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Hulu vs Youtube TV review

Hulu vs Youtube TV – Comparing The Best Web Streaming Services

The competition in the live TV streaming world is becoming more fierce than ever before. And with new players stepping into this growing industry, it is no longer business as usual as most live TV streaming providers stay on top of their game in a bid to stay relevant and enjoy massive patronage from millions of TV users.

With YouTube TV and Hulu with Live TV, cord-cutters are in for the ultimate TV experience as both of these providers offer some of the best live TV streaming services this industry has to offer.

But guess what, picking one of these live TV streaming services can be super tricky, especially considering that both Hulu with Live TV and YouTube TV roll out some unique propositions you don’t want to miss.

For a start, both Hulu with Live TV and Youtube TV boast of a massive selection of live channels, an impeccable DVR that lets users record their favourite shows to watch later and a lot of mouthwatering extras like multiple simultaneous streams and user profiles.

That said, YouTube TV and Hulu with Live TV differ in pricing. As things stand, there is a $10 disparity in pricing between Hulu with Live TV and YouTube TV. Overall, we love Hulu with Live TV because it is a lot cheaper than the competition and features Hulu’s impressive on-demand shows and movies. On hindsight, YouTube TV also has its many advantages, including better DVR performance and more channel selections.

Now to the part you have been waiting for, which of these cable alternatives is best for you? Read on as we compare the unique features of these providers to help you make the best pick.

Hulu with Live TV

Hulu’s biggest selling point is the integration of live TV and the company’s superb on-demand library for one price. With this spectacular mix, TV lovers are in for some remarkable streaming time. And thanks to the new interface upgrade from Hulu and YouTube TV’s price hike, Hulu with Live TV has now become more attractive than ever.

We are impressed with Hulu TV’s solid channel count. Thanks to their impressive channel count, TV lovers can now relax and enjoy access to some must-have channels including famous LA and New York area sports networks that are currently missing from YouTube TV’s channel catalogue.

What we are not particularly thrilled about is that users have to pay an extra $10 per month to be able to skip through commercials on Hulu’s cloud DVR, which is a bit annoying, to be honest. With this in place, there is very little difference between YouTube TV pricing and Hulu with Live TV pricing.

More so, Hulu with Live TV cloud DVR doesn’t level up with YouTube TV cloud DVR in terms of performance. While Hulu TV cloud DVR provides 50 hours of storage space, with an option to upgrade to 200 hours DVR storage for an extra $9.99 per month, YouTube TV DVR boasts of unlimited storage space. So this is something you should keep in mind when shopping for the best cable alternatives.

Pros and cons

Hulu with Live TV is a worthy competitor any day, any time. And there are very few live TV service providers who can go head to head with Hulu TV at the moment. That aside, Hulu with Live TV has its many shortcomings. Here, check out some pros and cons of Hulu with Live TV.


  • Enjoy seamless access to Hulu’s massive on-demand library.
  • Impressive channel selections including sports
  • Brilliant local channel selection


  • Users have to upgrade to be able to fast-forward through ads.
  • DVR performance is way below what you get with the competition
  • Some extra charges that can drive pricing through the roof

YouTube TV

YouTube TV’s most prized asset is its brilliant DVR performance and incredible channel selections. This has made them the number one choice for TV lovers looking for an off the hook experience. Thanks to YouTube TV’s superior channel selections, powerful DVR performance and easy to use interface, they have become a class act in the TV landscape and a worthy cable TV replacement.

Even with the recent price hike, YouTube TV is still very much an option for TV lovers looking for a one-off experience- one you don’t come across every day.

We are impressed with the fact that YouTube TV varies its channel selections to meet the unique needs of their growing customer base. So whether you’re a sports fanatic, a movie buff, have a knack for kids content or want to stay up to date with the latest trends around the world, rest assured you’ll find the kind of programs you love with YouTube TV.

For those who don’t mind paying a bit more, YouTube TV will not disappoint, especially considering their impeccable cloud DVR performance. With YouTube TV cloud DVR, you’ll enjoy unlimited DVR storage space- something that isn’t very common in the live TV streaming industry.

Again, we are thrilled that there is no shortage of streaming devices you can use to stream YouTube TV. From Android TV to Roku to Smart TV and more, there are lots of fantastic streaming devices with support for YouTube TV, and chances are, you already have one you can use.

If you’re looking to get the best live TV streaming experience, YouTube TV is your best bet.

Pros and cons

YouTube TV has earned its place as one of the best live TV streaming services and for good reasons too. But guess what, YouTube TV isn’t all rosy as they have a couple of shortcomings we think they can improve on. Read on as we take this opportunity to highlight some pros and cons of YouTube TV.


