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What Channel Is CW On DirecTV Updated Guide

What Channel Is CW On DirecTV? – Updated Guide 2021

If you want to know what channel is CW on DirecTV, then it’s important to peruse through this write-up, scroll down to find the correct channel number for your state.

In the United States, Directv is a known satellite TV service that offers mouth-watering entertainment.

They arranged their package to ensure subscribers receive top-rated content with good picture quality. Their signals are also top-notch across the country.

CW channel is among the popular TV networks that can be accessed freely on satellite or any cable service.

The channel came as a partnership between WarnerMedia and CBS Corporation. The channel was first launched in 2006, fast forward till now, it has gained so much viewership especially among the 18-37 age bracket.

It airs the majority of the newly introduced TV shows which has kept the audience entertained.

On DirecTV, you can have access to over 330 channels but that will depend on the package you subscribe to. CW is undoubtedly among those channels at the moment.

There must be a show that will keep you engaged in this channel.

What channel is CW on DirecTV?

The CW channel number differs depending on where you reside;

City, State Channel Number
Austin, TX 54
Atlanta, GA 69
Anderson, SC 62
Albuquerque, NM 19
Brandon, MS 13
Boston, MA 56
Birmingham, AL 21
Baltimore, MD 54
Columbus, OH 53
Colorado Springs, CO 57
Clarksburg-Weston, WV 58
Clarksville, IN 47
Charlotte, NC 18
Chicago, IL 26
Detroit, MI 50
Kansas City, MO 29
Kansas City, KS 29
Los Angeles, CA 5
Madison, WI 16
Louisville, KY 58
Nashville, TN 58
Minneapolis, MN 23
New York City, NY 11
Nashville, TN 58
New Orleans, LA 38
Portland, OR 32
Philadelphia, PA 57
Phoenix, AZ 61
Reno, NV 9

Nancy Drew

If you’re attracted to TV shows on the detective, then this gripping teen series is one you need to look out for.

Nancy is a protagonist but has a good sense of herself and what she wants. The unplanned death of her only companion, her mother truncated her easy-going college education.

This disorganized her many plans and made her pass through tough challenges. Yet he made herself a promise not to involve in any crime or illegal activities.

She later decided to go back to school to complete her education. However, she was shocked to realize that she was a prime suspect in a socialite murder. Will she ever get out of this problem?


This is another series that enjoyed huge success from start to finish. The story is about an event that occurred in New Mexico. Initially, UFOs were spotted here as in the 1947 Era.

A teenage waitress was saved by a high school student and they became good friends. This made their clever classmates get attracted to them.

Together, they all started venturing into certain secrets of the universe. This opened up more about superhuman, alien genes, and much more.

Katy Keen

This is an interesting comedy series about two friends Josie a singer and Katy a clothing designer. Both passed through many challenges to building up their careers.

These problems became an issue for their friendship. Will they still be friends despite undergoing some of these challenges? It’s a show you would want to follow.

Two Sentence Horror Stories

Horror-fiction lovers, this is the show for you. It features Mardy Ma, Jen Richards, Hannah Barlow, and other known actors.

You’ll always want to watch this series because it comprises so much suspense that will glue you to your screen. It tells the story of social fears. It is worth watching.

In the Dark

After many disappointments, blind Murphy drifted into drunkenness after but his two friends Jess and Tyson promised themselves to remain by him.

But everything changed when the dead body of Tyson was seen outside Murphy’s apartment. However, before the police could come around to the destination. Will Murphy be able to find out what happened to his friend and the body?

Infinite Crisis

A comic book Infinite Crisis was published 2005-2006 by DC Comics. The author was Geoff Johns together with George Perez.

Apart from them, there were still others that helped the illustration. The format and structure are so interesting that you’ll enjoy watching them.

In Conclusion

Watching CW on DirecTV is more worth it because it has more appealing features and peaks. It becomes more interesting when it is bundled with other internet packages. With DIRECT, you can get $10 off the promotional price every month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get CW channel on DIRECTV?

Currently, DirecTV has an extensive channel lineup list for all packages. CW channel is included in all the tiers. In addition, since it’s an over-the-air network, you can as well get the local feeds through any affiliate.

What is the meaning of the CW channel?

This is an American English-language broadcast TV network managed by the CW Network, LLC. It is a limited liability joint venture between CBS Entertainment Group.

How can I watch the CW channel?

CW is available in the major satellite and cable TV providers across the United States. CW on demand is also accessible to DIRECTV subscribers.

Apart from these, you can use any of the streaming platforms like Hulu Live, YouTube TV, Locast. You can as well use the app on Roku, VIZIO smart TV, Amazon Fire TV, etc.

Is the CW among local channels?

Yes, it’s part of the American free-to-air channel. It is also aired in the English language.

Can I access the CW channel for free?

When you subscribe to a package, CW will be among the channel lineup. This you can stream using your choice of device without paying.

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