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low income free laptop for students

How To Get Free Government Internet And Laptop – Do You Qualify?

The wake of the 2020 global pandemic, it has called for desperate measures by the US government. The US government chose to lockdown and encouraged people to stay at home or at least maintain the social distancing in most of her states. These measures have left most of us lonely, which proves how much we need the Internet in our homes and business areas.

This crisis has also opened new discussions about the uneven internet connectivity in the US, with most low-income families being left behind. Low-income families just like other families in society, have their unique internet needs.

So what do you do if you fall in this category and don’t have Internet or even worse a computer to keep you busy? What if you have a laptop or just a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone, and you cannot afford the plans for major internet providers in your area?

The good news is there are some few viable and reliable methods of getting free laptops and Internet. One of these measures is utilizing government initiatives for low income families. If this is the only workable measure remaining for you in the area, I will walk you step-by-step through the process of getting a free laptop and the Internet from your Government.

Table of Contents

Brief Introduction to US Government Subsidized Internet

During these financially hard times, the Government and some major internet service providers have collaborated to offer free or waivered internet access to low-income families. But what do we mean when talking about free or affordable Internet?

All am saying is that your income blanket should never limit your internet access. The Government wants to ensure you have reliable internet access for studying, getting entertained, and for other needs at affordable rates or even for Free.

However, this initiative is for people that qualify for the government waiver. The major internet service providers offer affordable Internet access through two categories.

  • Affordable Internet through discounted monthly rates – This is a measure to help people afford their usual monthly internet plans. Low-income families and seniors can apply for such opportunities and end up saving significantly on their monthly internet bills.
  • The Government assistance program – This US government assistance program is known as LifeLine, offering $9.25 per month off on phone services and internet access to low-income families and seniors.

It’s also imperative to note that there are some main types of Internet connection technology that you can benefit from. All three categories vary in terms of speed and price. They are:

  • Cable-Its high speed and expensive
  • Fiber-Fast speed, limited availability and the most expensive.
  • DSL-Low speed, available and less priced.

Free Government laptops

Together with benefiting from discounted and free government Internet, there’s need also to check and see whether you are eligible for the US government Free Laptop programs. As technology grows, a laptop or Internet has become necessities in human life.

Unfortunately, many people cannot afford the Amazon price for a brand new laptop, a reason why they should focus on other ways to get one for study purposes and other uses. Knowing the process of getting a Free Laptop from the US government can help you save your little earnings for other needs.

The US government, various states, NGOs and several other organizations are offering Free or discounted laptops for low income families and seniors. Though, you should go through Federal Property subsidies to get that Free Laptop.

The fact is there are several limitations and regulations as to who should qualify for Federal property subsidies, food programs, rental assistance and Medicaid. Verily, you can easily get a Free Laptop from the Government if you can qualify for rental assistance, Medicaid and food stamps.

How students can benefit from Government Free laptop and Internet?

College students are among the most affected groups by these lockdowns and social distancing. Verily, most colleges and schools all over the world are closed and most of the lectures are happening online. For a student to undertake studies online, conduct research and complete routine assignments; there’s a need for free laptops and affordable or free internet access.

I am sure everyone knows that learning is a process and if a student doesn’t have all the necessary tools including a laptop and stable internet connection, everything will not go smoothly. Although most college students come from medium-income families, they can afford laptops and to pay their monthly internet bills.

Unfortunately, there’s a significant number of college students in the US that cannot afford laptop prices and monthly bills charged by popular ISPs. For this reason, the Government introduces free laptops and Internet for such students.

Keep in mind, you cannot just take your phone and call the Government for Free Internet and laptops. There are some eligibility stages that you should pass through. The reason why it’s difficult to receive government free laptops and Internet service is that there are limited federal programs to provide the same.

To check whether you are eligible for such government benefits, visit This is the platform that is built to make it easy for people to benefit from Government programs and services.

How To Get Free Government Internet And Laptop

Free laptops for college students

If you are already eligible for such Government benefits, then some channels can initiate the process of applying for a Free Laptop from the Government.pp Here are some of them:

  • Technology for the Future – This is one major organization that provides college students with learning materials and tools. If you are eligible for the free laptop, they can quickly help you get one for swift learning and aiding students to access the technology.
  • Open Education Database – This organization is also very likely to offer you a free laptop if you’re eligible. The organization supplies free laptops but sometimes requires you to finance some money for the program.
  • Uncle Sam and Non-profits – This is the third known program that allows college students to learn without issues and get access to the latest technology. If you qualify, you are likely to get a Free Government Laptop from them. They have a major aim at helping students from low-income families.
  • Notebooks for students – This is another organization that helps college and high school students have all the learning materials and tools they need. They actually help you get a free laptop and Internet from the Government.

