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What Channel Is PBS On FiOS Updated Guide

What Channel Is PBS On FiOS? – Updated Guide 2021

In case you are eager to know what channel is PBS on FiOS then read on.

PBS is an acronym for ‘Public Broadcasting Service’. Public Broadcasting Service is an American membership organization that uses media partners to deliver programming and services to the public.

Through media stations, Public Broadcasting Service is here to entertain, inform and educate you on the day-to-day activities and top shows and movies.

Below is a good guideline and detailed explanation of where you can find PBS on FiOS inclusive of the shows and movies relevant for information and entertainment.

The American membership organization was formed in 1969 to facilitate the interconnection of the public through programming and services of high quality.

In fact, Public Broadcasting Service has good news for the public. All viewers using their devices can now live stream local PBS stations for free so long as they are accessible to a good internet connection.

To add to that, more stations will make available to you in the future. Indeed, this is a worthwhile innovation to facilitate a larger reach to the general public at the comfort of your handset device.

Public Broadcasting Service is headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, United States of America. It is also located in other American cities such as Boston, Phoenix, and Chicago.

The organization is private and a not-for-profit entity owned by its member public TV stations. For it to be able to run the operations, the organization receives funding from its member stations.

There are more than 330 member stations that operate in 50 states under Public Broadcasting Service.

Verizon FiOS

FiOS is an acronym standing for ‘Fiber Optic Service.’ Verizon FiOS also known as FiOS, is an internet-based fiber-optic communication that is accessible on telephones and television services.

The Fiber Optic Service is available in the states and was founded on September 22, 2005. It has its headquarters in New York. It is similar to PBS in that, it operates in the television, telephone, and internet industry.

In fact, their cheapest package is ‘Your FiOS TV + FiOS Home Internet 200 Mbps’ which comes at a fee of $89.99 or more.

This is quite an affordable offer considering the speed of the internet package. With this available, you can access PBS quickly and without any internet buffer.

What channel is PBS on FiOS?

Having demystified and elaborated on PBS and FiOS, it would be wise to identify the channel where you can easily find Public Broadcasting Service on Fiber Optic Service.

The local PBS HD is on both channel 521 and channel 513 on FiOS.

Channel Name Channel Number
Local PBS HD 521
Local PBS HD 513

It is also important to recognize that Public Broadcasting Service has various channels.

As viewers, you have a variety of options to choose from and therefore, it is clear that the American organization is here to ensure that you are well equipped with all the resourceful information you would need.

Below are some of the highlighted channels you would alternatively choose to watch.

Channels on PBS

PBS SoCal 1

It is the primary HD channel with contains the full lineup of PBS shows. The channel is home to people living in South California.

PBS SoCal 2

This channel is responsible for the re-airing of PBS programs inclusive of local and regional programming. It is channel 52 on Public Broadcasting Service (PBS).


This channel airs on news, documentaries, and nonfictional shows to the general public. From this, viewers can be educated on the current trends going on in the country.

PBS SoCal Kids

It is responsible for entertaining children through animations, comics, and comedies. The channel is also educative to children as they tend to air innovative content to prospective viewers.

Top TV shows on PBS

There are very many shows on PBS. It has got you covered in terms of documentaries, news, and even movies and series.

Whatsoever your tastes and preferences, the American organization in conjunction with its member stations offer you guaranteed fulfillment of your desires.

These are some of them you expect to find;

The Journey of the Corps of Discovery

It is an American documentary show. The show is about Lewis and Clark who were on expeditions where they discovered scientific plants on their journey.

This is just but a brief overview of the documentary which is educative and was shot in 1997.

Austin City Limits

It is the longest-running show in American television history. The show majors in music, music legends, and the best innovators of all time from every genre.

Actually, events are organized where music stars such as Billie Eilish and Miley Cyrus perform and the show is covered on PBS.

Mister Rodgers’ Neighborhood

Pre-school children are fully catered for in this series. The American half-hour series was created by Fred Rodgers.

PBS has also highlighted that the series is suitable to be viewed by all ages. Therefore, as a parent, it must be fun having quality time with your family watching the series.


What channel is PBS Kids in Arlington?

PBS Kids is on channel number 26.3 for the people living in Arlington, Virginia. As a parent, you are advised to encourage your kids to watch the educative PBS Kids.

Some of the shows airing include Clifford the Big Red Dog, Dinosaur Train, and Elinor Wonders Why.

How do I access my local PBS station?

Tap on Local station, then go to zip code which will enable you to search for a station you wish by feeding in your state name. when the list of stations appears, choose the station you wish to localize.

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