons their customers can explore. So if you’re looking to keep your bills low, we suggest you check out the free installation coupon from RCN.

DISH comes with lots of perks you don’t want to miss out on, and one of such exciting perks we can’t get enough of is free installation. Oh yes, with DISH, you’ll pay absolutely nothing for installation. The best part is, their installation process is quick and hassle-free. Simply book an appointment with a DISH technician, and he will be dispatched to your apartment in no time to have everything up and running.

Although both providers advertise free installation, please keep in mind that you may incur additional fees that vary by region. Plus, other extra fees tie into additional premium device installation—for instance, Echo Dot pairing with DISH.

Another significant drawdown you should be aware of is that you’ll need to install an actual satellite dish on your property to receive a good signal. Depending on your preferences, this may not come out all that nice. Plus, you may reside in an apartment where the landlord doesn’t let tenants install any equipment.

Bundling Services

Bundling is such a big deal in the TV landscape. Today, many TV providers are constantly scheming how to outperform each other by offering their customers mouthwatering bundling services they can’t refuse. With RCN, it isn’t any different as the company boast of exciting bundling services customers will love. Thanks to RCN, customers can now bundle TV, internet, and phone services, while unlocking a smart way to manage their monthly cable billings. With RCN, customers have the potential of saving close to $35 per month. And if you ask us, this is the best deal you’ll come across in the TV world.

In terms of bundled services, DISH comes second best as RCN does a pretty good job in this area. Although DISH rolls out fantastic bundle deals, they do not have their own internet or phone services, instead, the company partners with big names like Frontier and HughesNet to deliver flawless internet and superior phone services to its customers.

RCN vs DISH tv comparison

Channel comparison

DISH and RCN go to toe to toe in terms of channel comparison. And despite RCN offering only one standalone TV package, they boast of having more channel counts than DISH. That said, both companies feature some of the most entertaining channels you’ll ever come across. From sports to fitness to lifestyle to movies and more, both providers feature tons of channels that let you watch your favorite TV shows and movies.

Stay with us as we compare channel selection across RCN and DISH.

DISH channel selection

DISH has carved a niche for its self in the TV landscape. Featuring some of the most exceptional channels, including premium channel selections like Cinemax, HBO, Showtime, and more, there are very few TV providers that can go head to head with DISH in terms of channel count. As one of the largest TV service providers in the United States, DISH offers exclusive access to over 290 channels.

Even their basic package boast of more channel selections than you’ll ever get on some premium packages offered by other prominent players in the TV world.

One thing we have come to love about DISH channel selection is that they offer their costumers variety. From sports to movies to entertainment to lifestyle content and more, you’ll never run out of content to watch.

For sports lovers, DISH has you covered as they lead the competition in terms of sports offerings. Thanks to DISH, people can now watch their favorite college teams slug it out. On top of that, the company features impressive sports channels, including top channels like SEC, Big Ten Networks, ESPN Goal Line, and Pac-12. Another thing we have come to love about DISH is that they let customers stream content in HD at no extra cost.

RCN channel selection

RCN boasts of an impressive amount of channel selections you’ll fancy. And even though the company offers only one standalone package, they boast of more channel count than you’ll get with DISH. With their standalone package, you’ll enjoy access to over 300 channels.

Whether you’re a sports lover, lifestyle enthusiasts, movie buff, or you simply just want to keep up with the latest trends out there, rest assured that RCN has you covered.

With RCN, customers can relax and surf through brilliant channel selections, including big names like TNT, MSNBC, ESPN, Univision, The CW, and National Geographic. And it doesn’t end there as RNC lets you spice things up with their premium channel options. Although this comes at an additional cost, RCN’s premium channel deals will usher you to a world of endless entertainment as they grant users access to premium channels like Cinemax, HBO, Starz, Showtime, and The Movie Channel.

Thanks to RCN, keeping up with your favorite TV shows and movies has never been easier. With impressive bundling deals up for grab, you can now explore a massive selection of channels as well as other exciting perks.

Overall, when it comes to channel count, RCN gives DISH a run for its money as they feature more channels than you’ll ever find on DISH. So if you’re hyped about channel selection, RCN wouldn’t be such a bad choice.

Sports offerings

Although DISH and RCN offer an excellent selection of sports content, DISH edges RCN in this department as they take their sports offerings to the next level. With DISH, it isn’t business as usual as the company rolls out tons of brilliant sports channels.

For sports lovers who don’t want to miss a single game from their favorite team, rest assured that DISH will not keep you hanging. Plus, the company offers more premium sports channels than you’ll ever get on RCN.

From football to basketball to hunting to cricket and more, there are tons of sporting content waiting for you on both RCN and DISH. You also get to watch popular channels like ESPN 2, NFL RedZone, MLB Network, Fox Sports, and over twenty regional and sports networks.

