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Sling vs fuboTV comparison

Sling vs fuboTV – Comparing Video Streaming Services

Are you thinking of cutting the cord? Then you must be on the lookout for all the great options you can use to replace cable or satellite TV.

Thankfully, the TV industry is saturated with lots of exciting alternatives for cable and satellite, so you’ll surely find a TV streaming service that is worth giving a try. That said, it can be pretty tough to determine which TV streaming service is perfect for you and your family.

Should that be the case, comparison shopping will make everything a lot easier. With that in mind, today’s post will explore two of the most popular streaming services making headway in the TV industry: Sling vs fuboTV.

Now to the million-dollar question, Which of these streaming services is perfect for you? Which has the best channel lineup? Which service delivers the best value? Read on to find answers to all these questions and more in our detailed Sling TV vs fuboTV review.

Sling TV

Sling TV has firmly established itself as a force to reckon with in the TV industry. Since launching in 2015, the company has lived up to its promises of delivering quality TV services to its teeming customers. The company’s exceptionally low pricing has endeared it to thousands of TV lovers looking for a cheaper alternative to cable and satellite TV. Today, Sling TV’s cheapest package sells for $30 per month.

And despite the multiple price hikes that have trailed Sling TV services, it is still one of the most affordable streaming services around. Except for a few providers, most Sling TV competitors have also raised their pricing.

The icing on the cake is that Sling TV is compatible with myriads of next-gen TV devices; this means there is no shortage of devices you can use to stream Sling TV.

Where Sling TV falls a bit short is in their channel lineup. As things stand, Sling TV channel lineup doesn’t compare with what you get on fuboTV. So if this is a deal-breaker, you’ll be better off with fuboTV as they feature a massive channel lineup you’ll love.

With three superb TV packages uniquely designed to meet your taste, you’ll find one of Sling TV’s three packages worth giving a try. Plus, we love the fact that Sling TV plans are reasonably priced, so you’ll not go overboard with your budget in a bid to find a TV package that ticks all your boxes.

To spice things up a bit, Sling TV throws in a cloud DVR into the mix. Although Sling TV cloud DVR may not level up with the best in this industry, we are glad that it gets the job done. With Sling TV cloud DVR, you get 10 hours of storage space which can be bumped up to 50 hours for an additional $5 per month.

Pros and cons

Sling TV has stayed on top of its game since launching in 2015. Today, they are trusted by thousands of customers in the US. But like other TV streaming services, Sling TV is not perfect and has a couple of shortcomings you should know. Here, check out some pros and cons of Sling TV you should know.


  • Rolls out one of the most competitive pricing in the TV industry
  • Offers loads of exciting bundle deals you’ll love
  • Flexible subscription option


  • Offers limited options when it comes to local and regional channels
  • Sling TV extras and add-ons are a bit confusing
  • Limited DVR performance especially when compared to the competition


fuboTV blows the steam off other TV providers on the market as they roll out lots of exciting features you’ll not see with other TV providers.

With fuboTV, it’s TV like you have never experienced. So for people looking for the ultimate TV experience, fuboTV is set to wow you every time you sit back to catch your favourite TV programmings.

When it comes to pricing, fuboTV’s base plan is a lot more expensive than Hulu. But guess what, they make up for this with their impressive channel selection. And you know what, the majority of fuboTV channel lineup is sports. So for avid sports fans who don’t want to miss a single game, match, fight, or race from their favourite teams, you’re welcome to give fuboTV a try.

Besides fuboTV’s brilliant sports selection, you’ll fall in love with fuboTV local channel support. As things stand, fuboTV offers more local and regional channels than Sling TV. So if you’re interested in local networks, you’ll most likely find fuboTV worth giving a try.

Like we mentioned earlier, fuboTV offers a better cloud DVR than Sling TV. With fuboTV cloud DVR, you get 30 hours of DVR storage you can use to record your favourite shows. And if that’s not enough, you can get an extra 470 hours for an additional $10 per month.

Just like Sling TV, fuboTV features lots of amazing plans you’ll love. And depending on your budget and what you want, you’ll find one of their four TV plans worth checking out.

Pros and cons

There are a lot of things you’ll love about fuboTV. From the company’s impressive channel lineup to decent DVR performance and more, fuboTV will make every moment worth it. But before you get too excited, fuboTV also has some slip-ups you should know. Stay with us as we take you through some pros and cons of fuboTV.


  • fuboTV features a good mix of entertainment and news channels
  • Allow users to set up 6 profiles
  • Features loads of sports channels, with ESPN, finally added in August 2020


  • Allows only two simultaneous streams, with a third coming at an extra cost
  • Although fuboTV’s cloud DVR is better than what you get with Sling, 30 hours of DVR storage doesn’t suffice, and you’ll have to pay more to upgrade.
  • Lost some important channels like Turner Network

installation process vs bundled services

Sling TV and fuboTV both have a hassle-free installation process. This makes them a great choice for people who don’t want to go through all the complicated installation process associated with cable and satellite TV.

