Can You Screen Mirror On Roku

Can You Screen Mirror On Roku – The How To Guide

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This write-up will answer the question, can you screen mirror on Roku? We spoke about this method on how to jailbreak Roku, but it comes with its own limitations.

This guide about screen mirroring on Roku is very valuable very easy to apply. But before the comprehensive guide, it’s important to understand the appropriate time to use mirroring and when not to.

For yet to understand what screen merrowing is all about, it a process that allows you to broadcast whatever is contained on your Android device or PC to your television, with the help of your Roku’s streaming service acts as a receiver.

The majority of all Roku devices have a mirroring ability and it involves the same procedure despite the Roku model you’re using.

The protocol that enables this feature is referred to as Miracast, which is accessible to every latest Android or Windows PC device. Apple devices have a different option called AirPlay.

How to Screen Mirror on Roku

Before you start this procedure, your Roku device needs to be running and well updated but it mustn’t be connected to the internet. Both your android and windows also need to be updated with internet access. It’s important to note that screen mirroring is a risky proposition sometimes. Hence, you don’t need to be worried if it did not work smoothly at first.

  1. Navigate to the settings menu – For those not familiar with the settings, it’s not difficult. Just play around with the Roku device and you’ll get to see the menu option.
  2. Select the System option – This is where you can easily you around with the settings especially when it’s not linked to any functionality such as video quality, audio, payment options, etc. You need to take your time to get understand the options available to you especially when you’re yet to spend any time here before.
  3. Go to the screen mirroring section – This is self-explanatory but if you’re yet to update your system, the option is below the Screen Mirroring.
  4. Set up your mirroring preferences – The screen mirroring presents three different options which are self-explanatory. “Prompt” means you’ll be notified any time a device wants to connect to your Roku device and use it as a receiver. This is one of the preferred options because it blocks unauthorized access and also allows you to screen the mirror. “Always allow” is more preferable if you stay alone without any neighbors. The “never allow” on the other hand should be selected when you’re not going to make use of the screen mirroring option. Otherwise, proceed and select “Prompt.”
  5. Connect your device – There is no specific method to take here because windows PC or smartphones differs from one another at the point of screen mirroring. For instance, in Android devices, there is a “cast” feature which is located around the display menu. On the other hand, PCs have “connect to a wireless display” which is located in the display settings. Hence, it’s better to do a google search depending on the device you’re using. There should be a guide for it. Alternatively, you can just activate the screen mirroring of your device and watch what happens on your television.
  6. If necessary, try the screen mirroring request – In a situation where your screen mirroring option is set at “Always allow,”, you don’t need this step. Hence skip it. Else, you might need to accept the pairing request. But all the options are straightforward; You can select either “Always allow, Block and Always Block.
  7. Start using your device normally – When your Roku device accepts the mirroring request, then you’re done. You can now proceed to use your tablet and PC normally. Every action will now be mirrored on your TV screen. Some might find this needless or useful depending on the media habits of your device. However, this remains a better option. It’s important to note that your source device resolution might be different from your TV which results in a peculiarity of pictures. But if you’ve a device that is a newer model, you’ll have the option to adjust the resolution automatically. Alternatively, you can manually change the resolution from your TV or device. So, depending on your device, you can google to know what pertains to your device.

Note: In as much as screen mirroring can be accessed by most Roku devices, not all can “cast”. For instance, the older versions cannot screen mirror. In a situation where it’s not available on your device, it means it’s not unavailable.

In Conclusion

If you’re searching for an easy method to share music, videos, photos that are stored on your smartphone or computer, you can consider screen mirroring especially if you’ve any Roku brand. With this method, you can easily mirror your phone’s content straight to your TV.

Frequently asked questions

What is the meaning of screen mirroring?

Screen mirroring is a process that grants you access to replicate all the contents of a mobile device directly on your TV screen. Exactly what you see on your mobile device is what will appear on your TV screen. This is good because it will appear larger.

What can I share through screen mirroring?

There is no restriction. Anything you can normally view on your phone or tablet such as music, videos, web pages, photos, can all be shared through screen mirroring with Roku.

Are there specific devices supported for screen mirroring?

Android devices on version 4.2 upwards and Windows devices from windows 8 upwards are all compatible. However, some google branded devices are not compatible.

Must I install an app before I can Screen Mirror to Roku?

No. But you’ll need to install an app especially when the device you use is an iOS device.

How can I rectify Roku Screen Mirroring when it’s not working?

Whenever you notice the mirroring is not working, you can try and reset it. This can be done by checking your WiFi connection. If it is linked to any VPN, disable it.

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