Free Government Internet and Laptop application Rules

There are a few eligibility requirements that must be fulfilled for you to be eligible for the government free laptops and Internet.

To understand all that is needed of you, we have listed all the rules that must be adhered to:

  • Come from low-income families-The first rule of getting free Government Laptop or Internet is that you should fall under the low-income family bracket. What this means is that the total household income should be less than $34,000 in a family of 4 people.
  • The income should be below the federal poverty line-The federal poverty line is 135%. For you to be eligible, the household income should fall below the poverty line.
  • You should be benefiting from the current Government’s series of free programs such as Medicaid, food aid and other aids. If you are a student, you should be benefiting from subsidized lunch programs for students.

Information for Renters

In many cases, the renters will be forced to receive Internet from a specific provider by their landlords. If you ever fall in such a predicament, you have some options as stated below:

  • If for example, the internet provider proposed by your landlord is expensive, it’s good to ask whether you can choose a cheaper alternative. The best is a fixed wireless solution. The only challenge is that you may fail to get such a choice depending on where you stay.
  • If you get hooked in this situation, it’s recommended to call the ISP to ask about their discounts and whether they can reduce your internet usage.

Avenues for assistance

If you fall in the category of low income families, then you can choose any of the below avenues for low or free government Internet and laptops. Most of these organizations have chosen to cater directly to the low income individuals in the society.

Most of the time, ISP offers discounted options for low income families and they also facilitate eligibility for free government laptops and Internet.

The other way you can get free Internet and laptops from the Government is the use of government avenues. However, in most cases you get slow internet connections. For that reason, someone should choose affordable paid options.

Before you think of free government internet and laptops, you should consider the affordable plans that are reliable and high speed. Before we continue, note that some of these plans may not be available in your area or your income level.

Fixed Income individuals need to watch out for these things

When looking for Government Free internet and laptops, there are few things that a person needs to understand.

The resources and programs shared here will not necessarily help you get free Internet, but affordable Internet. Before you opt for Free government Internet, read the below considerations:

  • Some plans have introductory pricing – This shows that the plans can skyrocket gradually. Though, you can always call your Internet service provider for inquiries and negotiation to keep your plans affordable.
  • ISP may not be upfront with their pricing details – This calls for some time to read the fine print and understand all the additional and hidden costs such as Taxes, miscellaneous use and other charges.

Is Low income Government internet available in my area?

Besides the fact that there are a couple of services that you can find anywhere in the US, Low Income Internet is not available all over the country. Some of these government initiatives are available in specific geographic locations.

You should therefore use a tool to check whether this kind of Internet is available in your home area. There are some information that can give you insights about where certain initiatives are eligible.

  • Calling the ISP for an inquiry -The best way of knowing about certain services and discounts is to call certain ISPs and ask about the same. If their services are available in your home area, then ask whether they are ready to offer any discounts or whether there’s any beneficial government initiative. The fact is that many Government free internet and laptop programs come through these ISPs.
  • Reach out to programs that you already participated in – This is for people that are already in public assistance programs.
  • Take time to research and evaluate the available options. There’s a likelihood that there are some options that you don’t know about that can save you a lot of money in a month.

Free Laptops for Low income families’ application form

The different government programs require that everybody eligible for Government free laptops and Internet fill a form with all the correct information.

They also need proof for all the eligibility criteria stated above. They want to confirm you are a student from a low income household that falls under federal Government’s poverty lines. The authorities may also want to confirm whether you are currently on any other government program for low income individuals.

Remember, there’s stiff competition because many people are looking for the same government benefits. To improve your chances of getting a free laptop and Internet from US government, provide all the information as required by the authorities and provide accurate information.

If even after providing the information you didn’t manage to secure a free laptop or Internet from the Government, there are some few other alternatives for you. NGOs and several ISP also have initiatives that can benefit you meaningfully. Try knocking at different NGOs and Charities doors and you may end up benefiting.

Various Governments’ offers to low-income Families

For people falling under the bracket of low income families or those below the Federal’s poverty line, there are several Government offers that someone can benefit from. Some of the offers that you can take advantage of are explained below.

