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What Channel Is CMT On DirecTV Updated Guide

What Channel Is CMT On DirecTV? – Updated Guide 2021

What channel is CMT on DirecTV will be answered in this write-up.

One might ask, why country music has remained popular in the United States. Well, you might wish to know that this dates back to the 17th century when it was created from the European Immigrant’s traditional folk music.

Especially in the south, has been derived and enriched from African-American, German, and Hawaiian influences. It got the limelight when the Roaring twenties was established as the first country music stars.

The CMT channel was launched in 1983 through the ViacomCBS Domestic Media Networks. The focus was on the country music genre which comprises concerts, special events, and biographies.

With time, the focus was shifted to reality TV and lifestyle programming, hence downplaying country music.

Currently, country music has taken a promising path from the margins directly to the mainstream. Before it was limited to just the regional areas but it now has a national audience.

This has put it as one of the American fastest-growing industries. Among the popular country music, artists include Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton, Shania Twain, and Johnny Cash.

What channel is CMT for DIRECTV?

For music fans, CMT remains an important channel. Country music has taken a promising part from the margins to the mainstream.

Channel Name Channel Number
CMT 327

Popular Shows on CMT

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team

You’ll watch behind the scenes the casting of these famous cheerleading teams. Kelli Finglass is responsible for the big events to choose the newest recruits to the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

To make the squad, you need to be beautiful and also talented. The competition is for beauty, grace, and hairspray.

Racing Wives

Follow Christian Fitness to improve your fitness and strength training. In this engaging broadcast, you’ll be constantly trained on how to become fit through healthy living, exercises, recipes, and other informative sessions.

With all these put together, you’ll be able to horn your skills and as well promote a better posture through following the balanced activities.

CMT Crossroads

Country music singers combine with artists from different genres in this music presentation show that displays rich Country music tunes. This show highlights the influence of Country music. The entire mashups between these mainstream artists and more activities will keep you engaged for hours.

CMT Hot Twenty

Formerly, this show was referred to as ‘Hot 20 Countdown’. It is a weekly live music video show that outlines the 20 most trending music videos.

The Singing Bee

Six contestants will battle on this music game show that tests the knowledge of song lyrics to emerge the Singing Bee Champion. The grand prize is A$50,000 cash.

Can you duet

This reality show is produced by FremantleMedia, the same team that produced the American Idol. The reality competition was first premiered in 2008. The host is Steve Mandile who also is the music director. Fox’s Next Great American Band performs on this show.

Cowboy U

City slickers get involved in this adventure of a lifetime known as Cowboy U. Experienced cowboys Rocco Wachman, Judd Leffew and their team will be recruiting some city dwellers to teach them about the cowboy lifestyle.

The allotted duration for this is three weeks. Will they succeed? Follow the boot camp.

Nashville Squares

This is a country music-combined spinoff of Hip-Hop Squares which is based on the Hollywood Squares game show.

CMT, the parent company, ViacomCBS is responsible for the show. Bob Saget is the host together with Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. ‘The X-O Band’ is in charge of the live music. It already has three episodes which are aired weekly.

Gone Country

The secret marriage between Jess and Haley implies they’re now stepsisters that must learn to tolerate each other as they adjust to this reality.

Sun Records

This was recreated from one of the world’s greatest jam sessions. As of December 1956, Carl Perkins’ career was ranking high as a result of his hit song ‘Blue Suede Shoes.’ Jerry Lee Lewis was introduced to work on a new song with Perkins.

Luckily, Elvis Presley and Jonny Cash, one of the country music legends visited their studio. They casually sang a song and it ended up becoming the concept for Million Dollar Quartet. This was a fun and inventive retelling of their unrehearsed recording session.

Outsider’s Inn

Famous castmates from Gone Country; Maureen McCormick, Carnie Wilson, and Bobby Brown will be heading south again from the reality series.

The show will showcase the troubles and toils that arise when McCormick decided to manage a bed and breakfast in rural east Tennessee with assistance from Brown and Wilson.

The Outsider’s Inn started when McCormick came across an Inn and leased it with an option to buy. When McCormick realized the extent of work involved, she had to seek the services of Brown and Wilson.

Maureen McCormick will be responsible for the overall management; Brown becomes entertainment director while Wilson is the master chef.

Without enough time to familiarize themselves with their role, guests begin to check in. So in each episode, there will be a new eclectic guest with a specific program for them to resolve.

Chainsaw Gang

Stacy Poitras is the leader of a rag-tag group of the country’s premier chainsaw artists. They’ll battle for blades breaking, chainsaws teeming into flames, and stirring each other to manage to deliver unbelievable works of art within the stipulated timeframe.

In Conclusion

No matter your niche in music and general TV entertainment, DIRECTV offers all the entertainment needs for your household. From movie to music lovers buffs, satisfies their diverse customers with different channels of which CMT is among. Contact them to know more about their plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

On DIRECTV, what channel are the CMT awards?

Catch it on channel 327.

How can I watch the CMT channel?

CMT is offered by the majority of satellite TV and cable TV service providers. You can also use streaming platforms such as FuboTV, Philo, Sling TV, YouTube TV, and Vidgo. There is also a CMT app that is compatible with streaming devices.

Can I access CMT music on DIRECTV?

You can watch it on channel 327.

On DIRECTV, how much is CMT?

After subscription, you’ll get CMT at no additional cost.

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