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How To Watch Hulu On TV 4 Options To Watch Hulu On TV

How To Watch Hulu On TV? – 4 Method Guide 2022

Many of us claim to have one or more favorite TV shows that are shown on our favorite cable networks, but few have wondered how to watch Hulu on TV.

We keep on being tempted to pay the monthly fee for full cable access just so they can watch their preferred shows with no interruptions, long after the show has ended its scheduled broadcast.

However, too often these claims seem empty when we’re faced with the harsh reality of rising cable costs. Many people, myself included, would like to be able to watch our favorite shows on TV but we do not want to tie ourselves down with long-term contracts that cost hundreds of dollars a month.

So is there any way for us to get our favorite shows displayed on our TVs without having to resort to cable especially for Hulu subscribers? The answer is yes, but with some preliminary requirements.

Connect Hulu to Your TV

It is highly advised that you have a fairly new HDTV for this process to work correctly. The reason it is needed is that having an HDTV (at least 32″ or larger) will allow you to plug your computer into the TV as if it were a cable box.

Although this sounds complicated, the process is quite simple. All you need is an HDMI cable and a wireless keyboard to control Hulu from your couch rather than from your computer or laptop.

This process will allow you to watch any show that Hulu has on its site as soon as it watches it online. This means that if your favorite show is on Hulu, you can watch it the moment it is aired instead of waiting for days or weeks before it will appear online.

Now let’s get started! Making sure these requirements are met beforehand will save you time later on.

Connecting your phone to Smart TV through Bluetooth

I know you are wondering how to watch Hulu on TV from the Phone. The best method today is to connect your phone through Bluetooth to the Smart TV.

Most Smart TV models today support Bluetooth and Wi-Fi which has made it easy to establish connections between these devices.

What you need to do now is to switch on your Smart TV and then connect your phone with the help of Bluetooth. Next, just open up the Hulu app on your phone and select the video that you want to watch. Once clicked, it will automatically appear on the big screen.

If for any reason this method does not work or if the Hulu app is not available on your phone, which is highly unlikely, then you can use another method I am about to show you.

Using HDMI cable

This second method will allow you to easily connect and watch Hulu on TV without having to worry about compatibility issues or complicated processes.

Here’s the simple procedure;

  1. First, you need to connect your computer through an HDMI cable with the TV set in your living room. This cable is easy to find at any local electronic retailer or online on Amazon or eBay (usually under $5)
  2. After connecting the two devices, turn on your computer and make sure that you open up Hulu on your computer.
  3. There will be a small window on your screen that is showing you what appears to be a TV set with the Hulu logo in it. In this window, there will also be a Play button displayed on your screen next to the Hulu logo. All you need to do now is click this Play button and your show should start playing.

How to get Hulu on LG smart TV?

Most smart TVs including LG Smart TV have inbuilt utility apps including the Hulu app. After purchasing your LG TV, there are a few steps you can follow to get Hulu on your new LG smart TV;

  1. Using the Remote, press ‘Home’
  2. Head to the apps and search for Hulu through the search Icon
  3. Click to install the Hulu app using the onscreen prompts
  4. Now click to launch the Hulu app
  5. Using your username and Passwords, log in to Hulu
  6. Choose your profile and start enjoying your favorite Hulu Movies.

How to watch Hulu on TV using Gaming Console?

In this Technology packed world, Gaming Consoles can be used for not just gaming. They can help you get Hulu on your TV without any fuss.

The first step is to set up your Microsoft Xbox 360 or Wii U, Sony Playstation, Xone, or any other box that you are using and find the Hulu app for streaming.

However, I must admit that this is not the best method of watching Hulu on TV but following these steps, it can be easier for you;

  1. Using your Console’s Game or even the app store, download and install the Hulu app
  2. Click to launch the app and use your details to sign in
  3. Now connect the console to the TV using the HDMI
  4. It’s all set and you can now start streaming your favorite Movies and TV shows.


What to do if your console doesn’t have a Hulu app?

Even though the Xbox One, Sony Playstation, and Wii U come with an inbuilt Hulu app, there are times you might not find it. Download the app and watch your movies.

How do I stream Hulu on my TV?

Hulu has a user-friendly interface and with just a few clicks, you can stream Hulu on your TV. You can easily follow the steps as explained above.

How much does Hulu cost?

The best thing about Hulu is that it’s free for viewers who want to stream movies and TV shows. You can even add the channel to your Hulu account for $7.99/month and continue watching the latest movies and shows on different devices.


Now you know how to watch Hulu on TV from Laptop and how to get Hulu on LG Smart TV. Also, this is a simple and effective way of connecting multiple devices. Adding Hulu on your TV can seem complicated but with a couple of tries, it can turn out to be easy.

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