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What Channel Is CNN On Spectrum? – Updated Guide 2024

What channel is CNN on Spectrum will be the focus of this write-up?

What Channel Is CNN On Spectrum Updated Guide

No doubt, CNN has expanded to become among the dominant networks when it comes to political affiliation aside, news reporting.

Currently, about 100 million households now watch CNN. This can be attributed to their groundbreaking coverage of every event trending across the globe.

In short, CNN has made a legacy as the channel known for any live-driven reporting that involves ill-fated natural disasters or election coverage.

Among their regular programming include The Situation Room, the lead, 360°, etc.

As the channel keeps advancing over the years, CNN has introduced different engaging programming that cut across reality, talk shows, sports, etc, they just know where its bread is buttered.

With shows like this, they’re present in all cable, satellite, and other streaming plans. For decades to come, CNN will remain relevant when it comes to geopolitical and national news.

What channel is CNN on Spectrum?

The channel number subscribers can access CNN will depend on their location. For instance, Spectrum subscribers in Minnesota or New York will have to watch CNN from a different channel.

The reason is that majority of smaller cable operators choose the channel numbers based on what they’ve in their area.

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With the table below, you can easily find CNN on Charter Spectrum.

Channel Name New York, Albany, Florida, Chattahoochee, Minnesota, Rochester Area
CNN 46 34 69
CNN en Espanol 834 327 243
CNN HD 786 752

Popular shows on CNN

Inside Politics

In the anchor chair for this program is John King, a veteran broadcaster. On this show, you’ll seasoned reporter dissert top stories making round in Politics.

The show will last for an hour and viewers will know stories trending from the reporters on the said location.

Before it was rebranded in 2014, the show was first anchored by Judy Woodruff and it has been consistent for close to 20years now.

State of the Union

This is among the most-watched Sunday programming on CNN. In 2009, the talk show was launched and it strictly focuses on political discussion together with current events.

Initially, John King anchors the show for about 4 hours before it was later segmented and an hour appointed for Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer.

Going forward, Candy Crowley took over as the host but currently, the show is being handled by Jake Tapper.

New Day

This is a morning program co-hosted by Alisyn Camerota and John Berman on weekdays. The show was first introduced on the screen in 2013 with the duo Kate Bolduan and Chris Cuomo anchoring the show.

Later Camerota replaced Bolduan in 2014. They replaced ‘Starting Point’ which is an outgoing show. It’s been aired for 3-hours and it became so successful that a special weekend edition was added to it.

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Anderson Cooper 360°

This is an American television news show shorted sometimes as AC-360 or 360. It is being aired on CNN and CNN International.

Anderson Cooper, CNN journalist anchors the show. The show came to our screen around early 2019, since then 360° has been broadcasted from CNN’s set in Studio in New York City and CNN’s studios in D.C.

To spice it up, Anderson Cooper also airs some of the editions of the program from the site of a breaking news event.

You can watch it from Monday through Friday and also weeknights from 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm ET. There is also a repeat of the show at 1:00 am-midnight ET. It’s a program to look out for an in-depth analysis of important trending events.

Cuomo Prime Time

This is another news analysis show which can be watched on either CNN or CNN International. Chris Cuomo, a CNN journalist anchors the show every weeknight from 9:00 pm to 10:00 pm ET.

There is also a replay of the show from 1:00 am to 2:00 am ET. The show is aired from CNN’s Time Warner Center located in New York City since it was launched around 2019.

Some edition of the show is also broadcasted from CNN’s Washington, D.C studio. When it comes to CNN mornings, Chris Cuomo has been a mainstay.

He also broadcasts other primetime sessions that involve breaking news updates and other guests in the world of politics.

CNN Newsroom

CNN Newsroom has been running on CNN for a long time. It was premiered in 2006 to replace CNN Live Today.

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The allotted time for the program is about 39 hours every week. Apart from the tapped news reports which are featured on the show, viewers will also enjoy expert analysis and treading news across the globe especially focus on politics.

The wide coverage has attracted huge viewership to the show. The show has now been broken down to air for 2-hours from the initial 7-hours slot.

In Conclusion

Cable has proven to be the best when it comes to watching TV. It becomes more interesting when it comes to Spectrum TV.

This is because they showcase interesting program that allows experiencing television like never before.

For instance, their lineup of channels has CNN which has content that suits everyone’s needs.

With the new voice-activated remote now offered by Spectrum, it is now easy to watch your favorite CNN program without having to struggle. Spectrum is a perfect fit, reach out to them today to subscribe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get CNN on Spectrum TV?

Yes, Spectrum packages have CNN among the channel lineup. But in a situation where you can’t find the channel; you can call 1-844-481-5997 so it can be added to your list.

What is the CNN channel?

It’s a news channel that was launched in 1980. They became the very first to start airing news for 24 hours especially in the United States.

They’ve been consistent that the channel is now synonymous with breaking news of any live trending event across the globe.

Can I get CNN if I subscribe to Spectrum On-demand?

Yes, CNN is available on Spectrum On-demand. Here you’ll get to watch a news broadcast, documentaries, and other special reports on CNN.

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