  • Grants-The US government may choose to offer a predetermined sum of money to the public for certain purposes. In such a time when people are suffering huge bills and low income from the fight against Covid-19, the Government has increased funding in several areas. The Government boasts of over 100 grant programs.
  • Education and Training-For students, the Government offers free learning materials and tools including laptops and free Internet for low income families. There are some educational loans and scholarships that you can check and apply for.
  • Employment and career deployment-Many people, especially those on contract employment, have really been affected during this coronavirus pandemic. The Government helps some groups of people get training and internship.
  • Financial assistance-The US government offers several assistance such as low income families’ assistance, Living assistance, tax assistance and many other forms of financial aids.
  • American Indian and Alaska Native-The Indian and Alaska citizens can also benefit from Government’s Financial Assistance, Indian children assistance, Direct Home loans and much more.
  • Disaster Relief-In case of any disasters, the Government provides Business Physical disaster loans, relief with casualties, Disaster and thefts and many other programs.
  • Family’s and Children’s services-There are some adoption programs, child resources programs, Developmental funds, support enforcement, Head start, early start etc.

Process of getting government laptops for low-income families

If you have already decided to apply for the government free laptop and Internet, you can do so through the below channels. The list doesn’t guarantee free Internet and laptops but the chances of being considered are very high.

1. Get a Free laptop from EveryoneOn

EveryoneOn is a program that aims at promoting digital learning. It’s actually a good option for college students that want to secure free Internet and Laptops through the Federal assistance programs. The organization is popular for providing low-cost Internet to low-income families.

2. Get a Free laptop from Smartriverside

Low income families can get free tablets from Smartriverside any time only if they are eligible. The program is available in some major states in the US which means it’s easy to get in touch with them and apply for free tablets and Internet.

3. Get a Free laptop from Computer Technology Assistance Corps(CTAC)

For students or a member of a low income family who wants to start a side hustle online or freelancing, then you can get in touch with CTAC. It’s an organization that offers money to anyone that is eligible to buy laptops.

4. Get a Free laptop from Free Cycle

For low income people that want to apply for free government laptops online, then Free Cycle is the best platform. It is a local organization that can fund your computer and help you get low-cost Internet.

5. Get a Free laptop from Microsoft Registered refurbishes

Microsoft is a very popular company in the world and it’s in the list of the most flourishing and richest companies in the world. They make computer software and devices. Besides that, they work closely to help the society get refurbished computers for free.

6. Get a Free laptop from With Causes

With causes is a National Organization taking care of challenges facing low income families. Any eligible member would benefit from a free refurbished laptop and affordable Internet from them. Their products are working correctly to help you study from home or complete your tasks.

7. Get a Free laptop from Technology assisting people in Need

If you live in Ohio, you can definitely benefit from a couple of organizations that work to help people from low income families. Technology assisting people in Need is one of the organizations here that offers free Internet and laptops for eligible citizens.

8. Get a Free laptop from The On it Foundation

For Florida residents, On it foundation gives you an opportunity to apply for free laptops and Internet. All the eligible people will get these laptops in good working conditions.

9. Get a Free laptop from Adaptive.Org

Adaptive.Org is an organization promoting digital learning and helping students get access to Internet for research and other activities. The good thing about this organization is that they offer laptops and Pcs to all students from class 5 to College. Though, you can only benefit if you live in Michigan.

10. Get a Free laptop from World Computer Exchange

For people thinking of ways to get Government Free laptops or Refurbished laptops, World Computer Exchange is your best channel. The organization offers free internet access, PCs and Laptops to the youths. They are working closely with schools and societies to determine low income families that need their services.

11. Get a Free laptop from CFY.ORG

Low income families have an easy way of getting free laptops and Internet from the Government. It’s a national organization that helps parents and children get free internet access for their side hustles and studies. Though, their main aim is to improve education levels in the US.

12. Get a Free laptop from Computers for Learning

Computers for studying is another company with a couple of opportunities for American students. They facilitate the process of getting free laptops and Internet from the Government. The application process is easy and super fast to help you get the Internet and laptop when you need it most.

13. Get a Free laptop from Accelerated schools programs

Students from low income families have many options when applying for Government Free laptops and Internet. Accelerated School program is an organization that aims at offering laptops and Free Internet access to all students for faster and easier studying.

14. Get a Free laptop from Komputers 4 Kids

This is a volunteer program that offers free learning tablets and kid’s laptops. The organization survives on donations from fortunate people in the society. As a matter of fact, they collect second hand and used laptops and Pcs from places and people and later distribute them to kids from low income families.

15. Get a Free laptop from Salvation Army

Salvation Army is an organization that reaches people from low income households. If you have wanted to take advantage of the Government’s free Internet and laptops, then Salvation Army is your best option.