Another cool thing about Sling TV and fuboTV installation process is that you don’t need to install any form of equipment or hardware. This saves you the extra cash you would have incurred as equipment charges.

To get Sling TV and fuboTV nicely set up and ready to roll, you only need a good internet connection and compatible streaming device, which you may already have, so you may not need to invest in a new one.

Sling TV compatible devices

Sling TV boasts of a nice blend of compatible devices and chances are you may already own a couple of them. Here is a comprehensive list of devices with support for Sling TV.

  • Amazon Firestick
  • Google Chromecast
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Smart TVs
  • Apple TV
  • Android Phones and Tablets
  • Web browser

fuboTV compatible devices

Like Sling TV, fuboTV also has a long list of compatible devices you can use to stream their services. Here, check out some of them.

  • iPhone, iPad
  • Android TV
  • Apple TV
  • Android Phones and Tablets
  • Chromecast
  • Samsung TV
  • Roku

Bundled services

Bundling comes with a lot of perks you don’t want to miss out on. And with Sling TV and fuboTV, you have a fantastic array of bundling deals you can jump.

If you’re looking to get the best out of your monthly TV subscription, then now is a great time to give bundling a try.

fuboTV bundling

Besides the fuboTV regular package, the company lets you bundle extras and add-ons to beef up your TV experience. With fuboTV packages, you only get access to limited channel selections, but thanks to bundling, you can expand your options.

For avid sports lovers, fuboTV offers a robust sports pack that unlocks access to the finest of sports channels. So if sports is your thing, you’ll not go wrong to include fuboTV sports pack to your existing fuboTV package.

If you’re interested in international content, you’ll find the fubo Latino extra worth giving a try. But don’t forget, this comes at an additional cost.

Sling TV bundle

While Sling TV may not offer the best bundling deals in the TV industry, they have a blend of superb services you’ll want to combine to spruce up your TV experience.

Besides the company’s already impressive TV packages, Sling TV lets you add their impressive sports add-ons to give you more content options.

Not just that, Sling TV also lets you bundle premium channels without going overboard with your budget. So for premium channel lovers who want to stay up to date with their favourite TV shows, you’ll find one of Sling TV’s premium channel selections worth exploring.

Channel comparison

Both Sling TV and fuboTV feature some of the best TV channels you love, so you’ll definitely fall in love with their channel selections. That said, fuboTV comes top as they boast of more channels than Sling TV. So if you’ve always been interested in more channels, fuboTV will not fail to impress you.

fuboTV’s lineup of over 90 channels will thrill any TV lover. And although its 90-plus channel lineup is big on sports, it still features some entertainment and news options. This makes fuboTV a must-have for anyone looking for a TV provider with robust channel selections.

When you pitch fuboTV with Sling TV, which costs a lot less and has around just 50+ channels, you’ll agree that fuboTV isn’t just competitive, it also offers non sports channels that Sling TV is missing.

FuboTV’s claim to fame is in their brilliant sports selections. At the moment, there are only very few TV providers who can rival fuboTV’s sports offering. So if you always wanted to keep up with your favourite sporting events, now is the best time to get hooked to fuboTV.

On the flip side, Sling TV also has a lot of great stuff going on in terms of channel offerings. Although they may not level up with fuboTV in terms of channel count, their impressive channel selections will keep you entertained all day long.

From news to entertainment to lifestyle content to kid programs and more, Sling TV’s array of channel lineup features all the fantastic programs you have always wanted.

And depending on which of their packages you’re interested in, Sling TV will grant you access to between 30 and 50 channels. And we love the fact that Sling TV keeps their pricing really low, so you wouldn’t have to go overboard with your budget to watch the programs you love.

While Sling TV is way behind fuboTV in terms of sports, they still feature some brilliant sports channels you’ll love. For people who want a mix of regular TV channels and sports, Sling TV offers a unique proposition you’ll not say no to.

Sports offerings

Although Sling TV offers a nice selection of sports channels, however, you have to pay extra to get the best sports extras. With Sling TV, you can select from a variety of sports bundles that fit your budget. The only thing is that these extra add-ons will drive your bills through the roof. That makes fuboTV a better option for sports fans, especially considering that half the channels featured in its base plans are sports channels. Plus, you don’t have to pay extra to get them.

The only drawback with fuboTV sports selection is that it is missing important sports channels like ESPN. To make up for this, fuboTV launched its own sports channel in 2019 it calls the fubo Sports Network. This channel is a lot similar to ESPN as it broadcasts sports content as well as news shows and sports talk.

With fuboTV, you get over 35 sports channels, which is way more than you’ll get with other streaming providers.

Premium channel selection

Both fuboTV and Sling TV offer an impressive selection of premium channels you’ll instantly fall in love with.

With fuboTV, your choice of premium channels is somewhat limited as the company only offers two premium channel packages you can add to their regular TV package. There is Showtime that costs $10.99 per month and AMC Premiere that sells for $4.99.

