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Peacock TV Review Streaming Just Got Way Better

Peacock TV Review – Streaming Got Better in 2021?

We took a closer look at Peacock TV a new streaming service and in this review is all you need to know about it.

According to statistics, streaming services continue to dominate the market even as of 2020. Disney+, Netflix, and Hulu have scaled the growth in the US market. In 2020 only, the market has grown by 37% with the most growth coming from Disney+. The Disney Plus streaming service scaled the largest bit of growth in the year competing closely with Hulu and Netflix.

Another entrant in the market that also offers the same noteworthy services in the market is Peacock TV. Although this service is new in the market, there’s more information into it that can help you make sound decisions when choosing.

Peacock TV has a ton of shows and movies freely available on the site. This is exactly what makes it stand out from the pack. This service comes from Comcast Owned NBC Universal. It has a tiled interface and a big name network which means that users need enough time to make the decisions. With the Free tier, you can watch up to 13,000 hours of ad-supported content. With this tier, you will find many news, Live sports, skit-style clips, and movies.

What is Peacock TV?

This service is an American Video streaming service owned by NBC Universal. NBC Universal is a subsidiary of Comcast. It’s actually named after the NBC logo. Peacock TV launched in June 2019 and features content from NBC Universal Studios and few other third-party providers for films, news, sports, documentaries, and TV series.

You can choose to go with the Free ad-supported tier or a premium tier that would offer ad-Free content and a larger Content Library. Xfinity Flex users got access on March 14, 2019, while X1 customers received the preview by May 1, 2019. It was later released nationwide on June 14, 2019. By January 2021, Peacock had reached 33 Million users in the country.

How does Peacock TV Work?

There’s something unique with Peacock, especially when compared directly with its main competitors.

First of all, this service has a free tier that includes ad-supported access to a smaller library. This is not a promo because you can subscribe to Peacock and enjoy these services immediately. It was announced when the service was being launched and you never had to pay a dime.

Besides the Free tier, there are other two premium tiers which are Premium and Premium Plus.

Premium tier will give you 10,000 hours access to limited ad-supported content. This will only cost $4.99 per month. With the premium tier, you can access a larger library of peacock TV shows and Movies. You also get original series and daily news updates, pop culture, and sports.

Peacock Premium Plus is the highest tier costing $9.99 every month. The company claims that some contents, channels, TV shows, Movies, and events need to have ads mainly because of the streaming rights from the owners. However, the Premium Plus tier limits the number of ads completely. If you were already a Comcast Xfinity or Xfinity X1 subscriber and you have Xfinity Internet, Digital starter, and another equivalent package, you will get access to Peacock Premium for Free.

To start using the service, you can sign up for the Peacock premium on NBC Universal’s site.

You can also subscribe to the service using the Peacock App on your iOS or Android device. Lastly, some people purchase and download a digital channel on certain streaming hardware. Today, Peacock is available on Vizio, StartCast TVs, Fire TV devices, Chromecast, LG Smart TVs, and many other devices.

What Can I watch on Peacock?

The company states that there are more than 13,000 hours of programming with the free tier. The premium tier has more than 20,000 hours. The company features some of the most popular and prestige content from many other networks and live sports events. However, all this is restricted to the Premium subscribers.

Peacock TV is a home to more than 30 Rock, Chears, Fraiser, Friday Night Lights, The King of Queens, Recreation, Parks and Heroes among many other on-demand contents.

There are a few other running NBC shows that you can watch. They include the Law & Order, Superstore, Chicago Fire, This is Us, and The Titan Games.

If you are a free subscriber, you will have to wait until after 8 days after the release of new episodes. According to the information found on the site, Superstore and The King of Queens are restricted to Premium Subscribers.

The Biggest Appeal right now is The Office. For free users, you can only watch the first two seasons but if you need to watch later seasons, you will have to upgrade to the Premium tier.

There are a few other shows and movies that aired on Peacock TV but didn’t originally air on NBC. These shows include Downton Abbey, Everybody Loves Raymond, Project Blue Book, Warehouse 13, Chrisley Knows best, Monk, Real Husbands of Hollywood, Everybody Hates Chris, The Game, Undercover Boss, Ray Donovan, and several others.

Some of the shows listed above are available on other streaming services. However, immediately after their right expire, NBC will be the only exclusive place to stream and watch them.

You cannot watch the biggest shows, Friends, and Seinfeld. The first one found a home on HBO Max while the other one is currently on Hulu.

There are some Peacock original shows that you can watch in this case too. But still, you shouldn’t get too excited because the list was limited at the time of this review.

You can watch the A.P. Bio. This is a comedy about a Harvard Professor that was in a move to relocate to Ohio and work as a high school teacher.

Users can end up watching Brave New World which is a utopian drama that was inspired by the Book: Intelligence. This was a comedy about the Government intelligence agencies.

