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Cox compatible modems and routers - 6 Recommended Routers

Cox compatible modems and routers – 6 Recommended Routers

Are you on the market for a modem or router that is compatible with Cox? Well, we have got you covered as today’s post has all the information you’re looking for and more. For starters, trust us when we say you don’t want to buy a modem only to realize that your ISP doesn’t approve it.

To be on the safer side, we have put together a list of some of the best Cox approved modems on the market currently; we are sure you’ll fancy one of these brilliant models.

For people who have no idea, Cox Cable has earned its place as one of the best internet service providers in the US. Thanks to the company’s impressive internet services, the company now provides its exceptional internet services across 7 million homes in the US.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Here is everything you need to know when shopping for a compatible Cox modem or router.

Should I buy or rent a COX modem?

There has been a lot of argument regarding whether to buy or rent equipment from your ISP. But not to worry, we are here to set the records straight. After reading what we have put together, you should know what’s best for you.

While renting equipment from Cox may look pretty cheap from the onset, you’ll soon realize that leasing isn’t as cheap as the company makes it sound. And here is why

; if you decide to pay Cox’s cable $10 per month rental fee for the company’s Panoramic Wi-Fi Gateway, you’ll be missing out on the opportunity to put some cash back in your pocket. Yes, the $10 per month rental fee doesn’t look like much, but if you add that fee over a year or two, you’ll realize that renting a modem from Cox isn’t exactly the right thing to do, especially if you’re looking to save big on your monthly internet bills.

To this end, buying your own modem will prove to be a much better deal. Sure, getting your own modem will cost you more upfront, but it will save you the extra stress and headaches that come with paying monthly lease fees. And you know what else? You get to keep the equipment for as long as you want. This isn’t a luxury you enjoy when you decide to lease.

Benefits of buying your own modem

If you’re still unsure whether getting your own modem is the right thing to do, stay with us as we take you through some benefits you stand to enjoy when you opt to get your own modem. This should help you reconsider your options.

Put some cashback in your pocket

Leasing a modem or router from your ISP may look like the easiest and quickest option on your plate, but guess what, it isn’t always the best option, especially if you’re looking to save more on your monthly internet bills.

For people who don’t want to pay through their nose and are looking for ways to put some money back in their pocket, the right thing to do is buy your own modem. Of course, getting your own device may sound scary and expensive at first, but guess what? It is only a one-time payment. Also, you get to kiss goodbye to paying monthly rental fees, which is a big relief.

The exciting part of buying your own device is that you get to keep the equipment for as long as you like. With an equipment lease, you’ve to return the equipment once you decide to pull the plug on your ISP services. Also, if you don’t return the equipment on time, you may incur extra charges.

Enjoy the freedom to customize

Yes, ISP provided modems gets the job done. But you know what, when it comes to giving users the freedom to customize, they don’t measure up to the sophisticated third-party modems on the market. So, if you’re interested in customizing your modem’s functionality, you’ll be better off with a third-party modem.

With third-party modems, you can flash your modem’s firmware to unlock great features like custom key lengths, switching tunneling protocols, Wake On LAN, encryption algorithms, and Dynamic DNS.

Also, since you now have full control over your network, you can rest assured that your device is protected from all hacking attempts and other security threats.

Stay one step ahead of ISP throttling

Like we earlier mentioned, having your own device comes with a lot of perks. With your own modem, you have full control over your network and will stay one step ahead of ISP manipulations like speed throttling. What we mean here is that your ISP will no longer be able to tweak your connection or bandwidth speed as they like.

And by opting for firmware upgrades, your modem is set to maximize the internet speed you’re paying for.

Can I use my router with Cox?

This is one question we get asked a lot, and in today’s post, we want to bring you up to speed. While many ISPs lure their customers with mouthwatering deals in a bid to make them commit to modem lease, Cox cable does things pretty differently. With Cox, customers enjoy a lot of flexibility, including the freedom to use their own modem.

So, if you already have a modem you would love to use, there will be no need to rent another one from Cox. However, you’ll have to make sure that your modem is compatible with Cox.

If you’re not entirely sure how to go about this, you can simply visit your ISP website to see their list of supported devices.

What you should consider when buying a modem

Before making up your mind on any modem deals you come across, there are some things you want to consider. Here, check out some of them:

Compatibility with ISP

With the tons of brilliant third-party modems on the market, it can be challenging to decide on the perfect modem that works for your household. Even at that, there are compatibility issues to worry about. So, when shopping for a modem, it’s important to double-check and confirm that your ISP supports it. To ensure you get the perfect modem that works with your ISP and preferred plan, please visit your ISP website to see a list of supported devices.

Number of devices you intend to use

If you plan to use several devices along with your modem, you’ll have to get a router separately. While getting a separate router comes with some performance advantage, you can opt for a modem with a built-in wireless router. This way, you’ll avoid the headaches that come with the device being incompatible. The only caveat with getting a combo device is that it is a bit pricier.