With Sling, on the other hand, you have more brilliant selections of premium channels you can explore. And depending on your budget, you can either add one premium channel to Sling TV’s regular TV package or opt for all.

From HBO to Cinemax to Epix to CuriosityStreams to Starz and more, Sling TV offers exclusive access to some of the best premium channels in the TV landscape.

Pricing comparison

Although Sling TV and FuboTV come with loads of amazing perks, one thing you don’t want to ignore when shopping for the right TV streaming services is pricing. Trust us when we say you don’t want to go overboard with your budget and find out later that it was completely not worth it. That said, here is how fuboTV and Sling TV compare in terms of pricing.

fuboTV pricing

fuboTV rolls out lots of amazing options when it comes to pricing. So depending on your budget, one of their TV packages will tickle your fancy.

For starters, the fubo Standard plan features over 90 channels along with 30 hours of recording time and two simultaneous streams for $55 per month.

Not impressed? Then don’t fail to check out the fubo Family package which unlocks access to over 90 channels, 3 simultaneous streams as well as over 500 hours of DVR storage space for only $59.99.

For avid TV watchers who want more from their TV subscription, you’ll find the fubo Entertainment package worth giving a try. With this package, you’ll enjoy some exciting features including access to over 90 channels, 500 hours of DVR storage space, two simultaneous streams and access to Showtime for only $69.99.

To revamp your TV experience, you’ll not go wrong to give the fubo Ultra package a try. Thanks to this superb package, you’ll enjoy access to over 113 channels, 500 hours of DVR storage space, 3 simultaneous streams, exclusive access to Showtime and fubo’s Sports Plus add-on for only $84.99.

Sling TV packages and pricing

Sling TV may not offer as many packages as you can find on fuboTV but guess what, their packages are reasonably priced, making it a decent option for people looking for a cheap TV streaming service provider that gets the job done.

With Sling TV, there are three impressive TV packages you can explore, each with unique pricing and proposition.

Sling TV’s cheapest plan, the Sling Orange package sells for $30 per month and grants access to 30+channels including big names like ESPN. Unfortunately, this package only allows one simultaneous stream, which is simply not good enough.

Moving on, the Sling Blue package offers exclusive access to over 45 channels for $30 per month. And even though it is missing ESPN, it features an excellent channel selection than Sling TV’s basic package. And unlike Sling Orange that offers access to only one simultaneous stream, Sling Blue allows you to stream on three devices concurrently.

Sling Orange + Blue plan is perfect for people looking to get the best of both worlds. With this package that sells for $45 per month, Sling TV blends two of their packages in a bid to deliver a robust experience to their teeming customers.

With this brilliant package, TV lovers will enjoy seamless access to over 50 channels, including access to top channels like ESPN. More so, this package lets you stream on four devices at a time, making it a great choice for families.

Equipment fees and DVR

One of the perks of doing business with either Sling TV or fuboTV is that it saves you the extra charges you would have incurred for equipment. This is because both of these providers let you stream their services without installing any fancy equipment or hardware.

In terms of DVR, fuboTV offers the best proposition. With fuboTV cloud DVR, you get 30 hours of recording space, plus, you get to store your favourite content for as long as possible. And guess what, fuboTV lets you switch things up to 500 hours of DVR storage space for an extra fee.

With Sling TV, you’ll have to make do with the company’s 10 hours DVR storage. We know that this doesn’t compare to what you get with fuboTV, but you can upgrade to 50 hours of DVR storage for an extra fee.

Contracts and cancellation

Don’t want to deal with the hassles of contracts and cancellations that has become a big part of the TV industry? Then now is the best time to make the switch to fuboTV or Sling TV. With both of these providers, there are no contracts or commitment, so you can cancel your subscription with them any time you deem fit.

Frequently asked questions

Does fuboTV have ESPN

While fuboTV has established itself as a sports powerhouse in the TV landscape, it is missing important sports channels. With fuboTV, you’ll not get access to ESPN, so if this is a big deal, we suggest you look elsewhere.

Can I share my fuboTV subscription with my family?

Because fuboTV allows users to stream on two devices at a time, users can share their subscription with a loved one. Plus, fuboTV also lets you increase the number of simultaneous streams to three.

Can I cancel my Sling TV subscription?

Pulling the plug on your Sling TV subscription is super easy. And because you’re not tied to any contract or commitment, you can cancel your Sling TV subscription anytime you want.

Does Sling TV have sports?

Although Sling TV may not rival the likes of YouTube TV and fuboTV in terms of sports, you’ll fall in love with Sling TV’s limited sports options.


While Sling TV and fuboTV house similar sports channels, fuboTV roll out more brilliant sports channels as well as enticing add-ons and cloud DVR. This makes fuboTV a brilliant choice for sports fans who don’t want to miss a single action from their favourite sporting events.

For TV watchers interested in a mix of sports and other TV programs, you’ll find Sling TV worth checking out.

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