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Can't Connect To Visual Voicemail Verizon

Can’t Connect To Visual Voicemail Verizon – The Easy Fix (Guide)

If you can’t connect to visual voicemail Verizon then this write-up is will help you clear up your problems and help you get on with your day. Visual Voicemail is an important feature that gives every subscriber access to their voicemail without even listening to it. In as much as a lot of subscribers are comfortable with this feature, others have reported about the issues they encounter with it.

Among the frequent complaint about visual voicemail is the inability of users to connect to the visual voicemail on Verizon. You don’t need to boarder about this because in this write-up you’ll get to learn different troubleshooting methods on how to rectify this issue.

Causes of Verizon visual voicemail errors.

There is no particular problem that can give rise to this error. Its cuts across several reasons. Among the most common causes are;

  • Bug from Application – As applications get outdated, it gets corrupt data. Hence depending on the phone you’re using, it can either be harmful or helpful.
  • Bug from Network – This arises as a result of your phone’s network settings. It sometimes prevents your voicemail from passing through.
  • Bug from Update – New iOS updates can also be the reason why this happens. It ends up messing up some of the applications you’ve on your phone. It will make the application to be unusable for every user. especially people that use iPhone X.

How To Fix

Examine your mobile data connection

Once you notice that you’re having problems accessing your visual voicemail messages, checking your mobile data connection is the first thing you need to do. This is because the visual voicemail messages are transmitted through the internet, unlike test messages that do require a Verizon data network. Hence, it’s important that your mobile data is turned on and you can even access the network in the absence of Wi-Fi.

For those outside the data coverage area or who have mistakenly disabled their mobile data on their phone, it will be difficult to receive any visual voicemail notifications. But if you’re sure you’ve working data and within a data coverage area, you can try the next step.

Restart Your Device

Simply turning off your device and waiting for few minutes before restarting it again can fix the issues that give rise to visual voice mail issues. It’s easy. Simply turn off the device and restart it after 60 seconds and the issue will be fixed.

Reset the Visual Voicemail application.

Sometimes, the visual voicemail app might malfunction, hence giving rise to errors while showing the visual voicemails. At this point, you need to reset just the app. It won’t delete your voicemails. Alternatively, you can clear the app cache.

Confirm if the Call Forwarding is enabled

If after trying the suggested solutions listed above and you still encounter visual voice mail errors, there is every tendency that call forwarding is enabled on your line. If you’ve call forwarding already active then the calls will be forwarded before they’ll be sent to your voice mail.

To cancel it, on your phone, dial *73 to cancel the call forwarding. Be patient until you hear the beep, then the process is complete. In a situation where you’re unable to cancel the forwarding, reach out to the customer support through their helpline. A representative will guide you on how to stop the call forwarding.

Update Visual Voicemail application.

Sometimes there can be bugs present in the application preventing you from using the service. This is prone if the app is outdated. The solution to this situation is to proceed to the google play store and confirm if there is a new update. An update is important because new features and bugs will resolve the issues. After doing this and the issues continue, reach out to the voicemail service provider to further guide you on how to resolve it.

In Conclusion

If you’ve carefully followed the suggested steps mentioned above and you’re still unable to receive visual voicemail, you should reach out to the customer support helpline or send a message to register your complaint. If it’s a minor issue, it will be resolved immediately but for major issues, you’ve to be patent for a couple of days.

Frequently asked questions

My Verizon visual voicemail suddenly stopped working. Why?

Turning the airplane ON/OFF is the first step to take when you notice this error. On your phone screen, swipe the notification bar downwards, then click on the airplane mode. When it is turned on, just turn it back off after few minutes.

The simple approach to resolve this issue is by just switching the airplane mode ON/OFF. On your phone’s main screen, simply swap down the notification bar, then tap on the Airplane Mode. Once it is on, just turn it back off the same way. This option varies based on your devices.

My Phone continuously beep can’t connect to visual voicemail?

If you notice this, there is every tendency your data is not turned ON. You might also be out of range of your cellular connection or maybe the connection is not functioning as it suppose to. In some other case, you might have been using an outdated version of the app that is not compatible with the updated Android.

How do I rectify Verizon voicemail when it stops working?

First, start by resetting the passcode from your phone or through the Version website. To reset this code for subscribers using Verizon Wireless, dial “*611” from your phone. You’ll get to see reset the voice mail passcode option. Tap on it and wait till it’s completed.

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