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What channel is CNN on Optimum Updated Guide

What Channel Is CNN On Optimum? – Updated Guide 2021

News is probably the first thing that comes to your mind, when you hear about CNN, but there is so much more to CNN than just news and as we cover that, let us also delve into what channel is CNN on Optimum.

An Optimum TV subscription will provide a perfectly balanced channel lineup, whether you are into sports, news, or movies.

This includes hundreds of channels for everyone in the family. Optimum doesn’t just cater to one or two members of the family, but different people and their preferences.

Well, news enthusiasts will certainly like the CNN channel on Optimum. When we talk about comprehensive news coverage, CNN surely comes to mind.

The long-time news channel has surpassed many of its competitors and earned a place in the top three ranks. 

About CNN on Optimum

CNN (Cable News Network) is a pay-TV channel that’s headquartered in Atlanta. The channel was founded in 1980 to provide 24 hours of news broadcasts.

It was actually among the very first news channels in the United States. As of 2018, CNN has 90.1 million household subscribers across the nation.

CNN is famous for its breaking news, sensational stories, sizzling headlines, and dramatic live news coverage.

If anything happens in another corner of the globe, you are bound to hear of it on CNN. This makes it an excellent channel for the news-lovers who wouldn’t want to miss out on current matters.

What channel is CNN on Optimum?

With CNN on Optimum, it’s almost impossible to miss out on anything, especially when you want to stay updated on the latest happenings.

It’s understandable that sometimes you have to work or do other things and may not have the time to watch the news.

This doesn’t mean you still can’t catch up later at a convenient time and watch your favorite CNN program.

Optimum lets the customers set recordings and pick up from where they left. If you like to listen to those early morning news shows at the start of your day, an easy way to catch up would be to tune into the Cloud DVR.

That said, most people need an easy way to tune into the CNN channel without sifting through countless other channels.

In that case, a viable solution would be to use the channel number for CNN. With cable providers like Optimum, channel numbers for various channels tend to change according to the location.

If it’s overwhelming and a big hassle to locate CNN among other favorites, the information below may be of immense help.

Channel Name Channel Number
CNN on Optimum 25
CNN Headline News 59

Top shows to watch on CNN

CNN hosts a variety of opinion shows. It’s basically a platform for the experts to discuss and share their opinions on various topics.

The channel can be an excellent place for anyone to gain some knowledge on social, economic, and political matters. Here are a few of the best shows found on CNN.

New Day

If you need a sensational morning show to kick-start your day, New Day would be the one. The morning show that premiered in 2013, is on weekdays.

Alisyn Camerota and John Berman host it. It’s quite a successful show, and many people love it. There is nothing as refreshing as starting the day by listening to an engaging show. New Day was actually ranked in 2018 as the Best Morning Cable News Show.

State of the Union

This talk show premiered back in 2009, and it’s still a favorite among the audiences. Its main focus is current events and political discussions.

The Sunday program, hosted by Jake Tapper airs for a maximum of 4 hours. It is subdivided into sections. There have been other hosts on the show like John King and Candy Crowley.

CNN Newsroom

CNN Newsroom is the longest-running show on the channel. Aside from that, it’s a popular show with a massive viewership, especially from the news junkies. Due to its popularity, the show receives at least 39 hours of airtime per week.

CNN Newsroom features live news, expert analysis, and news reports. This particular segment mainly offers coverage of softer news as opposed to politics. It’s currently broken into 2-hour shows.

Inside Politics

Inside Politics is a revival of an initial show of the same name. It debuted in 2014 and currently enjoys popularity as a result of massive viewership.

Hosted by John King, the show stays true to its name and provides in-depth discussions and expert analysis of political matters.

If you like politics or knowing what’s happening in the political world, this is one show you shouldn’t miss. The popular show airs on weekdays from noon to 1 PM and Sunday mornings from 8 AM ET.

High Profits

Over the past few years, the marijuana industry has been booming at quite a quick pace. The couple, Brian Rogers and Caitlin McGuire want to grab a piece of the action and build a marijuana empire.

This documentary series focuses on the couple’s journey as they strive to make their dream a reality.


AC360 is a show hosted by Anderson Cooper. It brings to the viewers the latest world news alongside the panellist opinions and analysis.

Guests proceed to discuss in detail the latest news and current events. What makes the show very interesting are the contrasting aspects of the panellists. The show offers different perspectives from the news for a well-rounded view of world events and situations.


Cable is often the best way to watch TV especially when you can get a reliable provider like Optimum. The service comes with tons of great features for a better television viewing experience.


What channel is CNN on Optimum New Jersey?

CNN on Optimum is channel 25 in New Jersey.

What are the Optimum channels?

Optimum offers hundreds of channels, including FOX, CBS, ION, NBC, and many more.

What channel is CNN on Cable TV?

CNN has different channel numbers on cable TV. Most of the cable providers offer a guide to help you find the specific channel number for CNN according to your location.

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