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Can you Share Amazon Prime Video

Can you Share Amazon Prime Video – Easy 6 Step Guide

For subscribers asking if they can share amazon prime video, this write-up is for you. Since its existence, Amazon prime Video has continued to grow to the extent it’s more than just a delivery service.

Currently, there is now a monthly and yearly subscription that can give you access to online photo storage, amazon prime music, Lending Library for eBooks (Kindle), discounts on nappies, early access for deals, and most appealing, there is access to Amazon Prime Video.

Over time, Amazon Prime Video has grown to compete with Netflix as a result of the uniqueness and volume of their content which is also completely free if you’re a Prime member. Just like Netflix, Amazon has joined in the production of their exclusive content (Amazon Originals).

For instance, some available shows are Transparent, Grand Tour, Man in the High Castle, The Marvelous. There is also Amazon prime reading where you can access numerous magazines, eBooks, comics on any device through the Kindle app.

Amazon Prime Video

It’s no longer news that Amazon Prime Video is now part of the Amazon Prime accounts. It means that customers with a Prime account can now stream numerous free videos just by subscribing to any supported Prime video channels. Aside from about 5000 movies together with TV shows on Amazon Prime, every account holder can still enjoy extra benefits from this subscription.

Can you share Amazon Prime video?

Yes, it’s possible to share your Amazon account with family members through one of their features called Amazon Household. With this, it’s now possible to connect at adult (2), teens (4), pre-teen (4) to the same Amazon Prime account. This creates balance in the home because everybody benefits form from a single Amazon account, including Prime Video.

Before another adult can be linked to your Prime account, there needs to be an agreement to link your credit card details between the account. Sometimes, this services as a discouragement why people refuse to share their account with someone that is not a close member of the family.

Creating Amazon Household – Shared Access

There are two possible ways to successfully create Amazon Household – through email invitation and signing in together for account verification. Remember both adults need to have a separate account.

Creating Amazon Household through email invitation:

  1. Navigate to ‘Your Account’ and go to the ‘Shopping programmes’ box. There you’ll see ‘Amazon Household’. Click on it.
  2. Next click on the ‘Add Adult’ box which can be seen beneath ‘Create your Household now’.
  3. Enter your name with the corresponding email address of the adult you want to invite, click ‘Continue’.
  4. From here, there will be an option to share payment methods. This is essential to enjoy the Prime benefits and as well create a family Library.
  5. The next page is ‘Ready to Send’. Here, you can take your time to review all the details entered.
  6. Click ‘Send invite’. The person will be given 14 days to accept the invitation.

Creating Amazon Household by signing-in together:

  1. Navigate to ‘Your Account’ and go to the ‘Shopping programmes’ box. There you’ll see ‘Amazon Household’. Click on it.
  2. Next click on the ‘Add Adult’ box which can be seen beneath ‘Create your Household now’.
  3. Select the ‘Sign up together’ option.
  4. At this point, the other adult will have to sign in as a ‘Second adult’ or create a fresh account.
  5. Select if you accept to share your Amazon content, payment methods, Prime benefits, and child profiles management.
  6. Tab ‘Create household’.

Disadvantages of Amazon Household

Sometimes, setting up an Amazon household with your roommates or friends can get complicated especially when more than two people are involved. In general, ten people can actually be part of the account but only six can fully access the benefits. Below are other complications that might arise when more people are involved;

Amazon Households is meant to have just Two ‘Adults’

Normally, an ideal household account is meant to be two adult accounts, fourteen accounts, and four children accounts. All have their privileges.

For instance, the adult accounts are free to make purchases at any time but the child’s account can’t. Also, an adult must approve any purchase from the child’s account. According to Amazon, every teen order can be approved with a message. This can be an embarrassing step especially when it’s a roommate or a friend of your age.

Any payment method must be shared

In a situation where each member of your household adds a separate card or their preferred checking account for all their orders, it’s still important to get to trust them to the extent of using their payment methods.

One good thing is that Amazon will always send you a notification if one of the adults in your account moves your card without informing you. This is an even bigger concern when compared to sharing Hulu or Netflix passwords.

You’ll experience a long waiting period whenever you Leave

In a situation where an adult decides to leave the created household for any reason known to him/her, a waiting period of 180 days must be completed before he/she can be added again. There is another twist, you won’t be allowed to even add another adult account immediately.

In Conclusion

Now know that Amazon Prime accounts are configured with a feature known as Amazon household that allows you to share account benefits with friends and family. Therefore, by adding another account, you can start to enjoy easy features that comprise unlimited photo storage, parental control for kids, a family library of shared games, apps, and books.

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to have multiple users on Amazon Prime video?

With prime video, you can create and also manage different profiles within your account with all content customized separately. This makes it possible to have up to six user profiles with one main account.

Can Amazon prime video be shared with a different address?

For prime members, it’s possible to share some benefits with another adult in the same account. Simply locate the Prime benefits section, click on invite someone by entering the details of the person.

Does Zoom permit to share Amazon Prime videos?

Yes, you can through screen sharing. When you select the screen option, whatever is on your device will be displayed to all the participants.

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