How much does Peacock TV cost?

Peacock TV costs a price of a coffee for the premium services and free for ad-contents with their free tier. I know you are already wondering, is peacock TV Free? Or how much will I pay for the Peacock TV?

In simple terms, you have a chance to choose from three subscription tiers. The first subscription is Free while the Premium tier will cost you $4.99 every month. The Premium Plus will cost users $9.99 every month.

The only option you have is to decide how inconvenient commercial breaks are to you. If you choose the Free tier, you will get ads in between the movie.

The peacock Premium also comes with Ads but you will get 10,000 hours of streaming, news, sports, and live news. The two of them, Premium and Premium Plus have a 7-day trial. During the trial period, you can decide to cancel if at all the service doesn’t work for you.

Peacock TV plans and Prices

Plan Monthly price What you get
Peacock Free Free 7,500 hours to shows, movies, programming, and other content.
Peacock Premium (with ads) $4.99/mo. 10,000 hours access to shows, movies, programming, and other content
Peacock Premium (no ads) $9.99/mo. 10,000 hours access to shows, movies, programming, and other content

NBC Universal Peacock Free vs. Premium

The NBC Universal Peacock Free is the first tier on the list. If you have decided to choose the free service, you will automatically get 7,500 hours of programming.

You also get next day access to current seasons such as The Voice and This is Us. You can as well watch the lives of Mandy Moore and the triplets the next morning. This tier gives you access to some of the best Peacock TV shows.

You can watch Universal Pictures Movies such as the Saturday Night Live and the NBC Daily news content and few other episodes. All the nine seasons of The office are available from Netflix to Peacock from January 2021.

Moving on, the Free version has ads. Yes, the company has to make money somehow. Luckily, the company claims that they will only keep commercials less than 5 minutes every hour.

The company has kept its word because few people complain about this. When watching some of the episodes and movies, you can only get one ad. They are four 30 second ads. This might apply depending on what you are watching in real-time.

There are two premium packages for this service. You can choose the Premium tier with limited ads or the Premium Plus with no ads.

This is all about you but you will have to pay more for the ad-free subscription. The Premium subscription will only cost $4.99 but you will add an extra $5 for the Premium Plus subscription. With this, you will get 10,000 hours of on-demand content from the Peacock Catalog of series and movie exclusives.

News junkies and sports fanatics will obviously have something to smile about from Peacock Premium tiers. You will get NBC live news and sports at any time of the day. You will automatically get early access to the late-night shows with Jimmy Fallon and Late Night with Seth Meyers.

How often does Peacock TV Upgrade content?

NBC has rights over some shows such as The Office and for that reason, such services will never disappear from the service. Today, NBC Universal has rights to license their franchise out. However, you should for now consider them as Peacock exclusives.

The company may add additional TV shows and movies to the Library depending on the current deals. Recently, NBC Universal reached an agreement with ViacomCBS in 2020 to license some of the shows such as Real Husbands of Hollywood, American Beauty, Everybody Hates Chris, and a Gentleman among many others.

This is a clear indication that Peacock is committed to scoop up licensing rights and make Peacock an even better Value. Recently, all the 12 seasons of Modern Family have become available on Peacock TV.

Does Peacock Offer 4k Streaming?

Yes, the current highest resolution available in this case is the 4K or ultra-high definition. This is twice as good as the full HD resolution.

Currently, there is the High Dynamic Range which is a new video technology making colors and shadows look more accurate. However, you should note that both the HDR and 4K video streaming are restricted to Premium subscribers.

Should you get Peacock?

Peacock is Free and contains more than 7,500 hours of streaming, so why not.

If you want to watch original shows and more content, you can easily subscribe to the Premium tiers free for seven days. Users can as well find other deals depending on the Cable Provider and the platform. There are high chances that Peacock will not make it onto the daily streaming routine alongside Netflix and Hulu. However, it’s a great short-term alternative.

How to watch Peacock TV?

When it comes to watching Peacock TV, there are probably a couple of questions floating in your mind. Can you watch Live TV on Peacock? Is Peacock TV available for DirecTV? How can I watch Peacock TV? How can I watch Peacock TV for Free? Is the Peacock Channel Free? What is Peacock on DirecTV? All these questions will be answered on this page.

Can I watch Live TV on Peacock TV?

Yes, Peacock features live sports with matches including the Premier League. The service also streamed content live for the 2020 Olympics. Peacock will soon become the streaming destinations for live events. This is mainly because NBC is planning to shut down its NBC sports.

Is it possible to watch Peacock TV on DirecTV?

DirecTV is a satellite television platform that allows users to watch a large number of channels. Peacock on the other hand is an independent streaming service that can be compared to Netflix.

