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How To Tell If Your Router is Bad

How To Tell If Your Router is Bad – 7 Ways To Tell (Guide)

To access the internet, you may need to sign a contract with your Internet service provider. When it comes to equipment you can always get your own without necessarily relying on the ISP. That said, the question that many people often ask is whether they really need a router to access the internet and how exactly to tell if the router is bad. Although you can access the internet with just the modem, there are chances that you want to keep more than one device connected, which is where a router comes in. Have you noticed that your router is behaving funny and it might be spoilt? How do you know the right time to replace your router? All the answers and common signs of a spoilt router are discussed here.

The problem, in this case, can be caused by the router itself or due to other equipment in the line. There can be an issue with the internet also because of the outside interference. Hence, it’s usually important to investigate and see whether your router is really bad. Here are few signs that may indicate your wireless router is breaking. While some of them are a confirmation that the router is on its last leg, there are others that are fixable.

How old is your router?

Before you even think about the physical signs of a failing router, how old is it? Some router models are not manufactured to work forever. The worst of all signs is age. Routers fail with time since they are in use day in day out. As a result, it may experience constant overheating.

Indicator light

The indicator lights should blink intermittently when the router is working normally. However, if there are ongoing issues with the router, the lights my go off or start behaving funny. If the indicator lights are not working well but still the internet is up and running, this is an early sign it’s about to stop functioning in the near future. Check to confirm the lights are always blinking even when there is no internet access. Also, keep an eye on the lights to see if the problem persists.


The second early sign that your wireless router is about to fail is consistent overheating. However, this can happen if the router is not kept in an open enough area for uninterrupted air circulation. But if the router is in an open and a well-ventilated area, there is a likelihood its breaking.


If you’ve properly inserted and secured all the cables and wires to the router but it’s not responding well, it can be an early indication that it’s breaking and needs replacement. On rare occasions, this might indicate that one of the cables, especially the power outlet is loose or has stopped working. For that reason, you should check to be sure all the cables and outlets are plugged properly and securely. It’s also prudent to connect the router to a different power source to confirm. If it’s still unresponsive, consider buying new equipment.

Slow and Unstable Internet

Are you getting a fast and reliable internet connection on your desktop, but the same speed and stability is not realized when the internet is connected wirelessly? If yes, then your faulty router might be the culprit. On some occasions, high volumes of network traffic or other wireless signal interferences can cause the slow internet speeds. To confirm this, connect a desktop computer or a laptop to the modem using the cables to see whether the speeds and stability are fine. If the speeds and connection is fine, then it’s clean and the router is mostly on its last leg.

Sudden Stoppage

This is a sure sign that your router has an issue or is about to break down. Has the router stopped working suddenly? Has it started to act weird? The first thing to do in this case is to check and eliminate any possibility of a minor accidental wire connection or a little problem is causing this issue. Check all the wires and if possible disconnect all of them and connect back soon after. Furthermore, check the connector wires and all the cables that are inserted on the router. If all the wires are well connected and the problem persists, it’s proof you need to replace the router.

The connection keeps on dropping and reconnecting after a short delay

Are you trying to connect to the internet but you cannot do anything without the internet connection tripping and reconnecting later on? Such interruptions are sure bets that your router is failing. Though, it’s also important to check and confirm that loose connections are not causing this. We also recommend login in using the router’s IP address and go to the option of resetting the router. After that, you can as well password-protect your connection just to ensure third-parties are not overloading the connection.


How long do routers last?

The average lifespan of a router is 5 years. Some models lasts longer than others. However, several factors determine how long the router will serve before it goes bad. For instance, an overloaded router or one not in an area that is properly ventilated may not last long.

How do I know that my router is working properly?

Test if your router is working properly by pinging one computer and using another one on the same network. Check the indicator lights and test your internet speeds too.

How often should you replace your router?

Replace your router after every three to four years. However, this depends on the model and several other factors. This is why some of us only replace the router when it stops functioning.


It’s very easy to realize when your router is working or not working properly. The importance of this process is to preplan and budget for a new router or pinpoint problems with your internet. Afterwards, always consider upgrading it. While at it, take time to look for the best router that will specifically match your needs.

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