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What Channel is CBS on Xfinity TV – Updated Guide 2024

Have you been wondering ”what channel is CBS on Xfinity?” you’re definitely in the right place. We have information to help find CBS channel number on Xfinity and also recommendations for great shows. Launched in January 1927, CBS is one of the oldest broadcast networks in the United States.

What channel is CBS on Xfinity

It’s also among most-watched networks in the country (notice the eyeball logo). Formerly referred to as Columbia Broadcasting System, CBS has come a long way and produced hits like NCIS, The Big Bang Theory and Survivor. With such impeccable shows, this network has earned a soft spot in the hearts of its viewers.

What channel is CBS on Xfinity?

Comcast Xfinity TV is a widely-known and reliable cable TV provider. It’s also widely available in the US, which has further increased the number of subscribers. Xfinity is the number one cable TV provider because it’s completely fair in terms of the number of channels offered and pricing. With over 200 popular channels, you will surely find CBS on Xfinity.

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However, knowing the exact channel number can really aid in speeding up the search.

The CBS channel number on Xfinity tends to vary by location. As such, you will find that the channel numbers are different depending on the city or state. That being said, we have listed a few CBS channel numbers for various cities.

City CBS Channel number
Los Angeles, CA 2
Chicago, IL 2
Houston, TX 11
Atlanta, GA 9

Also, Comcast Xfinity has HD channels for the people who want better quality. If you need to view CBS in HD, tune in to channel number 1003.

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Popular shows to watch on CBS with Xfinity


NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigation Service) isn’t your typical action drama. It’s a television show based on the complex lives of a team that has to work together under stressful situations. Their sole mission is to solve all kinds of crime including terrorism, murder, kidnapping, stolen submarines and so on. The team is made up of at least seven agents with various skills, all vital in investigating and solving the crimes. NCIS is a show you wouldn’t want to miss.

Blue Bloods

Blue Bloods has aired on CBS since September 2010. It is a New York crime drama about a multigenerational family of cops. The main characters are the members of the Reagan family, all of which have a history of work in law enforcement. Take some time and watch the drama unfold with your own eyes!

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Love Island

Are you into dating shows? If yes, this is the one. Love Island is a British summer series that brings together a group of singletons with the hope of helping them find love and their perfect partner. The matchmaking starts with dating, romance and eventually, relationships. There is even a 50,000 euro cash prize to be won.


CBS is a popular channel because it offers tons of great shows and other programs. Next time you want to catch up with Love Island or another one of your favorite shows, we’ve provided a list of CBS channel numbers.


Can I watch CBS with Xfinity?

Yes, CBS is one of the channels available on Xfinity.

What are the local channels on Xfinity?

Xfinity has many local channels on its lineup including CBS, Court TV, ABC, Cozi TV, Discovery Channel, The CW and so much more.

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