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How to Port Number To Mint Mobile - the how to guide

How to Port Number To Mint Mobile – The How To Guide

If you’ve been searching how to port number to Mint Mobile, today is your lucky day. Mint Mobile as you may have known, is a prepaid carrier performing all their operation using T-Mobile’s network.

This arrangement is referred to as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). In other words, they use another company’s infrastructure to render all their services instead of building one. Hence, they’ve no physical location or Mint stores.

They have a unique arrangement of selling their packages in multi-months. Hence, you can buy the three months, six months, or even a one-year plan. If you’ve decided to try the Mint Mobile network, porting the number from your former carrier to Mint does not involve a difficult process.

Porting your number to Mint Mobile.

Before commencing the process of porting your number, you need to note that your number needs to be active on the current carrier you’re using until you complete the process.

This is because once you cancel your old service before porting to Mint, there is every tendency you won’t be able to recover your number.

This on its own involves a tedious process. Aside from this, receiving your Mint Mobile Sim card and beginning the process is easy. Furthermore, you need to have a phone compatible with Mint Network such as Galaxy S20 5G together with a Mint Sim card. To get started, follow the steps below

  1. On your computer, visit www.mintmobile.com and click Activate. This can be found at the top of the website page. Alternatively, you can make use of the Mint app available on Android and iOS.
  2. Next is to type in your unique activation code. This can be seen at the back of the Sim card directly above the “active by” date.
  3. Click the Resume or Start tab to begin Activation.
  4. In the process of activation, select transfer my number when the prompt shows up.
  5. Next is to enter your account number, Zip code, Pin, and password linked to your previous carrier. To get these details, check the top of your billing receipts. However, if you’re not sure of any information, quickly reach out to the customer service of your previous carrier.
  6. That’s all the process involved. Depending on factors beyond your control, the porting can take place immediately or at most 48 hours. Hence you need to be patient.
  7. When the number transfer has been completed, Mint will send you a welcome text message that confirms your number. In most cases, your former service will be canceled at once. You can now start enjoying your new service.
  8. When you’re done, proceed to create a Mint Mobile account which will help you keep track of your account.

Features Offered by Mint Mobile.

All the mobile plans offered by Mint are comprised of unlimited texting, calls, and even free calls to Mexico and Canada. The Mint Sim card is given to subscribers at no additional cost. If you’re the type that uses a lot of data, there is data suitable for your current billing.

For instance, 1GB of data goes for $10 while 3G goes for $20. This is an ideal way to have your devices online especially when you cannot access any Wi-Fi. Using your hotspot at no extra cost is one unique feature being offered by Mint Mobile.

This is because other carriers, charge for it. Furthermore, you have the option to enable Wi-Fi texting and calling. With this, you can make use of your traditional phone features via a Wi-Fi network even when your mobile signal is very weak.

In Conclusion

If you’ve checked and Mint Mobile looks like the network you want to use, porting your number to get started won’t be difficult. Now, you have known what Mint Mobile offers, you can determine if it’s right for you. Just like other MVNOS, it has few features at an affordable price.

It’s also interesting to know that Mint supports a 5G network so you don’t have anything to worry about. Once you have a 5G phone compatible with Mint Mobile, your service will be automatically switching from 4G LTE and 5G depending on the one with a stronger network.

Apart from checking the compatibility of your phone, you can also check Mint Mobile’s coverage map before placing an order.

Frequently asked questions

How Can I port to mint mobile?

First, you need to reach out to your customer support of your current carrier and request that your number be released to port. Secondly, you need to ask for your PIN and account number if you don’t have access to it.

What is the duration before the Mint number porting is complete?

Majority of the porting process lasts for 8 hours, however, if you want to transfer a phone number, it can take up to 24 hours to be completed.

Is it possible to still retain my phone number when I port to mint?

Yes, it’s possible. If you want to transfer your number to mint mobile, during Sim activation, select transfer my number. It’s important to get all the necessary information from the old carrier before you initiate the transfer because you’ll be asked to enter it.

What happens if I decide to put my Sim card in another phone?

When you move your Sim to another phone, you’ll still retain the cell phone service. With Sim cards, you can have access to a different phone number which will enable you to switch at will. However, most of these phones have to be given to you by the phone providers or you can use an unlocked phone.

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