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How To Use Your Own Router With AT&T Fiber

How To Use Your Own Router With AT&T Fiber – The Money Saving (Guide)

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Want to use your own router for AT&T Fiber? Lets have a look!

AT&T charges $7 monthly for their router. Doing the math well, you will realize that you will eventually be paying up to $84 for the router in a year. This translates to more than $250 in three years. TP-Link AC400 Smart WIFI router-Tri Band, Netgear Nighthawk AX4 4-Stream WI-Fi 6 Router, and many others are currently retailing at a price lower than $200 on Amazon. If you plan to stick with this internet company for more than three years, it’s actually more reliable and cheap to buy an AT&T compatible router and use it with AT&T fiber.

I don’t see a reason why you should go for slow DSL and cable internet when AT&T can give you better download and upload speeds for slightly lower prices. AT&T offers ultra-fast fiber internet with almost symmetrical gig speeds at a very reasonable price. The company also enjoys a 99% reliability with surety that all your home devices, including security systems, laptops, music systems, and phones, will retain a stable and consistent connectivity every time of the day.

Many Internet users today want high-speed Internet and reliability. But to get these two, you definitely need a reliable Internet Service Provider (ISP) and a high-quality router.

The fact is the internet speeds and how stable the connections rely heavily on two factors: the package you are paying for and the router you are currently using. Besides the fact that you will get a gateway-Wi-Fi router and a modem combo delivered with the package you’ll pick with AT&T, you can also opt to eliminate extra costs on your monthly bills in terms of equipment rental fees.

It turns out that you can purchase your own AT&T compatible router and use it with AT&T fiber, but you need to be well versed with all the required steps to get you connected.

Why is Owning your own router with AT&T fiber is a good idea

The most obvious reason why people chose to use their own router with AT&T fiber is to eliminate the need to pay an extra $7 monthly. Before we head to the process of installing and using an own router with AT&T, we should explain all the other reasons why it’s important to consider own router to rented equipment from an ISP.

Choose a router that meets your demands

When you have an option between routers, you will definitely choose the one that meets all your internet needs. I had earlier explained that the type of router affects the overall speeds of the paid package. You can choose high-speed routers, triband options, and routers with the best parental control features with such options.

Go for Budget-friendly options

Paying $7 monthly for 5 years and still having to return the router after the contract is something that should make you think twice. The market is already full of budget-friendly options that can help you save heftily on monthly and installation costs. Some AT&T compatible routers retail at prices lower than $200.

Additional features

As the market welcomes new models, new technology always knocks with some great features. Renting AT&T router from the ISP will never give you additional features. Anything from the company is going to be generic. Purchasing from a retailer is automatically the best option if you need additional features.

Setting up your own router with AT&T fiber step-by-step guide

It’s now time to set up your own router with AT&T fiber. Here’s a step by step guide on how to set the router and start enjoying great features and wide internet coverage.

Pick a compatible router

Before you think of anything else, ensure that the router you have at hand is compatible with AT&T fiber internet. In case you don’t have this router yet, I have included an AT&T compatible router buying guide at the bottom of this article. Look at all the features that you may need along the way.

Gateway Login Information

The second step to take is to locate the gateway router information, including the username and password. These details have already been supplied by AT&T when signing up for the service. This information is critical in helping you access the settings on the gateway and make changes accordingly.

Log in

With the gateway information, it’s now effortless to log in using the given details. Open up the preferred Browser on the computer and type the IP Address for the fiber settings. Much of the time, you can just use

Apply the modem changes accordingly

After logging in, the next thing to do is locate the settings tab and then the LAN>DHCP. The range, in this case, should be changed to and ensure you save it.

Plug it in

The internet should turn off after saving the changes. This is the time when you should plug in your new router. The new router should be connected to the AT&T device and the power outlet. Now unplug the network cable from the computer. After a while, plug it back.

Return to the settings in your Browser

You need to change some things in the gateway settings. Head to the gateway settings in your router and navigate to the firewall. Choose applications, Pinholes and DMZ. On the screen, the new router will be visible. The computer that you are working with will also be visible. Click on the router and ‘’allow all applications’’

Plug the router

The computer can now be plugged into the new router and log into the router’s configuration page. You will have to check the router for any information containing the IP address. This is the address that you will choose to get to the admin page. The IP address will automatically depend on the brand of the router. In most cases, the address will be However, the IP address could be something else. Luckily, these details are already highlighted on the router. The user can as well key in the details of the new router in a search engine and information about the Admin IP address will be revealed.

