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How To Watch 4K On Amazon Prime 5 Steps To Better Picture Quality

How To Watch 4K On Amazon Prime – 5 Step Guide

So you’ve got your new 4K TV, plugged it in, and realized why people shell out big bucks for Ultra HD and are now figuring out how to watch 4K on Amazon Prime.

But there’s a problem, Amazon Prime Instant Video only streams 1080p (for now) and YouTube is all over the place with its different video quality standards.

How on earth is it easy to watch Amazon Prime in 4K then? We have compiled a simple-to-understand and actionable guide to help you along the way.

But before that, let’s answer some of these questions. Is Amazon Video in 4K?

What internet speeds do you need to watch these videos in 4K?

What is Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon Prime Instant Video is a video streaming service offered by Amazon.com as part of their Amazon Prime subscription service.

The service offers access to stream a library of TV shows and films for no additional fee to the members who sign up for Amazon Prime.

Content from Amazon Prime can also be downloaded onto computers or mobile devices for offline viewing at no additional cost.

Amazon Prime Instant Video is available as an annual plan for $119 a year or as a monthly subscription for $13 and it comes with the additional Amazon Prime benefits including free shipping on the Amazon website and up to 15% off of video games pre-orders.

Is Amazon Prime video in 4K resolution?

Yes. If you’re asking whether Amazon Prime Instant Video supports 4K resolution, the answer is: yes. Most Movies on Amazon Prime are in 4K.

Amazon Prime Video supports 4K playback on compatible Ultra HD TVs and monitors. Amazon also provides a list of devices that support 4K on Amazon.

Internet speeds requirements

To stream Videos in 4K on Amazon Prime, you need a stable and strong internet connection. For 4K streaming, you need at least a 15 Mbps internet connection. If your network speed is not strong enough to support smooth playback of 4K content, then Amazon will automatically play the video in 1080p.

Do you need to purchase a higher plan on Amazon Prime?

No, Unlike Netflix and Hulu that demand a higher subscription to watch videos in 4K, Amazon Prime is a Price fit all service.

This means that you don’t have to pay more to stream any movie or TV series on Amazon Prime in 4K. But you should note that this is only for the movies and series under Amazon subscription. The movies you rent and buy can cost more to stream in 4K.

Watch Amazon Prime Videos in 4K

If you have a 4K TV and are wondering how to stream Amazon Prime videos in 4K, your first step is to subscribe to an unlimited plan on either Sprint or T-Mobile.

That’s because the carrier has struck a deal with Amazon that’ll let its customers view all of the series and movies in 4K. But before that, there’s a lot you need to know about Amazon Prime Videos in 4K.

Check this step-by-step guide to watch Amazon Prime Videos in the best resolution.

1. Have a compatible device

Not all streaming devices out there support 4K. To watch Amazon Prime Videos in 4K, you need to make sure that the streaming device has the required internet speed and support for 4K.

Below are some of the devices compatible with 4K on Amazon Prime Video;

  1. The Fire TV 2, which is already available in the market (Much like Netflix’s famous $99 HD player)
  2. The NVIDIA Shield, a customized Android-based set-top box that will cost you $199.
  3. The Roku 4, which is expected to launch soon
  4. In addition, the Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One also support 4K TV sets for viewing Ultra HD content from Netflix and YouTube.

2. Finding a 4K movie or TV show on Amazon Prime in 2021

Amazon Prime is Amazon’s video streaming service, so it should come as no surprise Amazon offers a large library of TV shows and movies that are available for streaming.

You can browse through the shows or films by category or search for whatever you’re looking for. To watch 4K movies and TV shows on Amazon Prime, you need to have a Prime account.

3. Activate 4K content in the settings of the app

Now you need to activate the 4K feature on the app.

4. Enable ‘HD’ or ‘UHD’ playback

Once you’ve activated your 4K content in the settings of the app on Android, iOS, Samsung smart TV, Roku, Xbox One / 360, or Fire TV, all that’s left to do is sit back and enjoy the content.

5. Streaming Prime Video in 4K

There are several devices compatible with Amazon Prime Video’s 4K content, which you can use to stream the company’s growing selection of original series, films, comedy specials, and documentaries.

The Fire TV 2 and Nvidia Shield both support 4K playback, while the Roku 4 and Sony PS4/Xbox One also support Amazon Prime Video in 4K.

You should note that only Prime subscribers will be able to watch original series, films, and documentaries in Ultra HD. All other content is available for streaming to all customers who have enabled it on their devices.


Can I use smartphones and tablets to watch 4K content on Amazon Prime?

No, it’s currently not possible to watch 4K videos with your smartphone or tablet

Are there any plans to add more devices that support streaming in 4k with Amazon prime?

Amazon has already added support for 4k to the Fire TV 2, Roku 4, and Nvidia Shield, with plans to add more devices shortly.

How do I watch Amazon Prime Videos in 4K?

You need a compatible device, such as the Fire TV 2, Nvidia Shield, Roku 4, or PS4/Xbox One first. After activating the device, go to Menu> HD or UHD in the Amazon Prime Video app settings.


To answer the question of How to watch 4K on Amazon prime, it’s simple. You need a compatible device, such as the Fire TV 2, Nvidia Shield, Roku 4, or PS4/Xbox One first. After activating the device, go to Menu> HD or UHD in the Amazon Prime Video app settings and enjoy videos in 4K.

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