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What Channel Is TBN On FiOS Updated Guide

What Channel Is TBN On FiOS? – Updated Guide 2021

Are you a fan of Christian content and wondering what channel is TBN on FiOS and what are some of the best Christian content you can watch on TBN in 2021?

If so, then you are not alone. Many FiOS users find it stressful to find specific channels, especially because there are thousands of channels on FiOS Channel Lineup.

This is the main reason why we are here today, to help you find the channel and at the same time watch your favorite religious series and TV show at the comfort of your seat.

But before that, we have to make sure you know what is TBN and whether this channel is available on FiOS.

What is TBN?

Trinity Broadcasting Network, often abbreviated TBN, is an American Christian television network. The network is owned by the Trinity Broadcasting Network, Inc., a privately held, non-profit organization based in Los Angeles, California.

The network is broadcast to 257 million households worldwide.

TBN’s headquarters are in Los Angeles, California. The network’s programming is broadcast from studios in West Chester, Pennsylvania; and from studios in Sun Valley, California.

The network’s flagship program, World News Tonight With David Boze is broadcast from studios in Los Angeles.

TBN launched in 1982 as Christian Television Network. The network was founded by evangelical broadcaster C. Peter Wagner.

The network’s first program was The 700 Club, hosted by Pat Robertson. The network’s slogan was ‘The Network That Can Change Your Life.’

Is TBN available on FiOS?

FiOS TV brings you the top Entertainment, News, Sports, and Kids programming in stunning High Definition.

Your account comes with 100+ channels of award-winning HDTV programming including access to 2,000+ On Demand shows & movies, giving you something for everyone in your family.

Plus, each FiOS TV channel is powered by X1 with Cloud DVR. And for sports fans, FiOS offers unlimited access to NFL SUNDAY TICKET on 200+ channels!

Watch the most popular programming the way it was meant to be seen with FiOS TV! This means that TBN is available on FiOS regardless of where you are in real-time.

The network is carried in the United States by Verizon FiOS, DirecTV, AT&T U-verse, Dish Network, Xfinity, WOW!, and Frontier Communications.

It is also carried by Bell TV in Canada. The network is also available in the United Kingdom and Ireland; Latin America; Europe; Asia; Africa, the Middle East, and Oceania. TBN is also available via satellite in Asia and Oceania.

TBN’s slogan is ‘God, Family, and Country.’ The network’s programs are primarily focused on Christian programmings, such as original news magazines, religious-themed dramas, and dramas and documentaries about Christianity.

TBN provides ‘inspirational’ programming for viewers who do not subscribe to traditional Christian denominations.

TBN provides 24 hours a day, seven days a week of commercial-free inspirational programming that uplifts and strengthens families and aids viewers in empowering their lives by applying biblical values to every area.

Through much-needed services, including crisis pregnancy care and a nationwide prison ministry, to a large variety of community outreach programs, TBN is a catalyst for positive change in the world.

What channel is TBN on FiOS?

TBN channel numbers can vary depending on the provider and few other factors. If you are an AT&T U-verse Subscriber, then you can watch this channel right now on channel 560(SD) and channel 1560(HD).

If you are a Pluto TV subscriber, you can find this channel on channel number 635 (HD). Back to the question of the day, what channel is TBN on FiOS?

The channel number can vary depending on where you live. However, most viewers will find TBN on channel number 295 (HD) on Verizon FiOS as shown in the table below.

Channel Name Channel Number
TBN 295

Top 6 Most Popular TV shows to watch on TBN

Trinity Broadcasting Network is a Christian TV network broadcasting in English to more than 200 countries.

TBN has a wide mix of programming, featuring all the well-known religious big-name preachers and religious programs that you would expect from a Christian TV channel, but it also features a lot of entertainment programs that are not normally seen on Christian TV networks.

The best in Christian TV entertainment can now be found on Trinity Broadcasting Network. Whether you’re looking for inspiring music, uplifting dramas, or educational programs, you’ll find it all here. Here are the top 6 Most Popular TV shows to watch on TBN.

Praise the Lord

The network’s first programming was the Christian television program Praise the Lord, which aired on September 1, 1979. This show is still airing and you wouldn’t want to miss a thing. If you have always wanted to get the best praise and worship show, then this is the best for you.


Osteen show airs at noon ET every day on TBN. It has different episodes each of them bringing inspiration and the best content for a Christian that wants to grow in the religious paths. It is one of the best live shows that you can watch now.

Enjoy everyday Life with Joyce Meyer

Here is another TV show that is airing on TBN from 5 am to 5:30 am ET. The show is hosted by an author and a Bible Teacher Joyce Meyer. The show shares the best encouragement to people that needs assistance to lead their everyday life.


Praise comes every day from 2 am-3 am ET. It’s one of the best inspiration talks and music shows that cover the faith, culture, and current trend on Christianity.

The Gospel Truth

Here is another show that comes from 5:30 am to 6 am ET. It is a show where the impact of the bible and the scripture is discussed.

Joseph Prince

Lastly, Joseph Prince show airs from 6:30 to 7 am every day. It is one of the best TV shows where Joseph prince shares encouragement messages and inspirations through Biblical teachings.


TBN is one of the most popular Religious based Channels in the US market. If you have been wondering which channel number you can find this channel on FiOS, then your answer is answered.

Watch the best faith-based shows such as Joel Osteen, Kingdom Connections, Steven Furtick, and Kingdom connections.

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