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What Channel Is HLN On FiOS

What Channel Is HLN On FiOS – Updated Guide 2022

The article will try to explain what channel is HLN on FiOS. Verizon Fios cable TV is one of the most popular cable providers in the USA.

Previously, HLN stood for headline News, CNN and even CNN2. It was the American Cable News, managed and owned by Waner Media. Waner Media is affiliated with AT&T Inc. Their programming is similar in content to CNN but new programming is scheduled for the daytime and a part of it is totally dedicated to reporting crimes.

The Channel originally came into existence in the year 1982, named CNN2 as a supposed blueprint of CNN. In the format, a segment was updated regularly to make it a bit different. This segment covered areas that include Weather, Biz news, Sports news, and entertainment.

However, before the official Launching of the channel, the name was changed to Headline News, and subsequently to CNN Headline News. About two months after it was launched, an automated record system was introduced to the HLN this system cycles the segments in a format that is prerecorded. The importance of this achievement is that the need to air live was removed.

The channel made a lot of divergence in 2001, first taking the form of Rolling News, then it began to anchor some live programmings. A block of primetime was later added featuring programs that are pundit-based.

What channel is HLN on FiOS

The Headline News Channel, HLN offers segmented round-the-clock updates on the news available for that day. Any top story making its round is sure to be accessed on HLN. Also, other segments of programs like Headline Prime, Prime News Tonight, Showbiz Tonight, Nancy Grace, and a lot of others get to make their rounds in the evening, keeping you informed entertained, and glued to your television set.

What channel is HLN on FiOS

Channel Name Channel Number
HLN (TV network) 101

Top shows on HLN

Forensic Files II

Forensic Files II has run to its 3rd season and is one of the most renowned programs aired on HLN. It has featured about 32 sessions of reality investigations of various cases, ranging from ordinary, mysterious, and even unresolved murders. Scientists and forensic experts are engaged to unravel the cases.

Real-Life Nightmare

An original from the HLN series, but not for non-horror lovers. Features real-life crimes and disappearances that have had their toll on the world.

Lies, Crimes & Video

The bait for the program is from the video “Top Ten (10) disturbing 911 call” and recordings related to it. The interesting part of it is that Lies, Crimes & Video differ from the others because it talks about real-life cases. The viewers get to see surveillance videos, real recordings related to police investigations and listen in on 911 calls. You will be sure to experience the thrill and frustrations of resolving murders and rescue operations.

Morning Express with Robin Meade

The viewers are given a healthy dose of sports, weather, fast-paced lifestyle finance, travel, entertainment, and lots more as Rob Dillen Van talks about weather & air travels, Ward Hines on Sports, Knowles Melissa on the headlines, Westhoven Jennifer on Business & finance… and these are just to mention a few.

What happened

In the show, a widow is being accused by her mother-in-law of her husband’s murder. She was issued to court as the prime suspect. Meanwhile, a servant saw ‘what happened’ but will her testimony be vindictive?

CNN Special Report

The show is a documentary showing how CNN manages to provide us with the most complex, trending, and compelling stories in our society. It brings to our notice astonishing journeys, pressing issues, and lots more.

Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell

The show features discussions on tropical events, presenting them to the viewer from different viewpoints, just like a magazine.

Dr. Drew on Call

The show features Dr. Drew a medical doctor specializing in Addiction as he first becomes a media person, then episodes of how he gets the important work-life balance. The show also features talk shows on Addiction, effects of element abuse, family, sex, sometimes he even elucidates the details of some medical blunders.

Sex and Murder

A lineup of real stories revealing love’s secrets after it is collapsed by lies and transformed by passion into a sizzling mixture of emotions that have to be sorted out. These stories are better watched first hand.

Heads Up

Heads up is a series comedy where two friends who are also surrogate siblings come to care so much for each other. When their trust and loyalty are questioned in a game of poker, anger flare and they fight. A series exposing the thin line between love and hate and the intense emotions among siblings.

In Conclusion

HLN can be streamed on HLN live through xfinity.com/tv. and on many other devices, to give you unhindered access to your favorite TV show and movies. It can even be streamed on more than one device in a particular household. Xfinity TV gives you access to a whole lot of mind-blowing entertainment on HLN.

Frequently asked questions

How can I possibly watch the HLN channel?

HLN like lots of other channels can be streamed live via the website of the channel on any device, phone, desktop, or laptop. The HLN application is also available for Android/ iOS.

Can I access the HLN channel without charges?

HLN is free on Hulu live TV once you subscribe. Sling TV offers a 7-day free trial period before you subscribe. Hulu Live TV is renowned for its extended and interesting steaming library that can be watched on-demand or with a periodic subscription. Currently, Hulu Live TV features; more than 60 local channels of its own.

Is there a devoted app for HLN?

Yes! there is an application solely dedicated to HLN and alternatively, the website for HLN can be used to stream.

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