  • YouTube TV boast of a fantastic channel lineup
  • Unrivalled DVR performance- arguably the best in the live TV streaming world.
  • Lots of brilliant sports channels waiting for you


  • Missing some crucial sports channels like Fox Regional Sports Networks in some locations
  • Price hikes without prior notice
  • Limited packages to choose from

Installation Process and Bundled services

Ready to stream your favourite programs on your preferred screen? Say no more as YouTube TV and Hulu TV offer the most hassle-free installation processes the live TV industry has seen.

Unlike cable and satellite TV that require the installation of hardware and other equipment, Hulu with Live TV and YouTube TV do not require the installation of any form of equipment before you can start streaming their services. This saves you the extra expenses you’d have incurred for equipment charges.

All you’ll ever need is a decent internet connection, a compatible streaming device and your preferred live TV package to start enjoying their services. Cool right?

Plus, we are thrilled that Hulu with Live TV and YouTube TV give users a lot of options when it comes to streaming. From their robust apps to web interfaces and more, there are lots of ways to keep up with your favourite TV shows.

Compatible streaming devices

Like we earlier mentioned, streaming Hulu TV and YouTube TV is a walk in the park as there are lots of fantastic streaming devices that provide support for these live TV streaming providers. And guess what, there is a huge chance you already have one or more of these devices, so you may not need to invest in a new one. Here is a list of devices with support for Hulu TV and YouTube TV.

YouTube TV Compatible devices

  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Android TV
  • Roku
  • Samsung TVs
  • Apple TV
  • Game consoles like Xbox 360 and PS4.

Hulu with Live TV compatible devices

  • Amazon Firestick
  • Google Chromecast
  • Roku
  • Samsung smart TV
  • LG Smart TV
  • Game Consoles
  • Android Phone/tablet
  • Web browsers

Bundled services

Are you looking to take your TV experience to the next level? Then you don’t want to miss out on bundling. Thanks to bundling, TV lovers are ushered into a completely different world with lots of entertainment.

With Hulu TV, TV lovers are set to explore some remarkable bundling deals with lots of perks you’ll not get with their regular package.

And just so you know, Hulu with Live TV is currently running a promo for bundled deals. By bundling, you’ll be able to save up to 25% on your monthly TV bills. We bet you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity. Well, don’t wait for another second, jump on Hulu with Live TV bundle deals right away to unlock fantastic offers you can’t refuse.

For $12.99, you can bundle Hulu, Disney Plus and ESPN+. Before now, this bundle deal cost $61.99. Thanks to this bundle deal, you can now enjoy blockbuster movies, new episodes from your favourite shows and all your favourite sports content in one place.

When it comes to bundling, YouTube TV doesn’t come close to Hulu with Live TV. More so, there are no clear cut bundle deals available on YouTube TV except for premium channel selections.

So if you’re interested in bundling, we suggest you give Hulu with Live TV a try as they have lots of fantastic deals you can explore to beef up your TV experience.

Channel comparison

Your TV experience isn’t complete without access to the right channels. Thankfully, with YouTube TV and Hulu with Live TV, you have a lot to look forward to as both providers feature some of the best channels to ever grace the TV landscape.

Right from the get-go, YouTube TV has a lot of things going for it in terms of channel count. So for TV lovers interested in massive channel count, YouTube TV’s impressive channel count will wow you. With 85+ channels waiting for you on Hulu TV, we doubt you’ll ever run out of programs to stream.

Although Hulu with Live TV comes second in terms of channel selections, we are impressed with their overall channel selections. With Hulu TV, customers will enjoy access to 65+ channels. Plus, we love the fact that Hulu with Live TV is a lot cheaper than Youtube TV.

That aside, the most significant difference between these providers comes down to channel count. And if you were to compare total channel counts following the top 100 channels, you’ll see that YouTube TV features 75 of the best 100 channels while Hulu with Live TV has only 59.

Another thing we have come to love is that both of these providers feature access to the major national channels, including big names like Disney Channel, USA Network, Cartoon Network, ESPN, TBS and Fox News.

Local Networks

Are you a fan of local networks? Then get ready to be thrilled by YouTube TV and Hulu TV as both providers offer exclusive access to some of the best local channels the TV industry has to offer.

With either YouTube TV or Hulu TV, you should be able to stream all four major local channels including CBS, ABC, NBC and Fox, in most parts of the country. And we like the fact that both providers feature local affiliates from MyTV and The CW.

At the moment, only YouTube TV features PBS local stations. This means you’ll not be able to stream local PBS affiliates on Hulu with Live TV.

Sports offerings

For avid sports lovers, you’ll be thrilled to know that YouTube TV and Hulu with Live TV feature a vast array of sports channels you love. And with both providers stepping up their game by featuring access to some of the best sporting events, you can now catch your favourite sporting actions all in one place.

Currently, both providers offer access to the best regional sports networks. This means you can now stay up to date with channels that show regular-season games for top sporting events like pro baseball, hockey and basketball.

But while YouTube TV and Hulu with Live TV are a little behind cable or satellite providers in terms of regional sports networks, we are happy that they are stepping up to the competition in this area.

