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How Do I Extend My Wifi Signal To Another Building 400 Feet Away

How Do I Extend My Wifi Signal To Another Building 400 Feet Away

For those asking how do I extend my wifi signal to another building 400 feet away, this write-up is for you. The importance of having a stable and reliable internet cannot be overemphasized because it making downloading and streaming of any content effortless.

Wired connection offers the needed speed but some devices that are similar to tablets and mobile phones do not support this form of ethernet wire connection aside from Wi-Fi signals.

One problem you can face with this type of internet connection is the strength of the signal. This is the reason why most users will prefer to extend the range of their internet outside their homes. The process is not as complicated as most people might think. With the required equipment in place, it can be achieved without stress.

What is the possibility of extending my Wi-Fi signal to a building 400 feet away?

This can be achieved by adopting any of these methods:

1. Router installation

Using a router is one of the best ways of increasing your Wi-Fi signal’s strength. The devices are in different sizes and shapes because many companies produce them but the features depend solely on the model. This means you must go through all the router’s specifications and features before purchasing any.

With this, you get to understand their maximum range. Modern routers make it possible to run your internet with both 2.4 and 5GHz frequency bands. With this, it’s possible to switch between each other depending on the one that will be favorable.

After choosing a router with a good range, the next is to find the best location to install it. This is important because you need a central place that will permit the signals to spread around easily. When the device is installed in a locked room, it will be impossible for the signals to cover a good range. Also when there are lots of objects in the path of the signal, it will be affected.

In a situation where you prefer the signal to be in a separate building that is not your home, then the router needs to be installed on any closest wall. The challenge is that the device can easily be damaged by dust or rainwater. It’s better to be kept under a protected shade.

2. Wired connection

As stated earlier, routers are an easy solution to spread the signal but the strength received will be weak. For instance, the signal that will be received will be a fraction of what your original internet can provide. That’s why wired connections are preferable for routers. Though the wires will likely look dirty when compared to wireless connections. But with ethernet wires, you’re guaranteed to get the best speed. Furthermore, the internet sent via wires is less likely to experience fluctuations that will affect the speed. Even when you want your router in a different building, the wires can be easily passed over to the building.

3. MoCA Network

In a situation, a good part of a building is covered with coaxial wiring, then using the MoCA network is your best bet. The good thing about it is that it is compatible with the majority of routers and it can be configured to connect all the routers using coaxial wires. With this, there will be a clean job and the entire setup is simple to do. However, there is a challenge you need to be aware of. Over time, the speed on this network will sometimes be slow down when a lot of routers are connected to your internet.

4. Improve the signal strength

Using high-gain antennas is advisable because it boosts signals farther than the router’s standard range. Just like the built-in antenna of your router, the high-gain antennas are directional and not omnidirectional. This means that their signals are directed to a specific focus area.

On the other hand, you’ve got the option of using a range extender because it receives signals, boosts it because it’s been sent out. You need to place the device to be halfway between your router and the destination of the signal. This will help eliminate interference and degradation.

5. Get rid of any signal interference

Obstacles have a way of weakening or blocking signal strength so the path between your router and any connected computers must be clear. Place the router on a higher platform so furniture won’t affect the signals. Also make sure it’s not close to any computer tower, walls, other Wi-Fi equipment, or devices.

In Conclusion

When none of the suggested steps above did work, you’ve no other option to reach out to your internet service provider so you can be given a secondary connection. Some can install separate wiring for your internet. Others will make it possible for you to split their connection over the different buildings. Apart from these, the customer service can also recommend other possible solutions.

Frequently asked questions

What’s the distance a Wi-Fi can be extended to?

With no help from any booster, a router can only cover about 150 feet but this will depend on the model of the router. However, with an extender, booster, repeaters, your Wi-Fi signal can cover about 2,500 feet.

Can I extend my Wi-Fi range to cover 500 feet?

To make this happen, it’s best to add more Wi-Fi access points with the omnidirectional Wi-Fi access point. Next is to add a point-to-point wireless bridge on the building housing the Wi-Fi sources for the devices. These devices will use an ethernet connection to the primary router.

Are Wi-Fi extenders that reliable?

Yes, Wi-Fi extenders can expand your Wi-Fi range. However, most times some factors limit how effective they’ll function.

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