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What Channel Is CNN On Xfinity

What Channel Is CNN On Xfinity – Updated Guide 2021

What channel is CNN on Xfinity will be the highlight of this write-up. Since CNN came to our TV screens, they’ve been consistent when it comes to American Politics, commentary and more. Today, the channel experienced tremendous progress that is now among the most influential networks, depending on where you sit politically you may disagree or agree.

If you are looking for the channel number then read on to find out

Their Headquarters is located in Atlanta. The essence of why the channel was established according to Warner Media is to have a channel dedicated to 24hours news broadcasts. This to large extent has increased their viewership that the channel can now be viewed in different countries.

Many households and individuals now depend on CNN for any news updates trending around the globe. Hence, to be informed on all the happenings in different places, turn in to CNN. The increasing demand for satellite television services has also contributed to ensuring CNN is viewed in many countries. In the basic package of these providers, CNN is among their channel lineup.

What channel is CNN on Xfinity

CNN (HD) is channel 1111 on Xfinity.

Channel Name Channel Number
CNN (HD) 111

Popular shows on CNN

The Situation Room

The situation room is being anchored by Wolf Blitzer. He reports and analyzes news related to political stories together with other trending reports making around the globe. Right from the time the shows were introduced in 2005, the show has been a success. At the moment, it now airs every weekday from 6:00 p.m to 7:00 pm ET. The show is broadcasted from their studio in D.C. The rich content of the show has attracted much viewership.

Anderson Cooper 360°

This is often referred to as 360 or AC-360. This is another interesting program that is shown on CNN International. It’s anchored by Anderson Cooper. Since 2019, the program has been broadcasted live from CNN studio in Hudson Yards in NY and also from Washington D.C. Catch it up from Monday to Friday every day. There is also an opportunity to rewatch the show at midnight at 1:00 am ET. The entire episode of the program is filled with interesting discussions relating to politics, the economy, and other news-making rounds. You’ll always look forward to watching the program.

Cuomo Prime Time

On CNN International, this is a new program that is hosted by Chris Cuomo. You can catch up with him on this program weeknights beginning from 9:00 pm to 10:00 pm ET. A replay comes around 1:00 am to 2:00 am ET. Time Warner Center in NY is in charge of the show but currently, it has been shifted to the Hudson Yards new studio.

This has become the permanent studio for the program but that does not mean that some editions of the program are still not being hosted at the Washington, D.C, studio. Over time, Chris Cuomo has become a regular on CNN mornings. In addition, he also anchors a primetime edition that comprises breaking news updates. He does this with some prominent guests invited to the program.

CNN Newsroom

Also referred to as the Newsroom, is a program that focuses on American news. In an entire week, you’ll be able to watch the show for about 43 hours. It was first aired on September 4, 2006, joining the likes of; CNN Saturday, CNN Live Today, CNN Saturday Night, CNN Sunday Night, and CNN Sunday. The program consists of the recorded news report, live programs from seasoned experts. A greater portion of the show emphasis on softer news than when compared to more critical news. You’re not out of place if you define the program as a standard for rolling-news programming compared to other networks. All the broadcasts are from their Atlanta HQ.


The anchor is Anderson Cooper. Join him if you want to know what’s happening around the globe. With him on the program will be some invited panelists that will help dissert some critical issues. You’ll get to hear the opinion of these guests, though contrasting sometimes. All these will help you view the trending issues from a different perspective, making you’ve got a holistic understanding concerning the situation as per what is happening.

Inside Politics

This program is for those that have interesting in politics. Since it was introduced in 1993, Judy Woodruff has been the anchor until 2005 when it was rebranded and John King took over. On Sunday morning, Abby Phillip anchors the show. If you need to catch up with the show, turn in weekdays from noon to 1:00 pm Eastern Time. Alternatively, you can check from 11:00 am to noon Central Time on CNN/US. For the Sunday show, check from 8:00 am to 9:00 am ET/7:00 am to 8:00 am CT on CNN from CNN’s studios in Washington D.C. You can catch up with the Sunday show on CNN International which is also broadcasted during the weekday edition.

In Conclusion

If you want to be updated when it comes to real-time breaking news on current happening, CNN is the channel to tune in. the good thing is that it’s also a 24 hours channel, meaning you can catch up with any news update at your convenience. They also have award-winning journalists and commentators anchoring their programs.

Frequently asked questions

Can I watch CNN on Xfinity?

Yes, you can. CNN is on channel number 111.

Is it possible to watch CNN without subscribing to cable?

Yes in the absence of any cable subscription, you can still watch CNN but you’ve to use any of the following streaming services such as FuboTV, YouTube TV, Hulu Live TV, Sling TV, and AT&T TV Now.

What does the CNN channel mean?

The Cable News Network (CNN) is a global news-based pay television channel with its HQ in Atlanta, United States.

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