Check to be sure you are configured correctly

The public IP address will be shown in the configuration page. The router will not be configured correctly if you see the router IP address is 172.16. In such instances, it’s advisable to backtrack and see whether there are steps skipped.

Disable the AT&T router

Before you get going, you need to disable the router that was offered by AT&T. You definitely don’t need two wifi routers. This can mess up with your settings or increase your monthly bills. To do this, you should get back to the gateway and locate the setting icon>LAN> wifi and find the wifi interface. Check to be sure the wifi interface is disabled. For people with dual-band routers, it’s essential to make sure you have disabled the two bands.

Return the AT&T equipment

AT&T may continue charging you a monthly fee of $7 until you return the router. Consequently, it’s important to check into an AT&T local office and return the equipment.

Best AT&T compatible router Buying Guide

Before we close this brief, we will obviously have to help you choose the best AT&T compatible router. We have obtained that you definitely need an own good router for the best speeds and additional features from the above explanations. But how will you know that the router is compatible with AT&T or whether it will meet all your requirements? AT&T fiber doesn’t work with all the routers, and skipping the compatibility features can waste a lot of your time and money. Here are a few notable things that you should always consider when buying a compatible AT&T router for the fiber internet.


This is the most important factor to consider. It’s important to make sure that the router you are about to purchase online is compatible with AT&T fiber Internet and can work perfectly well with the connections.

The speed and wireless coverage

It may not be as crucial to many people, but when you need to connect the security system wirelessly and keep all the other devices well connected, wireless coverage will play a significant role. For that reason, it’s essential to check the speed and wireless coverage of the routers that you are about to go for. The internet speed will be very important if you spend most of your time online, either working or leisure. The router you are about to purchase should have the best internet speed capacity.

Security and parental control

As much as the internet is vital in our daily lives, it stands at a weak point for abuse by children and criminals. Although AT&T considers the security of their routers as an important factor, you definitely need a router with advanced security and parental control features. Confidentiality is vital on the internet today. You might also want to monitor and restrict the activities of young kids. With some routers, this is very easy because of the new and advanced smart control functions.

Extra features and advanced technology

Buying your own router online allows you to choose advanced features and technology such as MU-MIMO, Qos, Smart apps, and beamforming for device prioritization. These are all additional benefits that you would obviously miss with rented routers.

The price tag

We have all sorts of routers in the market with different price tags. The most expensive is not necessarily the best but you should at all times take note of specific routers before heading to checkout. Furthermore, it would help if you never went for the cheapest router in the name of saving. This might compromise on quality and other features.

Device prioritization

In the case where many people are connected to the same internet, the speed and stability of the connection can be compromised. When going for third-party routers, always be sure they have device prioritization features. This way, you can prioritize important devices in your house.


Does AT&T let you use your own modem?

Yes, internet users can choose to rent an AT&T modem-router from AT&T or purchase own AT&T-compatible modem and router. If you don’t want to rent a modem or router from AT&T, you should always check on Amazon for compatible routers. Take your time to shop and, if possible, make sure that the router-modem is compatible with AT&T.

What routers are compatible with AT&T fiber?

Check for the best AT&T compatible Modems and routers and all the 2020 AT&T modem reviews to make a good decision in this case. However, Netgear N600 DSL Model router ADSL2, Netgear R700, ARRIS BGW210 VDSL2 AT&T Wireless gateway, and Netgear N300 DSL Modem Router DGN2200 are our top picks and the best Budget options for you.

Can I replace the AT&T router with my own?

You can either choose to rent a router from AT&T at the cost of $7 per month or buy your own AT&T compatible router. Even after choosing to hire a router from AT&T, you can at any time choose to plug in your own wifi router to one of the gateway’s LAN ports and use it for wireless rather than bundling in AT&T’s gateway.

How do I connect my router to my AT&T modem?

The first thing to do is to turn the power to the computer and the DSL modem off. The next thing is to disconnect the Ethernet from the computer and connect the DSL modem’s Ethernet to the WAN or the Internet port on the router through the Ethernet. Now turn the power for all the devices on.

Final words

Besides all the benefits of using a third-party router, you will no longer get service help from AT&T. You will be forced to deal with the company that made the router for the rest of the service. It’s that simple and straightforward to use your own router with AT&T fiber. Make sure you have followed all the steps accordingly, and in case of any questions with compatibility and functionality, you may have to reach out to the manufacturer.

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