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Windstream vs Cox

Windstream vs Cox – Comparing Internet Providers

The United States has about 2681 Internet Service Providers (ISPs). The list is made up of more than 234 copper providers, 881 DSL, and 450 Cable Companies. Choosing the best ISP on this list can be daunting, especially when internet speed and reliability are your major concerns. For you to make a sound decision in this case, you should compare different ISPs. In brief, we will compare how Windstream and Cox Internet and TV stack up against each other in terms of performance, affordability, and stability.

Choosing between Cox and Windstream Internet can be an overwhelming experience mainly because the two companies have unique features, plans, and prices that can easily confuse you, check out the cox internet review , check out the cox internet review . Cox has more plans and speed options, but Windstream doesn’t have any contract demands and data caps. Let’s dive deeper to help you discern.

Cox Internet Overview

If you don’t want a sky-high monthly bill, Cox would obviously be the first option. Cox communications were formally known as Cox Broadcasting Corporation, Dimension Cable Services, and eventually Times-Mirror Cable. It’s an American company providing telecommunication services, Home Automation services, Internet services and Digital Cable Television. The company is listed as the third-largest Cable Television in the country with more than 6.2 million customers and about 2.9 Million digital cable subscribers.

Cox has an Internet package for everyone, from budget Internet users to heavy and serious internet users. But many people claim that Cox has slower download speeds. Most ISPs don’t offer internet speeds as low as 10Mbps that you can get with Cox Internet. Cox also offers faster download speeds of 500Mbps and 940Mbps. However, comparing the prices for these high-speed Internet plans, you will realize that the price is relatively higher.

Windstream Internet Overview

Windstream is a Digital Subscriber Line provider popular in Texas, Georgia, Kentucky, and 47 other states. The company equally offers fiber and fixed wireless services in some select areas. Besides the fact that Windstream is mainly focused on Business services such as Cloud-Hosted VoIP and data storage, the company also offers broadband plans for residential customers in many states. People in rural areas can actually get Windstream DSL services.

Windstream usually delivers services through a DSL network to the residential customers. Recently, Windstream has been heavily investing in the internet and strengthening its fiber Internet lines. Today, Customers can get hybrid fiber-DSL connections, which is faster than traditional connections. This is what Windstream has currently branded as ‘’Kinetic’’ connections.

Windstream vs Cox comparing internet providers

How do we evaluate Windstream and Cox?

It’s imperative to understand the criteria we use to evaluate Cox and Windstream to bring you this reliable comparison review. To guide you along and help you determine which is the best for your specific needs, we used the below criteria.

  • Compare Internet speeds-These two companies offer different Internet plans with varying download and Upload speeds. This guide evaluates the speeds for these two companies and determines which of them delivers the best download speeds.
  • Data caps-Most ISPs always have data limits, and in most instances, your specific Internet usage will determine the data limits you need.
  • The cost-How much will you pay for the same Internet speeds and features from each of these companies? It doesn’t matter whether you are on Budget or not; it’s very imperative to understand the prices for the two companies.
  • Customer service rating-You probably want a company that has the best Customer service. Knowing how satisfied other customers are is very important in making your decision. You also want to know if the company will be able to respond fast to common issues.

Internet Availability

Windstream currently offers Internet and TV services to more than 50 states in the country. The greatest coverage for Cox Internet is in Texas, Kentucky, and Georgia. The DSL internet is available to an estimated 14.0 million people. This is what makes the company the 6th largest Residential DSL provider in the country in terms of coverage.

Windstream also offers fiber, fixed wireless, cable, and copper internet services in select areas. The Windstream fiber service is available to about 3.8 million people. This makes Windstream the 6th largest provider of fiber internet in the country by coverage. The copper Internet service is currently available to business in 6,794 zip codes. For the fixed wireless service, business in 734 zip codes can get it. Lastly, Windstream cable broadband is available to 363,000 people in the country, making Windstream Cable broadband the 30th largest by coverage.