Peacock is therefore not available on satellite television streaming platforms like DirecTV which means if you are already subscribed to DirecTV you will not automatically be eligible to access peacock TV.

It is still unclear, whether Peacock TV will be available on DirecTV in the future, as there has been no communication on any ongoing or planned collaboration between Peacock TV and any cable or satellite platform to bring the streaming platform to users.

How to watch Peacock TV on DirecTV?

One of the most disturbing concerns for potential users with DirecTV is, “does it mean that Peacock is limited to only a few users and those with DirecTV cannot enjoy the service”? No.

The creators of Peacock TV have ensured that they do not limit their customers. This has been achieved by making sure that despite the service being unavailable on DirecTV, they can provide alternative means of ensuring that users can still watch their favorite shows and movies on Peacock TV.

The categories under which the platform can be accessed have been divided into connected TV, Mobile and Tablet, Web and Game Console, and various devices that support it include:

  • Apple TV
  • Android TV
  • Roku
  • Amazon Fire TV & Firestick
  • Samsung TVs
  • Microsoft Xbox (one, series X, and series s)
  • Chromecast with Google

Google Chromecast and devices with in-built Chromecast

If your TV supports the app, simply download the Peacock TV app and login into your account to start streaming, but if your current TV does not support the option of downloading the app, you can use external devices such as Roku to ensure you are not left behind.

Another option available is logging into your account using your Android devices or iOS device such as phones and tablets and casting it to your television.

These methods have been diversified to ensure a larger audience can access the Peacock TV.

One of the pros of the platform is that only one account is required per household. From the account, you can create up to 5 different profiles that allow up to 4 streams simultaneously.

The cost of the service is $4.99 for a monthly subscription with ads and $9.99 for an ads-free monthly subscription. Being a streaming platform, users should know that it requires an internet connection to operate.

Why can’t I get Peacock on any smart TV?

To get the Peacock on your smart TV, you need to have a Samsung TV model of 2017 or later as the older Samsung TVs do not support this option.

In case you have the required Samsung TV model ad you still cannot access the Peacock TV, update the TV’s software then restart your TV. This will ensure that the Peacock is available once you search for it.

Can I get Peacock TV on my LG TV?

Users with LG TVs with inbuilt support for Chromecast or Wi-Fi can easily access the Peacock TV platform. With Chromecast ready, first, install the Peacock TV Android App or IOS app then open your phone and log in to your Peacock TV account to enjoy your shows.

What are the requirements for one to watch Peacock TV?

Like any other streaming platform, the first thing you require is an app for the service.

With the app, you need to have a way to stream the app which can be a smart TV, Roku, Firestick, and any other available method of streaming.

You must have a subscription either paid or the free version and finally, you must have a stable internet connection to enjoy your shows without any buffer disturbances.

Why subscribe to Peacock if the channels are available elsewhere?

With the introduction of Peacock TV, NBC Universal promised platform-exclusive content as the platform was introduced as an aggregate for all the NBC Universal networks.

Looking at other players in the industry such as Disney when they introduced the Disney Plus, new releases and popular content were only available in the new Disney plus platform which forced many users to subscribe to the latter.

There is speculation in the industry that NBC Universal will most likely follow suit. If this happens, Peacock TV will be used to air any new and popular content while the other platforms may only be used for re-runs of older shows.


Is Peacock TV any good?

When this service was being launched, it lacked a couple of features and compatibility with the most popular devices such as Amazon Fire TV and Roku. However, the service has improved with time and right now there’s little to worry about.

Is Peacock TV really free?

You can get a free account that can watch the first two seasons of The Office but no more. The Limited Free tier will watch about 2/3 of the Peacock’s Catalog of series, movies, and TV classics such as news, Hispanic Programming, Curated Channels, and Sports.

What is the Point of Peacock?

This is a streaming service that was created by NBC Universal. It has three subscriptions which are Free, Premium, and Premium Plus. You can watch a great collection of movies, shows, and original series. Additionally, the service offers Live sports and news updates.

What channels are Free on Peacock?

Regardless of the subscription you pick, you will watch the latest season hits from NBC, sports, news and pop culture, and several other genres including the live news from NBC and sky news. Lastly, you can follow up with the best shows such as the Office Shorts.


Although the idea of Peacock TV was received with mixed reactions when it debuted, we cannot deny that it is one of the best streaming platforms we have.

Not only does it bring content from over 10 networks, but its rate is also affordable. For under $10 monthly charges, you get access to over 50,000 episodes from a collection of shows some of which are not available elsewhere.

Apart from the shows, the service also offers live streams of various content. Since the app is compatible with various mobile devices users can access and enjoy their shows from any location.

Furthermore, the free tier allows users to gauge and decide if they are willing to commit the money to the platform. Alternatively, you can enjoy more than 7,500 hours of streaming a month with ads, which is if you don’t mind.


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