But if you think that isn’t a problem, then you can go for a 2-in-1 modem/router combo.

Modem version

When shopping for a modem, you’ll most likely come across DOCSIS. For newbies, this can be a lot confusing, but not to worry, we are here to bring you up to speed. Simply put, DOCSIS stands for Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification. And most ISPs use this protocol to provide internet access using the company’s existing structure.

While most people like to see DOCSIS as version numbers, it goes way beyond that. And with the continued advancement in technology, we have seen a significant shift from DOCSIS protocols like 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 to more sophisticated versions like the DOCSIS 3.1.

In a nutshell, the higher the DOCSIS protocol, the better the performance. So, if you’re looking for a modem that delivers speed and performance, you’ll be better off with a modem that runs on either DOCSIS 3.0 or DOCSIS 3.1.

Top 6 modems for Cox Communications

Thanks to the company’s flexibility, Cox supports either DOCSIS 3.0 or 3.1 modems. Also, keep in mind that Cox has some service plans that require a modem with a 16×4 channel bonding. So, while shopping for a modem, you’ll need to pay special attention to your preferred service plans.

Again, double-check to see if your preferred modem matches the internet speed of your service plan. With all that said, here are some of the best Cox supported modems we have come across.

Arris Surfboard SBG10

Arris Surfboard SBG10 is no doubt one of the best COX approved modems on the market currently. Its brilliant vertical design allows for better ventilation. As a two in one device, the Arris Surfboard SBG10 uniquely combines DOCSIS 3.0 and AC1600 dual-band Wi-Fi router to deliver a device that meets both speed and performance requirements.


The Arris Surfboard SBG10 is poised to deliver an unbeatable performance. From speed to power to reliability and more, this incredible device is uniquely engineered to work with all your devices. Together with a download speed of up to 686 Mbps, there are very few modems out there that can rival the Arris Surfboard SBG10.

Top features

In addition to its solid built-in router, the Arris Surfboard SBG10 modem features 2 Gigabit ports that allow for a broader wired connection. With a 16×4 channel bonding, which guarantees faster connections, this modem is prepped to deliver download speed up to 686 Mbps.

Thanks to the Surfboard Manager app, this modem is easy to set up and manage. Our only real concern about this device is that it is a tad pricey. So, if you’re looking for something that is a lot cheaper, this isn’t the one for you.


The Arris Surfboard SBG10 may not be the best modem on the market in terms of speed, but guess what? It gets the job done. With this device, you’ll enjoy download speeds up to 686 Mbps.


  • Easy to install and manage
  • Combines both DOCSIS 3.0 and AC1600 dual-band Wi-Fi router
  • Features 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports


  • It is a tad expensive
  • No robust security
  • Can do better with range

Arris Surfboard SBG7580AC

Choosing a modem router combo comes with a lot of perks you don’t want to miss. Besides saving you all the hassles that come with incompatibility, a modem router combo like the Arris Surfboard SBG7580AC boasts of a compact design that frees up shelve space. In addition, the device sports an AC1750 dual-band Wi-Fi router, which boosts signals across your home. Thanks to its 32×8 channel bonding, this device will deliver download speeds up to 1.4 Gbps.


The Arris Surfboard SBG7580AC has everything you want in a modem and more. Besides its impressive download speed, this device also comes with a built-in router that improves Wi-Fi signals across your home. If you have always wanted to stream your favorite movies and play online games without any hassle, this is your chance to get a modem that ensures you never have to worry about your internet speed.

Top features

The Arris Surfboard SBG7580AC spots loads of impressive features you’ll love. For a start, the modem supports both IPv4 and IPv6. To spruce things up, this device comes with 4 Gigabit Ethernet Ports and a single USB ports that allow users to connect all their devices. To improve Wi-FI signals across your home, the Arris SBG7580AC modems feature a highly reliable beamforming technology.

And to keep users safe while surfing the internet, the device uses McAfee. Using the Surfboard Manager app, users can easily manage their network directly from their devices.


Poised to deliver download speed up to 1.4 Gbps, there are only very few modems right now that can measure up with the all amazing Arris Surfboard SBG7580AC modem router combo.


  • Delivers impressive speed up to 1.4 Gbps
  • Easy to set up and manage
  • Comes with 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports and 1x USB port


  • The device is a little too pricey.
  • The Puma chipset in this device can be a bit challenging.
  • Limited USB ports

Motorola MB8600

If you’re on Cox Gigablast plan, then you’ll need a good DOCSIS 3.1 modem. Thankfully, you don’t have to look too far to find a suitable modem as the all amazing Motorola MB8600 modem is here to get the job done. Designed to deliver high-speed internet up to 6 Gbps, this is one of the fastest modems on the market currently. With 32×8 channel bonding, this device will deliver an impressive internet plan across all cable networks.


Designed for Gigabit plans, this modem is perfect for heavy internet users. Built for speed, this modem will deliver flawless internet connection with download speed up to 6 Gbps. While this device boasts an enviable internet speed, its unique design and compact look mean it wouldn’t take too much shelf space.