On the other hand, Cox offers Internet services to people and businesses across 18 states, but its greatest coverage is in California, Virginia, and Arizona. Cox offers Cable Internet to an estimated 20.9 million people. This makes Cox the 3rd largest residential cable provider in the country by coverage. Cox also provides other services such as Cox Fiber internet to about 491 zip codes.

Comparing availability for the two companies, Cox wins for providing cable Internet to a relatively large number of residents and Businesses. However, when it comes to fiber internet, Windstream wins its all for being the 6th largest Fiber Internet provider in the country. But remember, Cox offers low-income internet access plans through the Connect2Compete program. This is the program that has increased Cox Internet connectivity over the years. It makes low-cost internet available to residents that are within the Cox area and have one or more K-12 Children or a participant in any of the below assistance programs:

  • TANF
  • National School Lunch Program
  • SNAP
  • Public Housing Assistance

Windstream, on the other hand, offers stable and high-speed Internet services to residents and businesses. The internet connection is also relatively stable and better compared to many of the competitors.

When to use Cox Internet

Cox internet is the best match for people looking for a reliable cable company for business and residential purposes. The company has some affordable and highly reliable packages of up to 940Mbps. The internet package comes with cable TV service and a couple of other add-on features.

When to use Windstream Internet

Do you need fiber or DSL internet that is stable and ultra-fast? If yes, then Windstream poses as the best match. Depending on your Internet needs, you can get stable and high-speed internet and other services from Windstream.

Whats The Deal With The Data Plans?

People residing in the 18 states where Cox offers Internet services have access to some great deals. Cox has some of the most affordable internet packages, Home Phone services, and TV services. You can be assured of the below speeds and prices that are perfect for HD streaming and online gaming.

Cox Plans Download speeds Contract Price/month Connection Type Data cap Upload speeds
Cox Internet Starter 10Mbps N/A $29.99 Fiber/Cable 1TB
Cox Internet Essential 30Mbps N/A $39.99 Fiber/Cable 1TB
Cox Internet Preferred 150Mbps N/A $59.99 Fiber/Cable 1TB
Cox Internet Ultimate 300Mbps N/A $99.99 Fiber/Cable 1TB
Cox Internet Giga Blast 1000Mbps No $99.99 Fiber 1TB

Looking at Cox Internet plans, it’s effortless to realize that they are good enough for all types of people. On a budget, Internet users can quickly get an Internet plan from Cox that will offer affordability and reliability. These data plans come with more than 250 channels and are very flexible. You can choose a 1-year Internet deal or go for a non-contractual basis. If you need TV and Internet packages, you will have to go for the two-year contracts.

The Cox Internet Essential 50 and Cox Internet preferred 150 are available at competitive prices. But if you would prefer the Cox Gigabit Internet and Cox Internet Ultimate, the prices are relatively high.


  • Reasonable prices
  • Bundling options
  • Many extras
  • Wide range of Internet speeds


  • Data caps
  • Contract terms

If you are in areas where Windstream Internet is available, you can get some juicy deals from them. Windstream also partners with DirecTV to offer complete packages on the Internet and TV services.

Windstream Internet Download speeds Price/month Internet Type Data Limits Contract
Kinetic 25Mbps $19.99 DSL Unlimited N/A
Kinetic Internet 100 73Mbps-125Mbps $55 DSL Unlimited N/A
Kinetic 500 500Mbps $66 DSL Unlimited N/A
Kinetic Gig 1000Mbps $75 Fiber Unlimited N/A

You can end up getting up to 1Gbps with Windstream depending on the connection type. With Windstream, you equally don’t have to monitor your Internet use every week. There is unlimited data, meaning you can browse, stream, and play games the way you want without any worries. This is actually what sets these two companies apart.

When it comes to internet plans, Cox wins for giving users many options to choose from. But Windstream has a wide coverage and brings the best services in terms of prices and unlimited internet access. The only challenge with Windstream Internet is that it’s mainly localized to suburban and rural areas.

