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What Channel Is Telemundo On AT&T TV Updated guide

What Channel Is Telemundo On AT&T TV? – Updated guide 2021

To get to know what channel is Telemundo On AT&T TV, read on to find out. Hispanics might be feeling they’re have limited options when it comes to Spanish Channels.

This is the gap being filled by Telemundo on AT&T TV. With this, the Hispanic community, have Spanish content to leverage on.

The channel has advanced to become the largest provider of Spanish content in the United States, hence providing content for the Latin American audience.

Telemundo was not the name when they started the operation. The channel was launched as NetSpan in 1984 but three years later, it was rebranded as Telemundo.

Since then, the channel has undergone other rebranding campaigns that boosted the channel to what it is today.

Over the years the ownership has also changed but the aim of the channel was not thwarted. Comcast is the current owner because they have a stake of 51%. Telemundo can now be accessed in different countries.

Telemundo’s Success over the years

The rebranding brought great success to Telemundo that the channel became popular. The channel as well attracted top personalities from other sister stations to Telemundo.

Some top anchors that migrated to Telemundo areas follow; Norberto Longo, Andres Cantor, Maria Celeste Arraras, Maria Antonieta Collins to mention a few.

The following are not left out; Pedro Fernandez, Lucero, and Laura Flores.

If it’s your wish to watch the amazing host on your screen, then you’ve to subscribe to the Telemundo channel on AT&T TV.

What you need is to search for your state/city, then the Telemundo channel.

What channel is Telemundo On AT&T TV?

Telemundo can be accessed on channel 406. The same applies to Telemundo East.

Channel Name Channel Number
Telemundo 406

Popular Shows on Telemundo

Un Nuevo Dia

This is a talk show to start your morning daily. It has been running consistently since 2008 when it was first launched.

On each episode, different hosts are invited to deliberate and discuss different trending issues on current affairs, entertainment, fun, humor, etc.

La Esclava Blanca

The story is about slavery, family, and love. Victoria had to travel to the United States to marry a wealthy man.

What people didn’t know is that Victoria had before now lived with a slave family who took her in and cared for her the moment, she lost her parents.

Now, her purpose is to return and free those families and return the kindness they offered to her.

Silvana sin Lana

The American telenovela is about Silvana and her family members. They once had the best things in life because they’re wealthy.

But Silvana’s husband was involved in fraud and police issued a warrant to arrest him, he had no option other than to flee town.

Without any money in her name, Silvana and her entire family must find a way to conquer this challenge and survive without their father.

El Fantasma de Elena

Elena together with her father runs a hotel while living their simple life. Things changed when she found a man (Eduardo) lying unconsciously in the forest.

Unknown to her, Eduardo was a wealthy businessman. She nursed him to full health, later she fell in love with him.

They later got married but things still can’t add up. Eduardo’s ex-wife was also named Elena. There are screams from the castle.

All these and more brought up the suspicion that her husband might be a member of a mythological race. The series has a making of a great story.


This is for those engrossed with the gypsy lifestyle. The show is about Maria Salome, a young girl from a gypsy who fell in love with Sebastian who is not from her tribe.

They meet in the fishing village of Topolobampo, where their love story started. How will she deal with the law that prohibits her from marrying a non-gypsy person?

With her tribe against this, she needs to fight for her life.

La Reina del Sur

This series was created based on the novel that was written by Arturo Pérez-Reverte. The first season was aired in 2011 and within seven years the second season was also ready.

The popularity of this telenovela is the reason why it made a comeback with a renewed third season.

The show centered on a young woman; Teresa Mendoza who was a drug trafficker. She became so popular that she controlled the entire South of Spain.

The show comprises suspense and plot twists that will make you want to watch more. The English subtitles make it possible for the non-Spanish speaker to watch it. You won’t regret watching this show; that’s a promise.

In Conclusion

The good thing about Telemundo is that it offers news, movies, sports, children’s programming, music videos, and most importantly, interesting telenovela shows that you won’t want to miss. All the signals are transmitted from the United States and Mexico headquarters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access Telemundo on AT&T TV?

By subscribing to AT&T TV, you’ll have access to some local channels among which Telemundo is. All the plans offered by AT&T are comprised of the same local channel.

Some of them include; ABC, FOX, CBS, NBC, CW, and the national Univision feed.

On AT&T directv, what channel is Telemundo?

Telemundo can be accessed on channel 406. The same applies to Telemundo East.

Are there other Spanish channels on AT&T TV?

AT&T offers a Spanish Bundle TV and internet plan. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to bundle your internet and TV services.

This gives you access to watch different Spanish-speaking channels, TV Shows, and movies. All these can be accessed on either DirecTV or AT&T TV subscriptions.


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