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what channel is Destination America On DirecTV - start streaming now

What Channel is Destination America On DirecTV – Updated Guide 2022

Many have been asking what channel is Destination America on DirecTV and in this short guide, we tell you a few ways of watching it now. in short, the channel is found by pressing 286 but if you want to know more about where you can find it on other devices the read the full guide.

DIRECTV is a United States satellite service provider (read the full review) that is based in California. In case you’re not aware, it is a subsidiary of AT&T, which has been rated as the best ISP across the nation. The satellite was launched around mid-1994 with the sole purpose of providing digital satellite audio and television to the entire households in the US.

Destination America on DirecTV

Discovery Inc. owns the Destination America channel, and it among their latest channel to bring more freshness to the lifestyle network. The focus of this channel is on leisure, travel, paranormal things, and even cuisine. In fact, this channel complements other similar channels like Food Network, Travel Channel, OWN, HGTV, TLC, and much more. Initially, it was branded as Destination America Travel and Planet Green, emphasizing only eco-friendly programs.

At the moment, the channel is being seen across the majority of United States households. The destination channel can be found in DIRECTV’s mid to higher package plans. Some of the original series which is popular on the channel include;

Known for original series such as

  • Buying the Bayou
  • BBQ Pitmasters
  • Paranormal Lockdown
  • Buying Alaska
  • Paranormal Survivor

Apart from these original contents, they also rebroadcast some of the popular shows from their acquired Travel Channel. Furthermore, they also signed a deal with TNA wrestling. So if you’re a wrestling fan, you’ll surely enjoy many wrestling events.

If you want a combination of food, travel, etc., you won’t go wrong with the destination channel because it offers an all-round choice events. Guess what, since Destination America Inc. manages the channel, you should expect engaging storylines, salient topics, and quality production values.

What channel is Destination America on DIRECTV?

Have you been on the lookout for how you can quickly identify the right channel of Destination America on your DIRECTV?

Well, you’re in luck. The channel is found by pressing 286 on your remote control. Better still, you can check it on your DIRECTV channel guide, and you’ll always find the same channel number. The channel is also being aired in high definition. You’re in for quality visuals—DIRECTV packages the Destination Channel can be found on include; Choice Extra, Choice Ultimate, and Premier.

This is the right platform to get the best America has to offer. For instance, on the Destination America channel, you can stay updated with programs focusing on America’s rich history, different categories of food, and amazing destinations. In fact, if you’re a travel freak and always want to learn about new places you intend to visit, this is the best channel for you. The channel showcases interesting destinations, this will help you decide on the next place to visit.

Watching Destination America on Fire TV, Roku, Chromecast, or Apple TV.

You might want to know how Destination America can be watched online without cable on your TV; well, you’re in luck because this is actually possible. Many of us prefer to relax on the couch and enjoy visuals from a big-screen when it comes to streaming live TV.

Each of these services (Fire TV, Roku, Chromecast, or Apple TV) is your answer to watching the Destination America channel without using the cable. This is possible through using their different apps, which works well on major streaming platforms. With this, it’s easy to get online streaming TV straight to your television.

DirecTV package with Destination America

In Conclusion

The destination America channel is very passionate about the current happening in the world we live in. They’ve promised to help all their audience understand it in an unforgettable and realistic way. It’s their mission to offer excellent service and moments that will remain indelible in the minds of their loyal audience. They’re not just focused on the idea of navigating from one destination to another. Instead, they strive to ensure their audience has various programs that will add to their experiences.

As the only major network that celebrates the places, people, and stories of the United States, the channel is here to stay because they’ll continue to engage us via our television screens with adventurousness and humor that describes the entire nation and its rich history.


How do I get to know all the channels on my DirecTV?

First, to get to know about all your listed channels, click on the Account overview, click on the My DirecTV section, and then select manage my plan. The next pop up will be the channel lineup.

How do I include the Travel Channel in the DirecTV package?

  1. First, you need to make use of a device in other to add premium channel packages.
  2. Next, navigate to Change Your TV Service.
  3. Click on Change Plan >>>> Channel add-ons.
  4. Review Movie/Premium Channels, International, and Sports options.
  5. Select Add next to the package or channel you intend to add—tab on Continue.
  6. Take time and review the changes you made, then click Submit your order.

Can I access Destination America on Hulu live?

Yes, with Hulu Live TV, it is straightforward to access Destination America. Aside from this, you can also access other 50+ channels without making use of the cable. The trial period lasts for seven (7) days. However, you won’t be able to find Destination America in the Hulu base bundle (default). Instead, it’s been offered as part of an add-on deal.

Does Roku have Destination America?

Yes, through destination America Go. This TV is everywhere. It offers cable and satellite subscribers with numerous past episodes of different shows from the Destination America Cable. Any Roku subscriber can browse all the video library and watch any episode that is unlocked. It has a trial period that lasts for seven (7) days.

Is it possible to stream Destination America?

Yes, it is, but you need to hook up to a TV streaming service. This can be done with a satellite or cable subscription.

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