Windstream pros

  • Unlimited data
  • Available in Rural and suburban areas
  • No contracts
  • Wide coverage

Windstream cons

  • After a year, you pay more.

which internet provider is better Windstream or Cox

How do Cox and Windstream Compare

Cox wins for data plans variety. The company offers many and varying data plans with speeds ranging from 10Mbps to 1000Mbps. This depends on your monthly Internet needs and use.

Data caps

It’s essential to have unlimited Internet access, especially if you are a serious Internet user. Windstream wins for offering Unlimited Data plans with all the choices. You get unlimited data plans and non-contract terms. This is what makes Windstream the better option here. Cox fails to offer internet for serious streamers or online gamers because of the 1,024 GB data limit. After you drain the data, you’re likely to incur more on the internet.


Cox may seem like the cheapest alternative but remember the 1TB data limit? If you are a serious Internet user, you are very likely to incur additional costs in extra data. So, if you are a heavy internet user and want to save on your monthly bills, Windstream will be the best option. You will definitely not have to cope with long-term contracts. Consequently, you can opt out of the service whenever you want. Cox, on the other hand, has a couple of hidden costs, and they don’t have transparent pricing and billing.

Download speeds

Windstream Internet speeds range from 1.5Mbps to 200Mbps. This varies depending on your specific location. You can as well get 1000Mbps with Windstream, but if you are looking for consistency, Cox is the best option for steadfast speeds. The only challenge is the data limit with Cox Internet.

Internet for Home security

Many people want to combine their Smart Home System with the best Home security. If that’s really the case or situation, then you may wish to have an ISP that will help you save money and, at the same time, be reliable and stable. Between these two ISPs, I would highly recommend Windstream Internet for their unlimited plans and high-speed internet. As a Cox customer, you would also want to check the best Smart Home and security system from a reputable source for compatibility. For most Smart Home security systems, you can choose Cox Internet Preferred 150.

Recommended TV Bundles

For minimalists going for the 10Mbps from Cox, you can choose to Bundle it with TV service. The sad story with Cox is that you will not be able to stream HD or 4K quality videos because of the limited data plans. The 10Mbps is also too low to stream some of the best quality videos. For that reason, you can Bundle the Internet Essential 10 with Cox’s TV starter package. This brings you 75 channels at the cost of $50.

Cox Bundle services

Cox Bundle Download speeds TV channels Added features Price/ month
Cox Bronze With Homelife 150Mbps 140+ Homelife Smart Home security, Free Installation 100$
Cox Silver Bundle with Gigablast and Homelife 940Mbps 170+ Homelife Smart Security, Free Installation and Two-year contract 140$
Cox Gold Bundle With Homelife 300Mbps 250+ Free Installation, Two years contract $140

The prices for the above Cox Bundle packages will last for 12 months. The last two Bundle TV packages contain channels including HBO, Cinemax, Epix, Showtime, and Stars.

For Windstream Bundle services, you can check the zip codes to see which Bundle packages are available. The Bundle packages vary with location and your specific Internet needs.

Windstream DSL vs. Cox Cable affordability

The right amount of money that you will actually be required to pay per month for the Internet and Bundles is also significant. Consequently, it’s vital to compare these two Internet Service providers in terms of affordability.

Cox Cable offers internet plans at a price ranging from $30 to $100 per month. The 10Mbps costs $30 per month while the highest Speed Internet plan of 940Mbps costs $100 per month. Bundled Internet services cost $100 per month for the 150Mbps service. These are introductory prices that only applies for the first 12 months. After the first year, the prices will change significantly.

Windstream DSL internet prices vary from $25 per month for speeds of up to 100Mbps. What makes the difference here is your current location and what you want. There’s little information about Windstream Bundle services and the price.

The winner, in this case, is obviously Windstream. At the cost of $25, you can get speeds of up to 100Mbps. At the same cost, you are likely to get 10Mbps.

