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Fire TV Error Code 8056

Fire TV Error Code 8056 – Your Detailed Fix Guide 2021

What is the Fire TV error code 8056 and how to fix it will be the focus of this guide. As we all know, Amazon Fire Stick is a popular online streaming player that gives users the opportunity to access different contents in 4K UHD. Error code 8056 often appears whenever an attempt is made to update Fire Stick Firmware or the apps.

The steps outlined below will enable you to get rid of the is an error. Before then, let’s have a better understanding of this error code.

Amazon Fire Stick Error Code 8056 Explained

Whenever you come across this error, it’s an indication that your Fire Stick operating system has encountered an issue in the process of updating it. Users may get a different response on their screen when this error happens. Resetting or restarting your Firestick may be the solution that will resolve the error. Apart from that, changing your DNS settings has also proven to help.

How to fix the error in detail

Check your Internet Connections, then restart your router

Most times, updating your Firestick operating system might fail as a result of a poor internet connection. So, it’s important to first check the status of your internet followed by restarting the router. When this has been done, check if the issue will still occur. You should as well restart the firestick.

Factory resetting of your Amazon Fire Stick

When you’re stuck on the updating screen of the app, you need to restart your fire stick. This will help you fix the 8056-error code. For you to restart the firestick with a remote, you need to follow the guideline below:

  • Simultaneously, press the “OK” and the play/pause button.
  • Repeat it until the screen goes off, then you can release the buttons.
  • Automatically, your Fire Stick will turn back on when the process is complete.
  • Another method to restart your Fire Stick is by unplugging and reinserting your Fire Stick in the TV.

Restart Firestick

This is an option to try when you notice your device is unable to update apps. By doing this, you can easily navigate through the Amazon Firestick to sort out any technical glitch.

  • On the remote, press the OK button at the same time with the pause/play button of the firestick
  • Continue to push the above-mentioned buttons until you notice that your fire TV has been switched off.
  • As the screen remains off, release your hands from the buttons
  • Amazon fire stick automatically will turn back on
  • Next, there will be a prompt to restart your fire stick. This you can do by removing and reinserting the fire stick back into your TV.

Alter the DNS Settings on Fire Stick

Before you start this, you need to note down your Fire Stick DNS data before changing it manually. To get to see the IP, enter what is my IP in the google search bar. Make sure you pen down the result. Follow the guide below to then access the DNS data of your Fire Stick.

Settings >>> Fire TV >>> About >>> Network >>> Choose your Wi-Fi network. Take note of these;

  • SSD
  • Subnet Mask
  • Gateway
  • Mac Address for WIFI.
  • DNS

The steps below will help you change the settings of the DNS Settings:

  • From Settings, navigate to Network.
  • Next, click this option “Forget Network”. Then on your remote, press the selector button. This will confirm the activity.
  • Select your Wi-Fi network and enter your credentials.
  • Tap on the Advanced option.
  • Enter all the data in their respective column
  • In the DNS 2 server, enter or

Update Location Settings

  • On any preferred browser, enter
  • A prompt for you to Sign in to your Amazon account will appear. Enter the phone number and email linked to your Amazon account. Click continue.
  • Enter the password of your Amazon account, click sign in.
  • Navigate to settings when you sign in >>> go to Country/Region Settings, then click Change.
  • Enter your name, phone number, location then clicks Update. For this work, the country you reside in must be supported.
  • To complete this procedure, switch to your Fire TV, then deregister and reregister your account. That’s all. The changes might take effect after an hour or more.

In Conclusion

We hope the outlined guide above will help you fix Amazon Fire Stick error code 8056. After this, you’ll be able to update your firmware and apps without any interruptions.

Frequently asked questions

What could be preventing my Fire TV from connecting to the Fire TV app?

If the app you downloaded is not functioning like before, you need to clear the cache and data before restarting the Fire TV. Also. try and delete and redownload the app. Pressing and holding the play/pause button on your remote for at least 19 seconds can also help.

My prime video suddenly stopped working on Firestick?

This normally happens on the Fire TV and the Firestick. The error is linked to Amazon streaming servers. To resolve this, first, reboot your device with the help of your remote. To do this, hold the select and play buttons for a few together. This will reboot the device.

How can an unresponsive Fire Stick be fixed?

Restart the fire TV stick. Despite your fire stick not having a power button, you can easily switch it off by simply removing it from the power and wait for few seconds, then plug it back in. This usually fixes your Fire TV Stick when it is unresponsive.

Does my Fire TV refuse to connect to the network?

Follow this step to connect to your Wi-Fi network:

  • Restart your device.
  • Remove the power adapter, wait for a couple of minutes, and then plug again.
  • Confirm the status of your network.
  • On your remote, press Play/Pause to see your network status.


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