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What Channel Is NHL On Xfinity Updated Guide

What Channel Is NHL On Xfinity? – Updated Guide 2021

Have you recently subscribed to Xfinity and wondered what channel is NHL on Xfinity? If yes, then you are not alone; this is a central question that we usually get asked.

Games fanatics want to know where they can find weekly games without incurring an additional expense. In most cases, this is NHL, so there’s nothing better than learning how to find this channel with ease on Xfinity.

For cord-cutters that have subscribed to Xfinity, you can now enjoy NHL without any hassle. Here’s a post with all the information to help you with the most frequently asked questions.

We also have a dedicated section on our website wherein we answer some of the frequently asked questions. This is available for users who are looking forward to getting their questions answered by a team of experts.

Today, NHL is being broadcasted on NBCSN in partnership with Xfinity from Comcast. As you read along, we will provide an in-depth guide on where to find NHL and what channel number it is on Xfinity (it changes).

The article also enlightens you on where you can watch the games live on your screen by streaming NHL live online.

As a user of Xfinity, you should know that NBC Sports is the official broadcaster for the National Hockey League up until 2021.

The reason why NBCSN has come together with Comcast is to continue their successful collaboration. This collaboration will also ensure that they deliver exciting games, more playoff games, and highlight shows.

NHL on Xfinity Overview

Xfinity is an American cable company with headquarters in the state of Massachusetts. Ralph J Roberts founded it in 1963.

The name Xfinity was derived from the word ‘experience’ to suggest that they are providing ‘unparalleled entertainment experiences for their users.

Xfinity was initially a division of Comcast, which is the largest broadcasting and cable TV company in North America (and around the world). You can watch NHL on Xfinity as long as you are subscribed to the top package.

Today, Comcast has two packages: Xfinity Internet and Xfinity TV. The Internet package requires that you take their home phone service too.

You’ll be able to enjoy NHL on Xfinity without any additional costs, but you will need to subscribe to their top package.

What channel is NHL on Xfinity?

The biggest question that we get asked is ‘what channel is NHL on Xfinity’. In short, you can watch this hockey tournament once a week on the NBCSN channel.

To know what channel number is NHL on Xfinity, you have to subscribe to the Xfinity TV from Comcast. This will give you access to the channels that broadcast NHL on Xfinity.

To enjoy watching your favorite games, you will have to go into the Sports Category as NBCSN is a sports channel. This is found on channel Number 29 for NBCSN, channel 259 for NBCSN (HD) as shown in the table below.

Channel Name Channel Number on Xfinity
NBCSN (HD) 259

Top 6 Most Popular TV show to watch on NHL in 2021/2022 Season

There are several TV shows that you can watch on NHL during the 2021/2022 season. We have done a little research and listed them below to help you with this.


This show comes on NHL on Weekdays, 4-6 PM ET. The TV show gets ready for action with the Arena Cam Interviews and analysis. It includes information from the country, commentary from correspondents throughout the game, and interviews with current and older players and Team Personnel.

NHL Tonight

This is all about NHL news, highlights, and analysis from the previous week. The show is every weeknight, 7-9 PM ET. It includes News from NHL teams and players with interviews about the latest news in the League.

NHL Overtime

It is the best way to watch your favorite games online without bidding for cable TV nowadays. This comes LIVE (every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday) on NHL at 5:30 PM ET.

It is a condensed show of all the highlights from the previous night. The show features thrilling plays and interviews with players on the Team of the Week.

NHL Top 10

This is a great show that comes on NHL on Sunday mornings from 10 AM-11 AM ET. This includes highlights from the previous night as well as an analysis of players and teams that have made a serious impact on the League.

On The Fly – Nightly, After the games

This show is on NHL at 10:00 PM ET and lasts for one hour. This includes an analysis of the previous games. You can enjoy top goals and saves of the previous night and get a preview of upcoming games from people who have been in the League for many years.

NHL Top Shelf

This is another show that can be enjoyed on NHL on Saturday nights from 9-10 PM ET. This includes highlights and analysis of the best plays with interviews with players of the week, newcomers, and newcomers to the League.

Where Can I Watch NHL Live Stream?

You can watch NHL live streams on NBC Sports, MSG, Westwood One Radio, and many other channels. If the Game is On NBCSN, then you can watch NHL regular season on Xfinity TV channel 29 (SD), 431 (HD).


What channel is NHL on?

NHL will be shown on ABC Network, ESPN, TNT, TBS, and several Internet streaming services such as Hulu, ESPN+. You can find the ESPN channel on channel number 29 on Xfinity. You can as well use any other streaming site to watch the game.

Who carries NHL Network?

There are several other places where you can watch the NHL networks. You can watch on Sling TV, DirecTV, Fubo TV, DirecTV stream, and Xfinity. All these will air all the 90 nationally televised games in the 2021/2022 season.

What channel is the hockey Game on Tonight on Comcast?

The only way to watch NHL on Xfinity today is to head to NHLN on channel number 822. You can also watch this channel in different other ways especially through streaming services.


Trying to watch NHL on Xfinity can be a little bit frustrating especially when several other channels will air the game.

However, if you take your time and follow our guidelines then it will only be a matter of a few minutes before you can get all the necessary information.

Watch hockey tonight on NBCSN, ESPN+, Sling TV, Fubo TV, and Amazon Fire TV Stick. Check your local listing because they always change especially when it comes to Sports.



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