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What Channel Is HGTV On Dish Updated Guide

What Channel Is HGTV On Dish? – Updated Guide 2021

This piece of writing will help you figure out what channel is HGTV on Dish. Have you ever found yourself flipping through channels on a lazy Sunday afternoon only to become ensnared by a home tour of an appealing and amazing property?

And then, out of the blue, the day has ended, and it’s bedtime. You didn’t even notice how much time had passed. Somehow you’ve managed to watch incredible home renovations, people seeking and buying properties in a new location, and learned a great deal about hiring a contractor to make the most out of your living space.

Arguably, that’s the HGTV rabbit hole. This niche channel designed to provide content on home improvements and real estate has a way of enticing the best and worst in us.

With that said, if you want the ultimate satisfaction of real estate investments or home improvements, you need to watch a couple of shows on HGTV. Hop on for more about this awesome TV network.

HGTV – A word about the channel

Founded in 1994, HGTV is an American pay-tv network owned and controlled by Discovery Inc. The network primarily airs reality programming related to real estate, home renovations, and improvements.

It targets an audience consisting of current and would-be homeowners who want to make the most out of their living spaces.

HGTV covers everything, including looking for a home to transform, setting it up, finding a reliable and experienced contractor, and how to boost the value of a home.

The network features experts and professionals in the field with years of experience in renovating homes. The transformations and pleasing aesthetics will leave you reeling in awe.

HGTV is doing quite well for a niche channel and has been a tremendous success over the years. This is because utilizing the content on HGTV is more like indulging in your favored comfort food.

It gets your creative juices flowing while at the same time letting you follow the stories of other people closely. With a thoughtfully curated massive selection of shows, this is one of the most preferred TV networks in the United States.

It is estimated to have reached about 95 million homes with a pay-tv subscription.

What channel number is HGTV on Dish?

HGTV is a niche TV network, but this hasn’t stopped it from receiving a massive following among American viewers. It offers invaluable entertainment that appeals to people from basically all walks of life.

You will barely find a person who’s not interested in what the channel has to showcase. That’s why it gets carriage from most of the common cable and satellite TV service providers.

Dish Network reigns supreme by offering a handful of popular channels at a reasonable monthly bill when it comes to satellite TV.

For instance, the most basic package comes with close to two hundred TV channels. The only thing left is to find HGTV and begin to binge-watch some of its fantastic shows.

Typically, a large channel lineup means more time spent looking for your favorite TV network. However, things don’t have to be this way because you can always use the channel number instead.

So skip the task of browsing the entirety of your Dish channel lineup to make a note of where HGTV is. Rather, check below for the channel number of HGTV on Dish. This will make tuning in a piece of cake.

Channel Name Channel Number
HGTV 112

The best HGTV shows

Even though HGTV is very specific about its niche, there is never a lack of high-quality content on the network. It keeps content fresh and interesting to ensure the viewers are entertained.

Home Town

If you live or have once visited the small towns of America, you are well aware of how dull their downtowns can be. It’s such a letdown to pass by closed-down pop shows, worn down and depressing real estate, and not to mention the almost non-existent commerce.

Well, in the show Home Town, real-life couple Erin and Ben Napier set out to renovate small townhouses and introduce something stylish.

Good Bone

Good Bone is one of those feel-good shows. A dynamic mother-daughter duo team up to take on run-down properties and turn them into appealing homes in the neighborhood.

Instead of demolishing and putting up new constructions, they renovate the homes and restore them to their former glory.

Love It or List It

Home renovation expert Hilary Farr and interior designer David Visentin get into action whenever a homeowner is unimpressed with their current home.

Hilary’s work is to renovate the homes and tackle the unsightly and hated items. David finds a new property that complies with everything on the homeowner’s list.

At the end of the episode, the homeowner has to decide whether they’ll keep the improved property or upgrade.

Property Brothers

This show features Jonathan and Drew Scott. They help new couples and families find properties and then conduct incredible renovations and improvements.

The buyers have to pay for the new home and renovations upfront. The rest is left in the able hands of the brothers. There is a final reveal, which is often a tense moment for the viewers and buyers.

House Hunters International

This show goes worldwide to help aspiring homeowners find a good overseas home. The truth is moving can be nerve-wracking, but moving overseas increases the stress exponentially.

The highlight of this show is watching couples decide what they want in a home and picking a property they will live in.

Flip or Flop

Putting in plenty of time and effort can do magic and increase the value of a house tremendously. In Flip or Flop, Christina and Tarek pick a worn-down property and renovate it to sell at a profit. The transformation that occurs will leave you in awe.


Will HGTV be on Dish Network?

HGTV is part of the Dish Network channel lineup. You can find it on channel 112 on Dish.

What Dish channel will you find Love it or List it?

Love it or List it is a reality TV show that airs on the HGTV channel.

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