Although both providers are missing the famous NFL Sunday Ticket that is exclusive to DirecTV, they still boast of an exciting selection of sporting content you’ll love.

Pricing comparison

One of the many perks that come with choosing either DISH or RCN is the competitive pricing offered by both providers. The icing on the cake is that both providers deliver value for the money spent. From the cost of TV service to equipment and DVR, RCN and DISH keep things pretty straightforward. Read on as we explore how both providers stack up in terms of pricing.

The cost of TV service

For budget shoppers who don’t want to go overboard with their TV subscriptions, RCN will make such a decent option. With RCN, customers will get more while paying less. And because the company offers one standalone package, choosing which package to opt for has never been this easy. The company’s standalone package sells for only $82.12 and unlocks access to over 300 channels. Here, check out their standalone package and what’s in it for you.

RCN package and pricing

  • Signature TV package: This package from RCN may not be the best in the TV landscape, but guess what it delivers an unparalleled experience. With this package, you’ll enjoy exclusive access to more than 300 channels at $82.12 per month. Trust us when we say, this is more channels than you can ever watch.

Like RCN, DISH is doing a fantastic job in terms of pricing. And we love the fact that the company keeps things pretty upfront. Although DISH is a bit pricey compared to RCN, we love the fact that customers get value for the money spent. And depending on which of their packages sparks your interest, customers will be paying around $59.99 to $94.99 per month. Read on as we explore some of the company’s packages along with pricing.

DISH packages and pricing

America’s Top 120: With this package, you can finally relax and enjoy access to some of your favorite TV shows and movies. The best part is that this brilliant package grants access to 190 channels and starts from $59.99 per month.

America’s Top 120+: Although this package is very similar to the base package from DISH, it unlocks access to more channels and exceptional entertainment. With this package, more than 190 channels are waiting for you to surf. Plus, it isn’t too expensive and sells for just $74.99 per month.

America’s Top 200: Looking to get more from your TV subscription? Then this is the package you have been looking for. Thanks to this excellent package, you can now watch over 240 channels and mind-blowing on-demand content. And you know what, it only cost $84.99 per month to get started.

America’s Top 250: Get more from your TV subscription with this awesome package that grants access to over 290 channels. Plus, you don’t have to go overboard with your budget to subscribe to this package as it cost only $94.99 per month.

Cost of equipment and DVR

It’s one thing to get the perfect TV service provider and another to be able to afford the extra charges for equipment and DVR. Thankfully, RCN and DISH try to make this affordable for their customers.

For customers who opt for DISH, please keep in mind that you’ll pay for additional receivers. While the company includes one receiver at no extra cost when signing up for its services, the company charges around $7 to $10 for extra receivers. And if you decide to include their DVR to the mix, you’ll pay around $15 to $20 per month for DVR services.

Compared to DISH, the cost of equipment on RCN is way cheaper. So if cheap is what you’re looking for, RCN will not disappoint you. With RCN, you’ll be paying around $2-$6 for either digital or HD converter box.

And yes, RCN isn’t doing too badly with their DVR offerings. While their DVR doesn’t compare to the Hopper 3 from DISH, their Tivo DVR still gets the job done. With RCN, customers can explore two DVR options. So whether you’re interested in the two Tuner DVR or their Six Tuner DVR, rest assured that you’re in for the best experience.

DISH is on top of its game in terms of DVR. With their Hopper 3 DVR, its DVR like you have never seen it before. This DVR allows you to record 16 shows at a time, and trust us when we say this is the best you’ll see in this industry.

Contract and cancellation

One of the exciting benefits of doing business with RCN is that they don’t tie you down to any form of contract. This means you can always opt-out of their services any time you want.

With DISH, you have to agree to a two-year contract, and should you decide you’re no longer interested in doing business with them before your contract with them expires, you’ll pay for early termination fees.

which is better RCN or DISH cable tv

Frequently asked questions

Does RCN have more channel count than DISH?

Although RCN offers only one standalone TV package, they have more channel count than DISH. Their standalone package offers access to over 300 channels. That’s more than you’ll get with DISH’s premium package.

Can I cancel my contract with RCN?

Because RCN has a no-contract policy, you wouldn’t have to worry about canceling your contract with them as there is no one in the first place.

Does DISH offer bundlings services?

DISH lets customers bundle internet and phone services. But because they don’t offer their own indigenous phone and internet services, they partner with Frontier and HughesNet to deliver these services on their behalf.

How much does DISH charge?

Well, it depends on which of the company’s packages you want. To put things simply, DISH charges around $59.99 to $94.99 for their TV packages.


Looking at what we have laid out so far, there is no doubt that DISH delivers more value to customers, and that’s all thanks to their impressive variety of premium channels, massive on-demand content, impressive DVR functionality, and more. However, if you’re a budget shopper, but still want to enjoy fantastic programming, RCN will make a decent choice.

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