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What is Satellite Internet

What is Satellite Internet? – Everything You Must Know

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Satellite internet involves a wireless internet connection using satellite dishes. Three dishes are used; one is located at the provider’s hub, the other in space, and one at the customer’s property. All these signal communications enable you to connect with your service provider, and it happens in milliseconds.

The strength of the internet will be determined by other factors, such as the plan you are using or the traffic. Some internet services will be slow when many people are using WiFi at the same time.

How does Satellite Internet Work?

The most critical hardware for the satellite internet is the dish and router. These two devices operate within radio waves to deliver the internet. Data is exchanged in two-way paths using reliable and quality satellite internet products. This type of internet is ideal for rural areas where DSL or fiber connectivity is not able.

How to Get Satellite Internet

Various ISP companies offer satellite internet around the country. To save costs, you can look for a service provider near you. The company will send its representative to survey the location and advise you where to place the dish.

In some residential estate, you have to confirm that it is allowed to place a satellite dish outdoors, especially with the rental houses. You can access satellite internet from anywhere, in both rural and urban centres.

Satellite Internet Equipment

The installation of the satellite internet is done by a professional technician from your ISP company. There are various equipment pieces required, and which must be set up correctly so that your internet can function properly. They include:

Satellite Dish

The satellite dish is critical and is placed in your home. The technician will fix it on higher ground, close to the roof, away from obstructions.

Satellite Modem

A satellite modem is a small device that allows your device to connect to the internet. It is be placed indoors near your TV or computer.


This device enables your modem to get internet signal and disseminates it to all your connected gadgets.

Is satelite internet good

Advantages of Satellite

Satellite internet is widely used as an alternative for cable or DSL. It has strengths. Here are the top advantages.

High-Speed Connectivity

Satellite internet is the ideal option if you want to upgrade your dialup services fr faster and reliable WiFi. However, you must evaluate your needs to determine the right plan that will not be slowed down when you have many users online.

High Bandwidth

Satellite internet allows you to connect more devices without slowing the connection. It will enable multiple users to play online games, live stream, or download heavy files without interrupting the connectivity. Satellite internet rarely has a downtime, making it consistent and reliable.

Affected by Weather

Harsh weather interrupts your internet connection, especially if there is no power. The signal will still be weak in a thunderstorm or high-speed winds. Poor connectivity is affected by having many users indoors due to the bad weather.

Uses a Satellite Dish

You do not need a phone for your internet setup. It requires a dish and router to function. This makes it easy to install in all types of spaces, or even rural homes. If there is cable or fiber infrastructure, a satellite dish can deliver the internet nearly everywhere.

satellite internet history

Disadvantages of Satellite Internet

Affected by the Weather

Harsh weather affects satellite internet, making slow, and you may experience complete downtime. Strong winds or thunderstorms are the worst. When people cannot go outdoors due to poor weather, they also tend to hog the WiFi, which can affect connectivity.

Low Latency

Satellite internet is not the best option if you want to play online games or live stream. The connection rate is poor, can cause buffing, and fail to open heavy pages. It takes time to transfer communication between devices in one network. You cannot use it for calls, and it is not the best option for tasks that rely heavily on internet speeds.

You Need a Strategic Location for the Dish

The dish has to be placed in an open area with no obstruction from other buildings or trees. This becomes a problem if you live in a congested area with closely built buildings or a rural setting where there are many trees.

It is expensive

Satellite internet is relatively expensive compared to other options available in the market. You have to pay for the equipment, and the available plans are priced higher. If you are on a tight budget, you might have to consider other options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some satellite internet services do not come with a router, what do they work? Can it function without a router?

Yes. Satellite internet can work without a router. It uses a modem to disseminate the internet to your devices. There are cables to distribute to the internet. But once you connect the modem to your computer, there is instant communication with the satellite dish. And you can access online the internet instantly.

What makes satellite internet different from the others?

Satellite internet does not rely on the DSL, Cable, or fiber infrastructure. You can access WiFi using the satellite dish, a modem, and a router. It takes time for these services to develop in rural areas, but satellite internet is installed anywhere. A technician will set it up, and you can use it for various online services.

Can I use satellite internet for gaming with slowing it down?

Gaming and live streaming may cause internet lag. Satellite internet has low latency, and it takes a while to download massive files. It may not be ideal for games that require high speed, but be used for other games. Some of the games playable with satellite internet are sports and some shooting games.

If you are looking for a good gaming experience with satellite internet then check out the Hughesnet Gen 5 internet packages.


Satellite internet has made it easy for people living away from the city to access the internet. Most internet providers are still developing their DSL, cable, or fiber infrastructure, meaning only large towns have their network. Satellite internet comes in handy in remote but can also be used in the cities. All you have to do is look for satellite internet companies near you and check out their plans.

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