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What Channel Is TLC On Spectrum Updated Guide

What Channel Is TLC On Spectrum? – Updated Guide 2022

This write-up will try to explain what channel TLC is on Spectrum. The TLC channel, owned and managed by Discovery Inc is an American pay-TV channel that has been in existence from 1980 till date.

Previously, the channel was known both as ‘the learning channel’ and as ‘Appalachian Community Service Network’ simply because it was first launched as an educational network, then subsequently, it became a reality TV, featuring other content related to lifestyle.

Currently, the channel is accessed by over 95 million homes in the United States It also has a high-definition TV simulcast available in Canada and United States. The TLC channel has also extended on the international level and can be accessed in North Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Asia.

Spectrum and TLC, are popular and in tune with all aspects of life. It offers documentaries, interesting TV series, thrilling reality TV, different lifestyle choices, and the different challenges experienced by different kinds of people.

Why TLC Channel is exceptional?

Well, judging from the outline of shows on TLC, featuring more than 100 original contents, one cannot but understand why the TLC channel has continued to have a loyal audience who have continually been supportive, making the channel exceptional.

TLC channel has continued to grow tremendously over the years. Spectrum, on the other hand, offers affordable prices that have made watching the TLC channel within the reach of the average household. To ensure that the TLC channel is part of your package, then relax and give the eyes what it eats.

What Channel number is TLC on Spectrum?

Channel Name Channel Number City/State
TLC 52 New York, NY
TLC 45 Orlando, FL
TLC 26/748 Picayune, MS
TLC 77 Ridgefield Park, NJ

Top shows on TLC

Sister Wives

Sister Wives tells the story of Kody Brown with his four wives (Meri, Janelle, Robyn, and Christine) and seventeen children as they try to go through life as a family shunning their difficulties. Their unusual family structure, living arrangements, financial issues, and all, feature in each episode.

The series showcases the intricacies of a polygamist household, revealing the loving relationship between the four wives and other unexpected twists and knots to the story-knit.

The viewers are also presented with the intimate dynamics of a man juggling with his wives while keeping it a secret from the outside world. The Brown family has a lot on their plates, not to talk of keeping from outside influence.

90 days Fiance

90 days Fiance is a TV series, in which different people in long-distance relationships contest. The contestants are given K1 visas, valid for 90 days to travel to the United States. The contestants are expected to find a fiance and get married or be deported within 90 days. Anybody that succeeds gets a green card to become a citizen. It is a sizzling story of love, romance, and Adventure.

Darcy and Stacey

The Silva, twins that starred in the 90-day fiance series, open the doors of their lives as they struggle in their family, try out different relationships, and also explore their uniqueness as twins.

My 600-LB Life

The show tells of how men and women who weigh up to 600 pounds, go through a process of gastric bypass surgery The series tells the story of these men and women before their surgery, during, and follow up till like one year later.


The Busby’s surprises everybody and especially themselves by having a successful quintuplets’ delivery of ‘all girls’ in the United States. After an extended stay of four months in the newborn ICU, the quints return home to their four years old sister, Blayke. Together they adjust to the new normal that life has served them with.

The family Chantel

Pedro finally summoned the courage to confront Nicole about dating married men as the family embarks on a journey to the Philippines. Winter and Chantel are involved in an emotional heart-to-heart talk. There is a sharp turn of events as Karen, Chantel, and Angenette went shopping for a wedding dress.

Say Yes to the dress

This series allows us to celebrate the different brides across the United States. The viewers get to experience the whole dramas and excitement from shopping for the ideal wedding dress down to the amazing 2 hours of wedding extravaganza of different brides. TLC hosts this show in New York City.

Extreme Cheapstakers

The Show gives us an insider view of the most outrageous penny-pinching individuals in different parts of the globe. It is really interesting how people survive by frugally producing their toilet paper, singing for their supper, and going to the extreme to save money.

My feet are killing me

It is a medical series where Drs. Schaeffer, Vincent, and Haller try to assist people in making use of TELE Health. They address the urgent calls for help from individuals who are unable to come to their offices.

Kindred Spirits

Kindred Spirits is a reality show that secured a spot on TLC in 2016. The show is centered around paranormal findings among U.S. residencies. Each episode has a new case that investigators and hosts Berry and Bruni try to uncover.

In Conclusion

TLC offers an array of television programs, enough for a marathon on lazy weekends and weekday evenings. A precise day-to-day schedule of TLC activities can be found on the official site. The timings for each TV show can also be found there.

TLC channel has content that will keep you well engaged and the best part is that they have content suitable for most age brackets.

There is almost always something to watch whether you are a child or an adult. There are specific programs meant for the family, meaning that they can be watched by every member of the family. This in turn brings the family together.

What are you waiting for to subscribe to any of the Spectrum packages to start enjoying all the amazing possibilities TLC brings?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is TLC still on cable?

You Don’t need cable before you can watch TLC because it is available on streaming services like Hulu Live TV, Philo, FuboTV, Vidgo, Sling TV, YouTube TV, and DIRECTV Stream.

On-Time Warner Cable, what channel is TLC?

It can be found on channel 38.

Is TLC among the free channel?

You’re free to watch full episodes together with Live TV from TLC anytime, anywhere. It’s FREE once you have an active TV subscription. Just sign in with your credentials and you’re good to go.


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