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How Does Roku Work – Limitless Streaming

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For those asking how does Roku work, keep reading to understanding how it works. Roku device gives you access to watch paid and free video content through the internet or your TV. Some movie streaming services like Amazon, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu download to Roku devices.

This is similar to how apps load on a mobile phone. Though the majority of the contents are prerecorded services like Hulu allow their content to be viewed a day after its original airing on TV while contents on Sling can be watched live as it is aired.

When Roku was first laughed at in 2008, Netflix was the only streaming service available then. But now, there has been wide adoption of streaming internet TV. In recent times, the same content that can be viewed on cable TV can also be streamed using Roku.

Roku Models

The following are the most recent models from Roku.

Not only has Roku released these streaming devices, but it also added new functionality which can be accessed on its operating system. For example, some of these devices support High Dynamic Range (HDR) video but it must be on HDR-compatible TVs.

How does Roku work?

Whether you decide to purchase a Roku TV, Roku player, or a Roku-enabled soundbar, you’ll enjoy almost the same experience. All of them require the internet to function optimally and you can either use an Ethernet cable connection or through a Wi-Fi connection.

Once you’ve created the free Roku account and set up your device, you can start streaming. The Roku home screen is the first you’ll see after setting up the device. Here you’ll see the main menu and some rectangles lined up in an easier-to-read grid pattern.

Some of these rectangles include items like YouTube, Netflix, Roku Channel, and others. Channels in Roku are similar to apps on mobile phones but because Roku is TV-centric, they’re referred to as channels.

To be able to view any channel:

  1. You need to use the remote, navigate to the preferred channel
  2. then press OK
  3. It will launch but if it’s a paid channel
  4. You’ll be required to sign in or create a new account.

This particular procedure requires a second device like a mobile phone, PC, tablet. it is just a one-time process. If you want to view another channel or return to the home screen, tap on the home button on the remote. There are more things you can do on Roku apart from selecting and launching channels. You just need to get accustomed to the features.

The Roku Mobile App

Apart from the streaming stick, there is also a mobile app for Android and iOS devices. This allows for more flexibility. The app comprises voice search and other menu categories which can be seen on Roku TV onscreen. With the app, you can control any Roku device using your phone. In the case of Roku TV, internet streaming and other TV functions (picture/audio settings, input selection) can be controlled using the mobile app.

Also, a smartphone can be used to send photos and videos from phones to streaming stick, Roku box. These can be seen on the TV screen. Another unique feature is that your mobile phone’s earphones can be used for private listening of a particular content you’re viewing on your Roku device.

Roku Features

There are advantages you can enjoy once you get your Roku device running. They’re as follows;

Voice Search – Using the Roku remote control, its easy to navigate the on-screen menu but when you use the Roku app or your devices comprises of voice-enabled remote control, then the voice search can be used to search contents such as program title, movies, directors, actors or even to launch a streaming channel using your natural language.

The Roku Channel – Like you already know, Roku is just like a gateway to access numerous streaming channels and services. In addition to these, it offers free TV shows, movies, live news, sports through its own Roku channel. The beauty of this is that you don’t need to log in before you can access it. However, these free contents contain commercials. With the Roku channel, you can have access to paid content from Starz, HBO, and others.

TV Everywhere Single Sign-On – For subscribers that use Roku together with satellite service, this feature will reduce how frequently you log in to the TV Everywhere channel. This feature allows users to store up to 30 channel sign-on.

4K Spotlight Channel – If your Roku TV, box, or stick is 4K-enabled, there is a special onscreen menu that makes it easier to access 4K contents through different categories like the genre. For the 4K spotlight channel, this only appears at the point when a 4K enabled streaming box or stick detects a compatible TV (4K Ultra HD). The 4K spotlight channel is inbuilt in any 4K-enabled Roku TV.

Learn more about Roku TV by clicking here

In Conclusion

Roku remains the first company to offer affordable media streaming devices. Though there are other streaming devices such as Google’s Chromecast they’re not stand-alone like Roku i.e., you must make use of a phone, tablet, or computer any time you want to stream content.

With Roku, you have the power to select the show to watch and the preferable time. In other words, it’s just like watching your regular TV in an On-Demand arrangement. Finally, because Roku expands your On-Demand options, you can decide to get one to supplement any cable subscription rather than replacing it entirely.

Frequently asked questions

What are the monthly charges for Roku?

As a subscriber, you’re not expected to pay any fee to watch free channels or use any Roku device. However, you’re expected to subscribe to any paid channel such as Netflix, Sling TV, movies, TV shows rentals.

Is it possible to watch regular TV on Roku?

Just like you can watch live TV using an antenna on a satellite TV, you can also access numerous TV stations on Roku streaming channels. Once you’re a cable subscriber, you can access cable contents on a Roku device.

Does activating Roku comes with any fee?

Roku activation does not attract any fee. It’s free for all Roku devices.

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