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What Channel Is The History Channel On Dish - updated guide

What Channel Is The History Channel On Dish? – Updated Guide 2021

Put everything aside, and let’s figure out what channel is the History channel on Dish. History is the perfect way to look at and understand the world around us. While we can read history in books, it’s also on the TV thanks to TV channels like the History channel.

It might not have been your favorite subject from school, but it has a lot to do with how people unravel the things that confuse them in the present. You will be surprised to realize there is so much to learn from the happenings of the past. History brings facts to the forefront for a more informed perspective. Luckily, the history channel has made the subject once considered boring be informative and entertaining. Your curious self will surely be engaged.

A word about the History channel

The History Channel is a pay-tv network owned by A&E Networks, which is a joint venture between Hearst Communications and Disney Media Networks. This channel has been operational since 1995, and it’s estimated to reach over 96 million households in the United States.

So, what is special about the History channel? The History Channel stands out because of its unique programming. You will not find many channels in the scene that air history-based programming. That being said, the History channel also showcases reality TV programs along with documentaries. This channel is packed with content that will satisfy your curious mind, like UFO investigations, post-apocalyptic scenarios, mythical creatures, and a lot more. All of this is on a single TV channel.

The History Channel is really one of the best ways to learn about things that have happened in the past. You will not only get facts but also understand such happenings.

What channel number is the History channel on Dish Network?

History is really a remarkable subject, and many people love it. History buffs can now rejoice because the History Channel is available on Dish. Moreover, Dish Network offers this channel in HD for a quality viewing experience. With the History Channel on Dish, viewers can watch past events in an engaging and interesting manner.

There are always new and inviting ways to experience history on this channel. It’s due to the mind-boggling subjects that come up like inventions, survival scenarios, nature, mythical creators, dinosaurs, and a lot more. All these provide a blueprint for a better future.

Are you a new Dish TV subscriber? Well, if the History channel is nowhere to be found on the on-screen guide, you’re not alone. It may take time to become familiar with navigating the Dish Network on-screen TV guide. In that case, take a look at the shortlisting below. It’s a compilation of the channel number for the History channel on Dish Network.

Channel Name Channel Number
The History Channel HD 9491
The History Channel SD 120

Popular shows to watch on the History Channel

The original programming on the History Channel was mainly documentaries on historical events. However, the dynamics changed over time, and now the channel airs some reality TV shows based on mainstream topics like historical artifacts, human-extraterrestrial contact, and more. Check out a few TV shows to catch on the History Channel with Dish.

Mountain Men

Mountain Men highlights the lifestyle of the people living on the harsh and rugged terrain of the mountains. They must utilize remarkable survival skills to thrive in such extreme climates. Among the individuals featured is Eustache Conway. He resides on the hilly Blue Ridge Mountains and goes out of his way to teach people how to live off the land.

American Pickers

I guess what they say is true; one man’s trash could be another man’s treasure. Two passionate collectors, Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe, journey across the country in search of the best items at yard sales and rubbish bins. The pair proves valuable items can be found in unlikely places like the rubbish bins. They work tirelessly to locate such items and put them to good use.


This series brings to life legendary tales of medieval times. It chronicles Vikings Ragnar’s life, encounters, and his family. Vikings draw his inspiration from historical writings and invite the viewers to share in the journey.


Alone is a documentary that first aired on the History Channel back in 2015. It’s one of the most interesting and daring competition series on the channel. A group of survivalists goes out in nature and isolation with limited resources and dependency on their wilderness experience. They are required to survive on their own. This involves building shelter, keeping away predators, hunting for food, and even overcoming extreme weather conditions.

The Curse of Oak Island

Experience the south shores of Nova Scotia. There is an island near Nova Scotia that has fascinated humanity for many centuries. For miles, all you can see are trees and wildlife and the occasional sound of crashing waves. But deep below what seems like a calm and tranquil island lurks something people have been unable to uncover. Two brothers attempt to solve the mystery of this island and get some answers.

Forged in fire

We have all seen a sword, even if it’s in a movie. But how many know how a sword is actually forged? This show showcases the significant steps required to create advanced weaponry, which is swords, of course. It involves contestants competing on the show to make the most iconic weapon forged on the fire flames.


The History Channel is one of the TV networks you would want on your lineup. It provides lots of exciting shows like American Pickers, The Universe, Counting Cars, and much more.


What channel is the History Channel?

Find the History channel in HD on channel number 9491 on Dish Network.

How can I watch the History Channel for free?

You can watch the History channel for free by downloading the History App on your Android or iOS device. With the app, you can access some of the content on the channel for free.


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