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What Channel Is ESPN On AT&T Updated Guide

What Channel Is ESPN On AT&T? – Updated Guide 2022

When you are a sports lover, every match matters. There is no way you can afford to miss out on a hair raising action-packed game. As such, it becomes mandatory to learn what channel is ESPN on AT&T.

This is the sports channel that will satiate your hunger for sports entertainment. It meticulously covers all the great content including game highlights, previews, scores, and major live events for the MLB, NFL, NBA College Football, and more.

Therefore, if you’ve got a subscription with AT&T, ESPN should surely be among the sports channel on your TV lineup.

Let’s further discuss the details about ESPN and help uncover the channel number so that you can start watching the latest matches right away.

A brief background of ESPN

People love sports because it’s something that brings about a common excitement. It also has a way of unifying and bonding us regardless of our interests and differences.

Since its launch in 1979 ESPN has been tapping into the people’s love and enthusiasm for sports. The channel offers top-notch sports programming for its millions of viewers nationwide.

It’s currently the most-watched sports-oriented TV channel in the country.

ESPN channel is a big deal among the sports-crazy fans. They rely on this TV network for the high-quality coverage of a wide variety of sports such as soccer, tennis, golf, rugby, basketball, and baseball just to mention a few. It’s impossible to go wrong with a channel like ESPN by your side.

Which channel number is ESPN on AT&T?

It’s pretty common for ESPN viewers not to know the channel number it airs on. The truth is most of the cable TV channels have numbers that vary with the many different locations.

This means if you’ve moved to a new location or house, the channel number needed to tune in to ESPN on AT&T might have changed. That said, it shouldn’t be concerning because there exists an easy fix.

Rather than spend half of your free time rummaging through a massive channel guide, use our table guide below here. It will not only ease your burden but also save precious time.

Channel Name Channel Number
ESPN HD 1602

Popular shows on ESPN

Pardon the Interruption

This show actually stays true to its title because the hosts argue on various topics and often interrupt each other. Pardon the Interruption is hosted by Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon.

They provide analysis of headlines to sports fans that do not have time to read an article. That said, the half-hour show airs on weekdays at the same time. Most of the topics are either football or basketball, but some other topics are covered.

Around the Horn

This is very similar to Pardon the Interruption. It is hosted by Woody Paige, Michael Smith, Max Kellerman, and J.A. Adande. Each host provides their own opinion on various sporting news that are debated within a given time limit. You will notice that the format of this show is almost similar to Pardon the Interruption, but with more people.


This is probably one of ESPN’s most known shows due to being in the title of the channel. This show provides sports fans with everything they need to know about their favorite teams.

It is shown four times every day at the following times: 5 am, 6 pm, 7 pm, and 10 pm. All-around-the-clock coverage of sports news for over five hours is what SportsCenter provides to its viewers, but it can be changed to include more sports depending on time of year.

SportsCenter is hosted by anchors Jay Harris, Hannah Storm, Steve Levy, John Buccigross, Darren Rovell, and Dana Jacobson.


SportsNation is an interactive show in which the fans share their comments, opinions, and knowledge about various sports. It demonstrates fan-dialogue and sports banter and is very interactive.

Viewers can join in on the discussion via e-mail, phone, or online through Facebook and Twitter to share their thoughts with other viewers. SportsNation is hosted by Max Kellerman and Marcellus Wiley with fan reaction demonstrated by Cari Champion.

Monday Night Countdown

While many football fans are eager about the Sundays, it’s not always the case when a popular team has a game set for Monday night. However, ESPN’s popular show Monday Night Countdown has still managed to gain popularity despite its 6 PM time slot.

The show covers teams that are playing in the Monday night games with all the highs and lows included. The show is hosted by Chris Berman along with commentators Cris Carter, Mike Ditka, Tom Jackson, Keyshawn Johnson, and Steve.

Many viewers look forward to the previews, pregame specials, player profiles, and game analysis that the show provides for Monday night games. Also, a good number of popular football players who have been invited to appear on the show include Drew Brees, Tony Dungy, Dan Marino, and Eli Manning.

Sunday NFL Countdown

This is a weekly show that covers NFL games played during the weekend. The show also provides predictions, updates, and discussions on past and present football teams.

It also features all the NFL action that occurred during that week. Sunday NFL Countdown has earned quite a reputation for breaking down and analyzing the NFL stories and happenings.


For many people, catching a game on the ESPN channel is how they start or end a long day. This makes it an important part of any channel lineup. And with a reliable cable TV service like AT&T, you’re on the way to an exciting experience.


What sports channels are on AT&T TV?

You’ll find various sports networks on AT&T TV including NBCSN, Fox Sports 1, NBA TV, MLB Network, and the much-loved ESPN.

Does AT&T have ESPN?

Yes, catch the latest sporting events and games on ESPN on channel 1602 with AT&T.

Is ESPN free with AT&T?

A subscription is required to access the content on the ESPN channel with the AT&T TV service.

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