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Is Spectrum Blocking VPNs? – Questions Answered

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Charter Spectrum is a Cable company and a popular Internet Service Provider in the US. Users have a chance of using what is known as ”skinny Bundle”. For cable TV, users can choose 10 out of 56 channels for a certain amount of money monthly. Users are equally given a chance to stream TV shows and Live TV online through the Spectrum streaming app. This is easy when you are watching from your house. However, you’re very likely to face a couple of issues when you are planning an out of state trip.

Furthermore, Internet bundles and Cable TV options vary from one location to the other. Are you planning to move? There’s a likelihood that you will have to leave some of your favorite channels until you are back. This is mainly the reason why many people need VPNs. However, over time, I have come across a couple of questions as to whether Spectrum is Blocking VPN. This brief expounds on this question and lists some suggestions in regard to the best VPNs for Spectrum internet.

Is Spectrum Blocking VPNs?

Yes, there are chances that ISPs and streaming apps are blocking your VPN, but there are little chances that Spectrum is on the list. Many users claim that Spectrum and other ISPs don’t have the reason to block the VPNs but there are chances that the company has an anti-VPN infrastructure that notices when internet users use VPNs. This means the company can block the use of VPNs entirely. However, not all issues with the VPN means that the ISP blocks the ports and the IP addresses. This doesn’t mean you cannot get away with blocks, geo-restrictions, and censorship.

Types of VPN-blocks

Normal internet users don’t care about the different types of VPN blocks. However, tech-savvy individuals want to know the different VPN blocks and how that impacts their internet access. Here are some of them.

IP Blocking

This is the most common type of VPN blocking where the ISP notices the servers’ IP addresses and Blocks them on the site. The IP address is known as the Identification number that is specifically designed to pinpoint locations and share information. The IP address is also reasonable for sharing information into the data packets. Information about your location and your browsing history can easily be integrated together to identify browsing activity. Some people can manage their current IP addresses through the use of VPNs. However, if the website or the content provider has anti-VPN software, they can easily notice your activities and Block the specific IP address.

This type of VPN blocking is very common with streaming apps, including Netflix and Hulu. Many people want to access content that is specifically restricted in some areas. The customer’s IP address is compared to the VPN server, and if it matches, there are chances that the customer will lose access.

Port Blocking

This is the second most common type of VPN blocking. When people are using the VPN, the data is specifically passed through a couple of ports. This is like the internet vein, where the whole data from the website you want to access passes through. The web owner can realize the use of VPNs and block these veins, which means that the data will not flow, and you are very likely to be cut from that specific website.

Deep Packet Inspection

This is the third and the most sophisticated form of blocking the use of a VPN. It is common with huge corporations and governments and is primarily used to examine the transferred data. The website owners can liberalize to block and re-route the data.

So is Spectrum blocking the use of VPNs?

Recently, it is hotly debated whether Spectrum is blocking the use of VPNs. Although some sites can block the VPNs, Spectrum doesn’t Block VPNs because they are legal, and there’s no reason for them to be blocked.

Remember, the public is not very happy with neutrality laws, which means that this ISP is experiencing a huge public outrage. Additionally, ISPs cannot block the VPN because there’s the notion of the Open-source network. If Spectrum tried to block the VPN, it would automatically pause a huge negative PR for the company, and most probably, the resources will be out of the question.

Main reasons to use VPNs with Spectrum

It’s now clear that you can use a VPN with Spectrum without any worries. So, what are some of the reasons why you should use a VPN with Spectrum?


The information we usually share online is very sensitive and can, at any time, be used against us. Talk about the location and your online passwords and username. The use of a VPN will automatically hide your location and seal private information and your browsing information. You cannot let the private information get out there carelessly.

To Bypass Throttling

The other reason why many people talk about ISPs and VPNs is to avoid Throttling, especially because most of these ISPs impose a monthly data cap for their customers. We have all struggled with low data caps that we can easily surpass even a week after subscription. Some ISPs such as Spectrum will not completely disconnect you from their service but are likely to restrict internet usage depending on your browsing history. The use of VPNs hides the browsing history, which means that the company will not be able to use your browsing information against you.

Top 4 Best VPNs for Spectrum users

You are already wondering what the best VPN is for Charter Spectrum. To answer this question, there are few factors to take into consideration. These are the factors to help you get around geo-blocks. Here are some of the factors you can use to decide between different best VPNs for Charter Spectrum.

