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If you are looking for comparing WIFI internet and HD cable TV deals then you have found yourself in the right place.

Here’s how we help Americans choose the best cable and internet packages without the hassle of bad operators and rate increases. There is no fun in being billed double or triple the promised price.

These companies are committing high way robbery and, here’s how to avoid them

We are the only cable, internet and phone consumer protector website that guides our readers to find the best and hidden deals in your zip code.

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Fixed-rate internet & cable

Imagine keeping up with your favorite cable TV show with pristine HD vision, the rest of your family will enjoy the fast and reliable internet speeds for browsing, in-demand gaming, and streaming without capped data or connection dropouts, Imagine you could get it all for a low fixed rate cost without the hidden fees.

Fixed income wifi & cable deals

If you are on one of the multiple government social security programs then you may qualify for the available cable and internet options near you.

Take advantage of the heavy discounts to get services installed in your home for seniors, veterans and people with disabilities.

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WANT TO save $447 Per Year ON Your Internet & Cable bill?