For New York City and Los Angeles area sports fans, we would like to let you know that YouTube TV recently dropped the YES Network along with Fox Sports West and Prime Ticket. So if this is a big deal, you’re better off with Hulu as they feature all three regional sports networks.

Premium channel selections

Give your current TV channel selection a boost with a mix of top premium channels from the best live TV streaming providers. With YouTube TV and Hulu with Live TV, you can add top premium channels like Showtime, Starz, Cinemax, Epix and HBO for more entertainment.

But before you get too excited, please keep in mind that premium channel selections are not included in the regular TV packages offered by both providers, so you’ll have to pay extra to get them included in your channel mix.

To spice things up a bit, Hulu features two additional channel packages you can explore. The first add-on costs $8 per month and features 11 channels including CNBC World, Science and Cooking Channel. The other is a Spanish language package that features seven channels and goes for $5 per month.

Unfortunately, YouTube TV is missing additional channel packages, so you have to pretty much stick to what they currently offer. Or better still, you can opt for individual channels like CuriosityStream and Shudder for an additional fee.

Price comparison

When it comes to pricing, YouTube TV and Hulu with Live TV are quite upfront with their customers as to what to expect. And we like the fact that they are completely honest with users, so you wouldn’t have to look over your shoulder, especially in an industry that sees frequent price changes.

While the majority of competitors peg their pricing at $50 per month, which is the industry average for this kind of service, YouTube TV has pushed things up a bit. So this is going to be vital as you shop for the best live TV streaming services. Trust us when we say you don’t want to go overboard with your budget as you shop for the best live TV provider that works for you and your loved ones.

Initially, YouTube TV was charging customers $50 per month for their standalone package. But things have now taken a different trajectory as YouTube TV has bumped pricing from $50 to $65 per month, effective from July 30th.

The company revealed this in a blog post, attributing the reason for the hike to its introduction of eight new ViacomCBS channels (MTV, Nickelodeon, BET, CMT, Paramount Network, VH1 and TV Land) it launched on the 30th of June.

With the new price regime from YouTube TV, users will explore more channels than was previously available. Simply put, the new price hike comes with 85 channels, which is an increase of 15 channels from what you usually get with the $50 per month package from YouTube TV.

Again, YouTube TV has some fireworks in the pipeline as they are planning to roll out a package that will go head to head with Sling TV’s customisable options. According to reports from the company, YouTube TV is working on building new and flexible options for YouTube TV users.

Things are a little different with Hulu TV as they are more affordable. So for TV lovers on a budget; you’ll most likely fancy Hulu with Live TV’s $50 per month package. Although this package is reasonably priced, you’ll enjoy access to 65+ channels, placing them in the middle of the pack for people looking for more channels at a reasonable price.

The only caveat with this package is that it comes with ads, so if you don’t want to deal with the annoying ads especially when streaming Hulu on-demand, you can opt for Hulu with Live TV’s $59.99 per month package.

Simultaneous logins and profiles

With YouTube TV, customers get six logins and three concurrent streams. But while you can share these logins with your loved ones, you may need to ask who is using which profile, so you don’t disrupt their streaming.

On the flip side, Hulu with Live TV, offers six profiles and two concurrent streams. However, if this doesn’t suffice, you can upgrade to an unlimited screen addon for an extra fee.

Equipment fees and DVR

The upside of cutting the cord is that you’ll be spared the extra charges for equipment. This is because live TV streaming services like YouTube TV and Hulu TV don’t require the installation of fancy equipment.

In terms of DVR, YouTube TV wins it all. With YouTube TV cloud DVR, you get unlimited DVR storage, which makes it perfect for heavy users. On the other hand, Hulu with Live TV has a below-average cloud DVR. With Hulu TV cloud DVR, you only get 50 hours of DVR storage. And if this isn’t enough, you can upgrade to Hulu’s 200 hours cloud DVR storage for an extra $9.99 per month.

Frequently asked questions

Does YouTube TV have local channels?

YouTube TV features four of the popular local channels; however, you should keep in mind that these local networks are only available in some markets. Depending on the market you find yourself, you can enjoy exclusive access to CBS, ABC, NBC and Fox.

What is YouTube TV DVR storage?

YouTube TV cloud DVR is one of the best on the market currently. With YouTube TV DVR, you get unlimited DVR storage.

How many people can use Hulu at once?

Hulu TV allows two concurrent streams. But this can be upgraded to unlimited streams for an extra $9.99.

Can I cancel my subscription with Hulu?

With Hulu, there are no contracts or commitments, so you can cancel your subscription whenever you want.

In a nutshell

Both Hulu with Live TV and YouTube TV represents the peak of what you can get with live TV streaming so it’s super tricky to decide which of them comes top. At the end of the day, you’ll have to compare channel selections, DVR performance, usability and content, and see which of these providers offer the best proposition and fits your budget.

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