  • Servers that performs perfectly in the US
  • What are the services that offer strict no-logs policy?
  • What is the ability of the VPNs to get around geo-fenced areas outside the US?
  • Mobile apps and support for Amazon Firestick devices
  • Providers with the largest and stable network that can help you eliminate disconnects.

Here are my top selections for the best VPNs for Spectrum Users.


ExpressVPN is the most popular VPN that offers browser extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The VPN also contains some privacy features that help protect your Browsing History and your Personal data. It has the ability to re-route you to a more secure version of the website that you are trying to access. It has the superfluous aptitude for spoofing to make sure your Browser matches the IP address of the area you choose and, lastly, WebRTC blocking feature. In case you fail to connect a VPN with this feature, it will not be effective in blocking the location.

In 2020, ExpressVPN is the top-rated VPN for Spectrum users that can serve you perfectly regardless of VPNs’ goals. It combines a robust network with privacy features, which keeps the user protected. Most people use it to protect their privacy, especially when traveling and, at the same time, access favorite streaming content, especially that which is blocked in certain places.

You can sign up for the monthly access, but I specifically recommend the current special, which guarantees you 3 months of Free access when you choose their yearly plan. But either way, all new customers will have a free 30 day trial time.


Here is another prominent VPN for Spectrum users. This VPN has over 5100 servers in more than 59 countries, and for that massive network, NordVPN is becoming increasingly popular. It’s the best VPN for people who want speed and those who want to access restricted content regardless of where they are in real-time. It doesn’t matter what your goal with the VPN is; all that has been covered. The VPN does well in providing speeds that you can enjoy the positive benefits of connecting to the VPN.

If you are a sports fan, you know the hustle that you can actually pass through when you are trying to watch your favorite match online. This actually becomes a problem when traveling from one state to the other. The only viable thing you can do in this case it to connect to NordVPN. You just need to choose a proper location.


The world is in a constant move towards the use of Mobile Phones and Computing. As the whole world shifts, some mobile phone carriers only give their users an ability to watch sports on their favorite devices, but if you plan to take an oversea trip, the company will automatically notice the change of location and spontaneously disconnect the service. If this is the case, just think about CyberGhost. Some media companies also limit sports viewing to specific areas. In many instances, you are only supposed to watch specific stations on your Home Wi-Fi. But even when traveling, you don’t have to postpone watching games.

Remember, some countries have streaming services that are only specific to those countries and states. Relocating or moving can be a huge problem, especially when you want to keep up with the current scores. You now need to connect to a VPN server in the region you are traveling to and continue enjoying the service.


Here is one of the best VPNs for gamers. The primary reasons of using this VPN is to help you get around the lag. Using IPVanish can make your game faster, especially because of network congestion. It doesn’t matter whether you are a competitive gamer or a casual gamer, using IPVANISH makes a huge difference in the game. You just have to connect to the closest server, and most of the common issues will be solved.

If you are traveling abroad and want to maintain some of the services that were specifically available in your local area, you can do so by the use of IPVanish VPN. We all know each state has different streaming terms and conditions. If some of the contents on Hulu or Netflix are blocked on your current location, you now have a chance to unblock them by the use of this VPN.


Does VPN work with Spectrum?

Yes, you can use any popular VPN with Spectrum for security and unlocking some of your favorite content. It’s actually a good option for people that are considering moving out of town, and some of their specific online services are restricted to the current location.

Does Spectrum Block VPNs?

Definitely, no, VPNs are flawlessly legal in the country, and hence the company has no reason to block them. However, there are some common issues that you can experience with Spectrum when using VPNs, as explained above. So check around for the root cause before jumping into the conclusion.

Why is my VPN blocking the internet?

There are some common reasons why a VPN can Block your Internet. In such cases, there are also countless steps that you can perform to access the internet with the VPNs, as explained above.

Can an ISP block a VPN?

Yes, but not all. Theoretically, an Internet Service Provider can Block the VPN by simply blocking the addresses that are associated with a certain VPN. The ISP can as well disable the communication ports. So, if you notice you cannot access the internet using a VPN, there’s a likelihood that your VPN has been blocked.

Can VPN mess up your Wi-Fi?

Yes, there are some claims that a VPN can slow down your Internet speed. In some instances, it can lower Internet speeds by up to 50%. However, it shouldn’t shut down your connection entirely. If you notice that your VPN has shut down the connection entirely, there are chances that the streaming app blocks it.


Some ISPs and Cable TV providers block VPNs, but Spectrum has no business in that. This indicates that Spectrum will never block VPN’s use and hence you can use them to prevent Throttling and hide your personal information such as emails, passwords, and usernames.

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