Customer service

Cox Internet has an A rating from the Better Business Bureau. However, recently there are many cases filed to the BBB by Cox customers. Most of the customers are complaining about the billing and service issues. In 2019, for example, Cox had a score of 60 in the American Customer satisfaction report, which is slightly lower than the nation’s average of 62. This is mainly attributed to the constant billing and service mishaps. The customer service also takes too long to address some common issues that are experienced by the customers.

On the other hand, Windstream Internet had a score of 57, which is lower than the Cox’s score on ACSI. The BBB didn’t rate Windstream in 2019. From 2018, there have been more than 850 Windstream Customers filed cases with BBB. Most of these cases entailed service issues. Checking on the Internet for Windstream customer reviews and comments, it’s easy to notice that Windstream has a bunch of unsatisfied customers.

One customer complained that Windstream customer service takes long to solve common issues with the service. Another one claims that there are many issues with the Cox billing service. Many 1 star reviews from customers claim that the service is not very reliable and usually don’t get the advertised speeds. Well, Windstream should look into this and try to make the customers happy.

Moving on fast, Cox has attracted many reviews from previous and current customers. Most of these customers claim that Cox billing services are inconsistent. Most of them don’t understand their bills. The prices change often, and in some instances, the company will not explain any of that. The service is also not very steady. Most of them say that Cox Internet speeds are lower than the advertised speeds. This is common with ISPs in the US. Though many customers wouldn’t care if the speeds are slightly lower, there are instances where the internet speeds are very low.

The winner, in this case, is Cox internet. Cox has a higher rating and a low number of negative reviews. But there are still a few complaints that should be addressed.

Which Plan is the right one for me?

With the information shared above, it gets easier to discern between these two companies. Windstream and Cox offer Internet-only plans at a price that starts at $25-$30 per month, respectively. This is an excellent price for Budget Internet users. The two companies also offer Home security services and Cable TV, which you can Bundle with the internet only plans. However, there’s a great difference when it comes to the quality of services and customer support. For the support and quality of service, Cox wins.

What is your monthly internet need? With this answer, it will be easy to make a sound decision. With the assumption that Cox and Windstream offer unlimited Internet plans, Cox would top the list. But that is not the reality; Cox offers a 1TB data limit, which can be a challenge to serious gamers and streamers. So, if you happen to be a high bandwidth user, choose Windstream for unlimited gaming and streaming. But remember, a 1TB data cap is a high ceiling, and very few residential and business customers can surpass.


Which is the best ISP for residential use?

We have many Internet service providers that deliver super-fast Internet speeds. However, your current location and the one available to you will make the decision. Cox offers better Internet services, especially when download and upload speeds are a concern to you. Windstream also provides Fiber-Optic connections that are affordable and reliable.

Which is the best Internet service for business?

Internet use in a Business setting is different from residential Internet use. According to BBB and ACSI scores, Cox has a good Customer service and fewer complaints. But data limits and contracts make it a second option for businesses with high Internet demands. So, Cox can deliver the best Customer support and best services for the business. The Gigablast plan has the best Internet speeds and reliable internet. But if you need an unlimited Internet plan or if you offer Wi-Fi services to your customers, you would obviously go for Windstream Internet.

Final verdict

Besides the fact that Windstream offers Unlimited Data plans and Bundle packages, Cox is ultimately the winner. Cox beats Windstream for reliability, customer support, and better options. Cox also has fewer complaints from previous and current customers, and obviously, this translates to better scores in ACSI and BBB. On the other hand, Windstream has a wide coverage and, at the same time, offers internet to companies in rural and Sub-urban areas.

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Without warning from the provider, I get a bill thats $30 more expensive than the last month. I had a word with the customer service about the constant drop outs My friend told me about your website Theme Scene and now im getting wifi for $29 per month
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If I called you earlier I would have saved myself 10 months of grief with my previous provider. Thank you

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