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What Channel Is Game Show Network On FiOS Updated Guide

What Channel Is Game Show Network On FiOS? – Updated Guide 2022

Game shows are top-rated and interesting. And rightly so! As such, it’s sensible to discuss what channel is Game Show Network on FiOS.

Game shows go way back to the radio days. They’ve been a television staple for as long as the medium was invented.

The thing about game shows is that people never get tired of them. That’s why they have existed for as long as anyone can remember.

Another thing is that they come in a variety of forms, including quizzes, puzzles, sweeps, and so on.

For something that still attracts a large audience, it’s only reasonable that there should be TV networks dedicated to it.

Well, say no more because the Game Show Network exists to provide the best interactive game shows in the industry.

A game show attracts an audience when it’s engaging and fun. Even the viewers at home want to feel like they are a part of it and can enjoy it just as much.

This is what makes these shows a television staple. It gets better when you can find your favorite game show channel on a reputable provider like FiOS.

A brief history of Game Show Network

Many of the shows from the early days are still on television and being watched by an enthusiastic audience. That said, a large majority of the shows are reboots or revivals of the classics.

TV Networks like Game Show Network like to breathe new life into the old shows because they know what the viewers want.

Besides, game shows with a tried and true format often stay relevant indefinitely.

The Game Show Network joined the scene back in 1994. Owned by Sony Pictures Television, the cable channel had already acquired 40,000 episodes of game shows from libraries of several production companies at the time of its launch.

The initial lineup on Game Show Network (GS) was made up exclusively of acquired programming, including popular classics like Newlywed Game, Jeopardy, Family Feud, and Wheel of Torture. Eventually, the channel began to produce original game shows to add to its library.

The programming on Game Show Network is primarily devoted to game shows. Some of the programs include reruns of acquired shows alongside revived and original game shows.

The channel is carried primarily through satellite and cable TV services. It’s been doing quite well and claims to have reached about 75 million households in America.

What channel number is Game Show Network on FiOS?

FiOS is a reputable and speedy fiber-optic TV service that often stands out from the rest of the TV providers. Due to its limited availability, not everyone can get access to this TV service.

On the sunny side, it does come with a couple of perks, like a personalized channel lineup to ensure it’s tailored to your preferences.

If you’re a major fan of game shows, FiOS allows you the chance to choose Game Show Network as one of your top favorite channels. Well, that’s a pretty awesome perk you probably won’t get from any other TV provider.

But with such an extensive channel lineup, it can be tricky to find Game Show Network on FiOS. We don’t know about you, but people don’t usually have the time and patience to search through an entire on-screen TV guide to find a channel.

In that case, it would be easier to skip the trouble and use the channel number. We have done the due diligence and found the channel number for Game Show Network on FiOS.

Channel Name Channel Number
Game Show Network SD 184
Game Show Network HD 684

Top shows to watch on the Game Show Network

Game Show Network airs many shows, which can overwhelm anyone who isn’t sure what to watch. Here are our picks of some of the best shows to watch on the channel right now.

Family Feud

Family Feud is a popular and one of the longest-running game shows on the Game Show Network. It’s well-known and attracts an enormous audience from across the country.

The active and easy to play along game show involves families that are pit against each other. They have to answer a series of questions before three stripes appear on the screen.

America Says

Hosted by John Michael Higgins, this show features two teams of four competing to guess the top answers for some survey questions.

Each team has only 30 seconds to guess seven answers correctly. The first player to answer will keep guessing the rest of the quizzes until the guess is wrong, at which point control is passed on to the next player in line.

Common Knowledge

Joey Fatone hosts common Knowledge. Two teams consisting of three players are required to answer everyday questions. The winning team proceeds to the bonus rounds.

Chain Reaction

Over the past few years, there have been various versions of this game. The current version premiered on GSN in February 2021.

The crust of the game is a word chain. In the chain, a specific number of words are connected in a way. Both the word at the top and bottom of the chain are revealed. Contestants are required to fill in the word chains based on the revealed words.

Deal or No Deal

This is another excellent show on GSN. A contestant has to choose one briefcase from a selection of 26 and then eliminate cases from the game. This one will keep you at the edge of the seat with immense tension.

Match Game

This is ranked as one of the best game shows on television. The hilarious combination of celebrities and contestants has always resulted in funny responses that keep the show engaging and exciting.

Using the given prompts, contestants must fill the blank and hope it’s the same answer as the celebrity panelist.


How can I watch Game Show Network?

You can watch Game Show Network through cable or satellite TV service. Also, streaming services like Philo and Sling TV carry Game Show Network and all its programs.

Does Game Show Network have an app?

Yes, download the latest Game Show Network app on your android or iOS device.

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