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What Channel Is INSP On Dish Updated Guide

What Channel Is INSP On Dish? – Updated Guide 2022

Are you a Dish TV user wondering what channel is INSP on Dish? If so, then you are not alone, many Dish Subscribers find it hard to pinpoint a channel among the thousands of the channels made available.

What this means is that you need someone to help you along the way. So what is the INSP channel? Is the INSP channel available on Dish? What Channel is INSP on Dish? What are some of the top TV shows to watch on INSP on Dish in 2021?

This post seeks to answer all the above questions and help you locate the INSP channel hustle-free.

What is INSP Channel?

INSP stands for Inspiration Network, also known as INSP is an American private television network. The channel was launched on April 29, 1984, and was founded by Paul Crouch Sr.

The Inspiration Network is owned by the company Crouch Holdings. The channel also has a sister channel named Smile of A Child which is aimed at children.

The Network focuses on family-oriented entertainment programming including talk shows; game shows; Westerns; drama series; mysteries; health and lifestyle features; documentaries; and Christian ministry shows.

The channel is aimed at family values-oriented adults, particularly those who attended church during their childhood and want to continue that tradition with their own families, while also earning money to support the same.

What Channel is INSP on Dish Network?

The channel INSP has been exclusively available on Dish Network since 2001. Yes, the INSP channel is available on Dish Network.

The channel also airs shows old and new on its movie block which includes faith-based movies intermingled with comedies, dramas, and series both past and present. You can watch this channel on channel number 259 on Dish Network as shown in the table below.

Channel Name Channel Number
INSP 259

Can I watch INSP on Dish without subscribing to the channel?

No, you can’t watch INSP on Dish without subscribing to the channel; this is because Dish Network has an exclusive contract that grants them advanced content and video-on-demand access.

However, if you are wondering whether you can watch INSP without cable, then we have got you.

How to watch INSP Channel without cable?

To watch INSP Channel, you do not need cable or Satellite TV. You can watch on several devices, including a computer, phone, or tablet, by simply turning to the proper channel.

You will be able to enjoy watching live shows and sporting events of this American Christian-based network at any time during the day on your television with the help of Dish Network.

Here are some of the streaming services where you can stream the INSP channel right now without cable;

  1. Roku
  2. Chromecast
  3. AppleTV
  4. FireTV.

Each of these services is $35 or less per month. You can also access your favorite INSP shows through its OTT app. Access is just $5 a month if you already subscribe to the service.

What are the top TV shows to watch on the INSP channel in 2021?

As earlier stated, the INSP Channel airs family-friendly entertainment content. Some popular movies include:

Touched by an Angel Mini-Series

The series generally revolve around the cases of Monica, who is played by Roma Downey, an angel recently promoted from the search and rescue division, who works under the guidance of Tess, that is played by wonderful Della Reese, a sarcastic boss who is sometimes hard on her young colleague, but is more of a surrogate mother than a mentor.


This TV show airs on INSP on weekdays from 10 AM, 11 AM, and 11 PM. It’s also available on weekends at the same time. It follows the story of a U.S Marshall who lives in the town of Dodge City, Kansas. The show is considered to be among the first westerns made for TV.

Raiders of the Lost Ark Raiders of the Lost Ark was produced by George Lucas and directed by Steven Spielberg. It was released a few years ago and has since become a classic for action and adventure films.

Mountain Men

This is another popular TV show that you can watch on INSP from Monday to Thursday at 8 PM ET. Mountain Men follows the lives of three mountain men who live in the Appalachian Mountains. These include Eustace Conway, Marty Meierotto, and Tom Oar.

Pony Express

The TV show aired on INSP will also be available on Dish Network anytime from Wednesday to Friday at 9 AM ET. Pony Express is an American Western drama that was created by Sam Rolfe and Herb Meadow.

Little House on the Prairie Set in Walnut Grove, Minnesota, this TV show is an American Western drama that aired on INSP from Monday to Friday at 4 PM ET until 1982 when it was transferred to the NBC network.

Highway to Heaven Michael Landon plays Jonathan Smith who dies in a car accident but returns to Earth as an angel. On earth, he is sent back to help people in need and judge their actions.

Wagon Train

Wagon Train has been with us on INSP for a very long time, The show airs on weekdays at 9 PM and 1 AM ET. Wagon Train is an American Western TV Series based on the 1957 John Ford movie.


Are There Any Other Channels Like INSP on Dish?

Yes, several other channels provide family-friendly entertainment; One of the biggest competitors is the Boomerang channel.

What channel is 249 on Dish?

You can watch INSP on channel number 249 on Dish right now. The channel number can vary depending on the provider. For example, it’s available on DirecTV channel Number 571.

What Does INSP stand for on TV?

This stands for Inspiration Network which is an American Digital Cable and Satellite faith-based TV channel.


In conclusion, the channel INSP is a family-orientated entertainment channel that airs top shows starting from 10 AM till 11 PM on weekdays and from 3 AM to 1 PM during weekends.

It can however be accessed from any part of the world as long as your device and Dish Network work hand in hand.