The best low income internet options

What would happen if you are on a tight budget or a fixed income and you cannot secure free Internet from the Government? In such a case, you are left with the option of looking for ISPs offering affordable pricing. These companies offer accessible pricing for all the people in low income families. Some of your options are:

Charter spectrum

Although the Charter spectrum’s cheapest plan is more expensive than you think, they offer plans without data cap and contracts. In case your income is fixed, you can always negotiate with the company for discounts and lower monthly rates.


Xfinity is the best option for people in a low income bracket because of their inexpensive plans. If you want a high speed internet at affordable prices, then you should consider this Internet service provider for all your needs.


CenturyLink is a good option for families living in rural areas. For that reason, when looking for a reliable and affordable internet supplier, CenturyLink will help you save a lot of money on monthly Internet bills.

Verizon FIOS

For fast Internet, consider Verizon FIOS because it’s one of the biggest Internet service providers offering fast and reliable internet service to low income individuals in the society. This ISP is not the cheapest but it’s among the most reliable.


DSL is available all over the US but depending on where you stay, you might want to choose Satellite Internet service because of its reliability and strength especially if you live in remote areas. Though, it comes with slightly lower speeds and data cap.

govt subsidized internet

Major Internet providers’ plans for low Income people

For people that can afford some monthly internet fees, then you should consider some major Internet providers in the US especially in major cities. These service providers might be comparably expensive but the Internet is high speed. The companies also offer some monthly internet plans for low income families with discounts and wavers.

AT&T Access

AT&T is a major company in the US that offers reliable and high speed internet at affordable rates. The AT&T Access is one of the internet programs for low income individuals in the US. They are likely to offer you up to 10Mbps for only $10 per month.

Comcast Internet essentials

If you are qualified for low internet rates and discounts, internet essentials from Comcast is here to offer you internet access at low rates. They also offer you free in-home Wi-Fi that doesn’t need credit check. Additionally, someone can buy a subsidized laptop or a computer with the company.

Spectrum internet assistance

For you to be eligible for spectrum Internet Assistance, you should come from a low income family and have a child that is eligible for National School Lunch Program. If eligible, you get access to low-cost Internet. Though the plan is comparatively expensive. You receive this program for $14.99 which is slightly higher than the Xfinity program.

Cox Connect2compete

The Connect2Compete program is integrated with the low-cost Cox internet plan. This program aims at helping K-12 students. The program gives them reliable internet access at only $9.95 every month. Furthermore, it’s only available for families that have kids in Kindergarten or grades 1-12.

Mediacom connect2Complete

Mediacom also participates in low cost internet provision to low income families. If you are eligible, then you are likely to get internet access from as low as $9.95 every month.


This offers affordable internet access to low income people by default. If combined by the LifeLine network, these costs will be reduced even further.

What other options are there for Affordable Internet services?

If you don’t get any of the above programs, you can try the below alternatives.

  • Human I-T-This is a non-profit organization that collaborates with Frontier Communications and Affordable Broadband program to help low income families with internet access and Free government laptops.
  • PCs for People-If you have an income under 200%, then you can get free Internet and laptops from PCs for People.
  • EveryoneOn-This is not a charity, but they offer a lot of programs that can benefit low-income individuals.

us government free laptop program

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Government really offer Free Internet and laptops?

Yes, the US government offers free laptops and Internet to low income families and students from these families. However, the Internet and laptops don’t really have to be free. An example of the Internet offered by Lifeline shows that the Internet is not free but just a deduction of $9.25 from the monthly internet bills.

Can I get free Government laptops and Internet?

Yes, there are numerous programs that you can try for Free Government laptops and Internet in the US. Though, you will only get free Internet and a laptop if you are eligible. For eligibility, you should fall in the bracket of low income individuals and those below the poverty line.

Is there free Internet for US students from the Government?

Students can get Free Internet from the Government through several channels as discussed above. As a matter of fact, students from Grade 5 to college are eligible.

Is the Government Free Internet reliable?

The Government Free Internet may be free and slow but it’s reliable. If you want high speed internet access, then you can choose other paid Internet Plans with your ISP.

Who’s eligible for Government free laptops and Internet in the US?

You are eligible for Free Internet and a laptop from US government only if you come from a Low income family and if the family makes less than $34,000 per year and has more than 4 members. This means it’s only if you are below the poverty line that you can be considered for such benefits.

How can I get free laptop and Internet from the Government?

Choose any of the above-mentioned channels and apply for the benefits. If you have qualified, you will be contacted and offered the benefits by the Government.

The Bottom Line

It’s easy to get free Internet and laptops from the Government through the different programs and Government initiatives. Though, these benefits are not for everyone in the US. There are some eligibility criteria that you are supposed to pass to be considered for the benefits. If you are eligible, try any of the above-mentioned channels.

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