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What Channel Is CW On Optimum Updated Guide

What Channel Is CW On Optimum? – Updated Guide 2021

If you are a fan of some major TV series and shows such as Nancy Drew, All American, Walker, Two sentences Horror stories, or Supergirl, you might want to know what channel is CW on Optimum.

You’ve probably never spent a day without turning your TV on unless you are not at home.

The fact is we all need a break after managing all the day-to-day chores and office stuff and there’s no better way to do this than catching up with your favorite movie, TV show, or series.

The moment we enter our homes in the evening or during our days off, we need to look for a channel where our favorite shows and TV shows are airing.

In this post, we’ll analyze the best places where you can tune in to watch these shows on CW on optimum and at the same time recommend the top best shows to watch right now on CW.

Optimum TV is a top provider of cable TV in the US offering a couple of decent channels.

If you are an active Optimum subscriber, you can actually watch the best sports shows, news, kids’ shows, and a lot more.

One of the most-watched channels on Optimum is CW because of its high quality, entertaining, and educating shows. But with the growing channel lineup on Optimum, CW is not easy to spot.

CW is run by The CW New York under a joint venture with CBS entertainment Group and ViacomCBS.

The channel was inaugurated in 2006 and during this day, they premiered two hours of the Seventh Cycle of America’s Next Model.

The CW channel was initially targeted towards women between the age of 18 and 34 but in 2011, they started including programs that attracted both genders.

Everyone in the US is attracted to the CW channel because of the quality of shows and because there’s content for almost everyone on the list. Today, you can watch reality shows, kids’ programs, comedy, dramas, and action series.

If you are an active Optimum subscriber, you can easily watch some favorite shows such as One Tree Hill, Supernatural, and Gilmore Girls.

What channel is CW on Optimum in New York?

One thing I forgot to tell you is that the CW channel number varies differently depending on where you are in real-time. In New York, for example, you can find this channel on channel number 11. To be sure, check the below table with details.

Channel Name Channel Number in New York
CW 11

What channel is CW on Optimum in NJ?

You can watch your favorite movies and series on CW in any city in NJ without any worries as long as you are an active Optimum TV subscriber.

It doesn’t matter whether you are in Bayonne, Oakland, Hamilton, Newark, or Matamoras, you can watch CW on Optimum channel number 11.

Channel Name Channel Number
CW 11

What channel is CW on Optimum in Long Island?

If you live in any city in Long Island such as Brookhaven, Lynbrook, Great Neck, Hauppauge, or East Hampton, then you are lucky to find this channel on channel Number 11 just like the case with New York.

Channel Name Channel Number in Long Island
CW 11

What channel is CW on Optimum in Connecticut?

In Connecticut, CW is found on different channel numbers depending on the city where you are located. If you live in Norwalk, New Haven, and Bridgeport, you can watch your favorite show and series on channel number 11.

In New Haven, it is 11 (WPIX) and 20 (WCCFT). For those in Litchfield, you can get this channel on channel number 12 on Optimum. Check the table below for details.

City Channel Number
Litchfield 12
New Haven 11 (WPIX), 20 (WCCT)
Bridgeport 11
Norwalk 11

Top 3 Most Popular shows to watch on CW

Are you wondering which is the best show that you can watch on CW right now and what are some of the upcoming shows that you can catch up with?

If yes, then you have a plethora of shows to choose from. However, we’ll only talk about the three most popular TV shows that have attracted a lot of attention on CW in 2021.


Walker just took the title of the most-watched shows on CW. This is a title that was previously captured by DC Legends of Tomorrow. Walker pulled a relatively higher audience during the last years.

Walker is an American action crime TV series that is on CW right now. If you are one of the people that would want to have some sort of action entertainment, then this is the show for you.

Two Sentence Horror Stories

Here is an American anthology horror TV series currently on CW that you can watch right now. The show was acquired by CW for airing in the US. It has been with us since 2019 and has equally gunned a lot of attention over time.


Supergirl is a cool series about 24-year-old Kara Zor-El, a young woman who traveled from Krypton and made her way to Earth, where she was adopted by the Danvers family. If you are wondering if Supergirl is related to the famous Superman, then the answer is yes. They are cousins, their fathers were brothers.


What number is CW on Optimum?

CW is available with Optimum TV Core and Optimum TV Premier. It’s available on channel number 11. However, the channel number can change with time and depend on where you are in real-time.

What is the CW on-demand on Optimum?

You can access the CW on-demand on Optimum from the free on Demand menu channel number 500. This will be on the Prime Time show category. You can as well access it through the Optimum App in the Prime Time shows section.


Optimum TV subscription is one of the best ways you can unwind after retiring home from a busy day at work or running your errands.

It is a solid choice for people that want to watch some popular shows on CW such as Walker, Masters of Illusion, Fridge wards, in the Dark, Devils, and many others.


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