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Jackbox On Roku Epic Games For Family Friends Simple Setup Guide

Jackbox On Roku – Epic Games Setup Guide

For those asking about Jackbox on Roku, this write-up is for you. One of the recent surveys indicates that Roku TV tops the Smart TV market in the United States.

This is so because it has the ability to deliver content across multiple platforms. They also have excellent support service.

Those that made Roku TV their first choice of TV streaming, are no longer appealed to switch to other brands.

In addition, Roku TV has interesting packages that comprise top-notch gadgets and other accessories like portable streaming devices and smart speakers.

Now you know the reason why it remains a top choice on most consumers’ list of Smart TVs.

Jackbox Games

This is a gaming platform online that offers different multiplayer games. Here it’s easy to tag any of your friends or family members because it supports up to eight players.

With an emphasis on spending a good fun time, Jackbox Games has major collections of games that are easy to play.

They’re also suitable for any family gatherings or parties. Apart from recreational games like charade and drawing, you can also get other trivia games that are light-hearted.

With this, you mustn’t be a game freak to have fun.

Another unique feature of the Jackbox is that it supports cross-platform gameplay. This is a situation where different games are compatible on PS, Steam, Xbox, Apple TV, Nintendo, Epic Games, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, etc.

You just have to choose your favorite gaming platform before making your purchase on Jackbox. Once you’re down with the setup, then you’re ready to have fun.

Jackbox on ROKU

Even though the Jackbox game works across different platforms, it’s still not compatible with Roku. In case you do not know, Roku TV is particularly a streaming television by default.

Hence, the in-built firmware does not support other third-party apps like Jackbox Games. But if you’re bent on making it happen, there are hacks you can apply and it will still work.

Follow the steps below;

Use a Chromecast

If you’re not tech-savvy, you might not have noticed the HDMI port at the back of your Roku TV.

The importance of this port is that it serves as a digital connection point to devices like Chromecast which is a third-party device.

With it, it’s easier to protect your phone screen on your Roku TV through the screen share function.

After a successful connection of your Roku TV and smartphone, you can connect your Chromecast in other to play Jackbox Games on a bigger screen.

Another important use of using Chromecast is that you get to skip complicated wire setup because it’s a wireless device.

Use HDMI cable for alternative platform connection

If you don’t have Chromecast, your gaming console like PS, Xbox, PC can serve as a good alternative.

These consoles have an HDMI cable where Roku TV can be connected. Once this is done, install Jackbox Games on the console.

With this, you can now play Jackbox Games using any controller or even keyboard as you enjoy a bigger screen experience.

This has been attributed as the safest method of enjoying your games on a big screen if you already own a Roku TV.

Download Android Emulator

If the above two mentioned suggestions are not within your reach, you can download Android TV Emulator directly on your Roku TV.

This is software that makes it possible for your television to be an Android device. This is possible because the Android operating system is very versatile.

The only challenge is that this software is likely to cause security issues because most of the download sources can’t be trusted. Apart from this, it has compactivity and performance issues.

Steps to play different video games on Roku

You must have known how the channel store functions if you have a Roku TV stick. Roku games are circulated via the platform’s app store like any other platform.

Everything can be seen on Roku Channel Store;

  1. On your remote control, press the ‘Home button’ to open it. Then choose ‘Streaming Channels.’
  2. From the dropdown list, select ‘Games’.
  3. All available games will be displayed. Some are free. Select the one you want, press the ‘Add channel’ button to commence download.
  4. All installed games can be seen on the home screen together with other installed channels. From here, it can be deleted or transferred to the starting screen like every other any.
  5. Roku games can be played using the remote control.

In Conclusion

Every Roku device comprises numerous in-built channels such as Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, etc. The forwarding port remains a useful trick when it comes to gaming because it makes network connections more stable and faster.

Jackbox games do not offer online matchmaking but you can still play games remotely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play games from Jackbox on Roku?

For those that have any game console, there is an HDMI cable port behind it where Roku TV can be connected.

With this, you can play Jackbox Games using your controller or keyboard as you enjoy a big-screen gaming experience.

How can Jackbox be streamed on my TV?

You can buy the Jackbox app directly from Amazon and play straight from their TV. Alternatively, Android TV users can as well buy the Jackbox app from Google Play Store, then connect with any compatible TV.

Can games be played on Roku?

Yes, there are simple arcade-style games that can be controlled using a Roku remote. You first need to install the game on Roku like every other streaming channel before you can start playing.

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