Top features

The Motorola MB8600 is a must-have, especially for people looking for a device with lots of exceptional features. To start with, this modem comes with a Broadcom chipset, which provides extra protection from Denial of Service attacks. It also comes with an Active Queue Management (AQM), which is designed to improve faster page loads.

In terms of ports, the Motorola MB8600 comes with single Ethernet Ports. And while this modem isn’t on the cheap side, it still ranks as one of the best DOCSIS 3.1 modems on the market currently.


Like we stated earlier, this modem is built for speed. And that’s because it delivers download speeds up to 6 Gbps.


  • Impressive download speed up to 6 Gbps
  • Features a Broadcom chipset for improved security
  • Offer 32×8 channel bonding.


  • No built-in Wi-Fi
  • A tad expensive
  • Features only one Ethernet port

Asus CM16

Asus CM16 doesn’t just look the part; it also acts the part. With five front-facing LED indicators, this modem gives you the status of your device with just a glance. Its luxurious design will spruce your office or home space. While it doesn’t come with a built-in router, you can use any third-party router of your choice.


The Asus CM16 is the perfect modem for online gamers and movie lovers who want to stream their favorite episodes without buffering. With download speeds up to 686 Mbps, you can enjoy online gaming and movie streaming without buffering.

Top features

This device ranks as one of the best DOCSIS 3.1 modems on the market. And given its impressive features, you’ll not agree any less. Thanks to its 16×4 channel bonding, this modem delivers download speed up to 686 Mbps. As per Gigabit port, this device comes with only one Gigabit Ethernet port.


When it comes to speed, the Asus CM16 doesn’t disappoint. With download speeds up to 686 Mbps, this device will make streaming and online gaming all shades of fun.


  • Impressive download speed up to 686 Mbps
  • Quick and easy to install
  • The device is powered by DOCSIS 3.1 technology.


  • Limited Ethernet Ports
  • Missing built-in router
  • Limited warranty

Netgear Nighthawk C7000

The Netgear Nighthawk C7000 modem gives other devices a run for their money. Designed to allow multiple connections, the Netgear Nighthawk C7000 can support up to 30 devices. And thanks to its impeccable internet speed, this modem can deliver download speed up to 1900 Mbps.


Right from the get-go, the Netgear Nighthawk C7000 makes an impressive statement. With 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports and 2 USB ports, this device lets you connect to almost 30 devices at a time. The icing on the cake is this modem’s remarkable speed. For flawless stream and hassle-free online gaming, this device delivers download speed up to 1900 Mbps.

Top features

This device is not only powered by DOCSIS 3.0 technology; it also comes with a 24×8 channel bonding. Thanks to its parental control features, this modem is safe to use. With support for 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports, 2x USB ports, and more, this modem allows for seamless connectivity with other devices.


Designed to deliver flawless internet speed, this device is poised to deliver download speed up to 686 Mbps.


  • Features 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports and 2x USB ports
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Beamforming technology to improve signals


  • Can increase your electricity bills
  • Quite pricey
  • Signals drop a few times a day.

Netgear CM600

Although the Netgear CM600 works seamlessly with Cox, it is also compatible with other ISPs out there. If you’re on the Cox Ultimate internet plan, then this is the right modem for you. Thanks to its vertical design, this modem will not overheat.


While this modem may not level up with the best out there, its unique specs make it a must-have. With 24X8 channel bonding and 1 Gigabit Ethernet port, this device delivers download speed up to 400 Mbps.

Top features

Just like the Asus CM16, this device features five LED indicators that give you a quick run-down on your modem’s status. And while it doesn’t come with a built-in router, it is compatible with most routers on the market.

In terms of ports, the Netgear CM600 has a single Gigabit port. Also, it comes with 24×8 channel bonding.


May not battle the best modems in terms of speed, but guess what, with a download speed of 400 Mbps, this modem doesn’t perform too badly.


  • Compatible with most third-party Wi-Fi routers
  • Comes with a 24×8 channel bonding
  • Its vertical design enhances ventilation.


  • Has only 1 Gigabit port
  • Missing built-in router
  • It is a tad pricey

Frequently asked question

How much does it cost to rent equipment from Cox?

If you’re interested in renting a modem or router from Cox, keep in mind that renting will cost around $10 per month.

What cable modems work with Cox?

There are tons of third-party modems that work with Cox communications. From Arris Surfboard to Netgear to Motorola and more, the list of third-party compatible Cox modems is endless.

Can I use third-party routers?

Just like third-party modems, Cox let customers use third-party routers.


Whether you’re a heavy internet user or someone who just wants to keep up with the latest trends around the world, rest assured that you’ll find a suitable modem that delivers the kind of internet speed you’re looking for. For Cox subscribers, we have put together a list of Cox’s supported modems to make your job easy. Please go through our list to find a suitable device that works for your household or small business.

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