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What Channel Is Fuse On Xfinity Updated Guide

What Channel Is Fuse On Xfinity? – Updated Guide 2022

If you are a lover of non-stop music or you have a party going on then you are probably wondering what channel is Fuse on Xfinity?

According to science, when people listen to music, endorphins are released in the brain. Endorphins are hormones naturally produced in the brain to reduce pain and instead boost pleasure. The result is a feeling of well-being that triggers positive thoughts. 

Fuse is a channel for music lovers, and this makes it a must-have on your lineup. That being said, this channel goes beyond music. It airs talk shows, documentaries, news, comedy specials, and live music events.

On that note, we will take this opportunity to discuss more of the Fuse channel. Also, find details on the trendy shows you can catch on the channel these days.

A brief history of Fuse

Fuse channel was launched in 1994, and it was initially dedicated to music. The channel was the official television partner for some chosen major music events and even aired the likes of the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival.

It also entered a partnership for video syndication. The partnership allows Fuse channel to syndicate Vevo’s music video and entertainment programming.

This includes broadcasting live music events, exclusive music video premiers, and original series.

But following its merge with NuvoTV back in 2015, it shifted focus to general entertainment and lifestyle programs that target multicultural young adults.

While Fuse was doing quite well as a TV network, it still faced immense competition from popular networks and digital outlets.

Eventually, in 2014, SiTV, which was the parent company of the Latino-oriented network NuvoTV, acquired Fuse.

A relaunch of the channel occurred the following year, complete with a new logo and branding. There was also new programming added to its catalog.

But even with the relaunch and expanded programming beyond music, Fuse continued to spiral downwards.

Several cable operators had already discontinued their carriage. Both Comcast and Verizon announced they would be dropping Fuse and its sister channel FM from Xfinity and FiOS at the beginning of 2019.

They cited lack of viewership as the main reason for this decision. With two of the major carriage systems gone, Fuse TV could no longer reach as many viewers.

The channel’s parent company, Fuse Media, filed for bankruptcy protection in November 2020. The company cited lost coverage on Comcast and Verizon systems.

What channel number is Fuse on Xfinity?

Unfortunately, the Fuse channel isn’t available on Xfinity TV. As such, there isn’t a channel number for Fuse on Xfinity.

Comcast, which is a top US cable provider, dropped Fuse from Xfinity on 1st January 2019. The president and CEO of Fuse Media, Michael Schimmer, had issued a statement saying the decision was surprising and troubling.

He added that Fuse met all of Comcast’s financial demands and there were no other requirements communicated to them.

According to Schimmer, removing the network from Xfinity meant Comcast was silencing an independent media company devoted to providing a platform for all-inclusive voices.

On the other hand, Comcast was quick to address the dropping of Fuse. Comcast mentioned that the content on Fuse was pretty much similar to that available on other networks like BET and TV One.

This implied Fuse had poor ratings compared to the other multicultural networks on Xfinity.

Top shows to watch on Fuse

The Fuse may not be accessible on Xfinity, but it doesn’t mean you can’t at least be aware of the binge-worthy shows on the channel.

Besides, you might switch service providers and land on one with Fuse on its lineup.

The Hollywood Puppet Show

This comedy series is hosted by Wilmer Valderrama. It features celebrities describing their untold wild adventures.

Fortunately, as they tell their stories, their appearance is in the form of puppets re-enacting the tales. Find stories of your favorite celebs like Terry Crews, Joe Jonas, Amber Rose, Lil Jon, and more.

T-Pain’s School of Business

Well, you know T-Pain as a hip-hop artist. Well, it turns out he is a man of many talents and in this case, understands business.

He explores and reveals the most innovative and exceptional players in the entrepreneurial game. These are mostly passionate millennial entrepreneurs who are eager to define the future.

Sugar and Toys

This is a live-action television series that premiered on Fuse in 2019. It is an assortment of animated shorts on children’s programming. Keep an eye out for musical parodies that only the millennials would understand.

The 212

The 212 is centered on the lives of a group of breakout millennials living in New York. They are living their dreams by earning money from the things they love to do.

There are no constraints or stresses of typical 9 to 5 jobs. All they want is to succeed on their terms with complete confidence in their talents and identities.

Hip Hop Houdini

Witness magician Tomas B. De la Cruz Jr., aka Smoothini wow top hip hop artists with his unique and amazing tricks.

He invites various celebrity guests to the show, including Iggy Azalea, Lil Jon, Fat Joe, and Becky G. Then, during the interviews, he gets to know them and even reveals something completely unknown about each artist.

Social Fabric

Designer Kyle Ng travels the world in a quest to find out what certain fabrics and clothing mean, their origin, and cultural significance.

He meets with designers, celebrity stylists, fashion connoisseurs, and global artisans to gather as much knowledge as possible on examining clothing as art.


Comcast dropped Fuse from its services. That said, it’s still a favorite TV network for many viewers across the US.

If you are a fan and want to access the content on Fuse, it would be better to get a service provider that offers the channel.


Does Xfinity have Fuse?

Unfortunately, Fuse was removed from the Xfinity TV service. This was effective on 1st January 2019.

Is the Fuse channel free?

You can only stream the Fuse channel for free with live streaming services. Most of the time, there is a free trial for a given number of days.

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