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What Channel Is TV One On Fios Updated Guide

What Channel Is TV One On Fios? – Updated Guide 2022

TV One is a channel that primarily shows programming targeted at African Americans. If you fall in this category and want to know what Channel is TV one o Fios, we’ve got you covered.

We usually get the question of what Channel is TV One on Fios and what Verizon Fios Packages includes this channel. But we first have to make sure you understand what TV One is and whether this channel is available on Fios.

What is TV One?

TV One is a subscription-based Cable and Satellite Television channel that offers programs targeted at African Americans.

The channel broadcasts in the United States on both digital cable and satellite providers, as well as streaming services. TV One is an independent company owned by Radio One. The channel’s target audience was initially adult black males aged 25-54 but has since diversified to include a wider demographic.

TV One is most popular for its original lifestyle and entertainment programming, including reality shows, sitcoms, docu-series, and documentaries about life in the black community.

In 2013, TV One saw a dramatic program of 85% increase among people 18-49 years old from the previous year. This is not surprising given TV One’s list of hit original programming.

TV One offers a variety of shows, including scripted and reality series that are produced locally by the channel in the broadcaster’s home city or region. In addition to its original productions, TV One broadcasts syndicated reruns.

Is TV One available on Fios?

Yes, TV One is Available on Fios but now the channel number can vary from one person to the other. To find out if TV One is available on Fios in your area, you need to: Find the channel with the Zip Code tool Search for what Channel is TV One on Verizon FIOS, and see which Packages include this channel.

What Fios Packages have TV One?

If you are a fan of Black audience content airing on TV One, then you can purchase any TV package from Fios and enjoy the best content. Here are the Fios packages that include TV One.

  • Fios TV Local Plus Package-In this package, you will find other networks that are not available in the other packages. Some of these include A&E, BET, C-SPAN, Centric, HISTORY, MTV2, Nicktoons, and VH1.
  • Fios Signature HDTV Package-This package includes all of the same channels as the Fios TV Local Plus Package but adds the following networks: Bravo Family, Cartoon Network, CNBC, Comedy Central, Fox News, FX, Oxygen, and USA Network.
  • Fios Ultimate HDTV Package-The Fios Ultimate HDTV package offers the same channels as the Fios TV Local Plus Package and Fios Signature HDTV Package with the addition of Starz Encore Movie Channel.

What is the TV One channel number on Verizon?

Depending on where you live, the TV One channel might be different from one Fios customer to another. To find out what Channels include TV One in your area, you can either do a search using your Zip Code or choose the package that best suits you and see what channels are included. You can watch TV One right now on Fios channel Number 271 as shown in the table below.

Channel Name Channel Number
TV One Channel 271 (SD) Channel 771 (HD)

Top 6 Most Popular TV shows to watch on TV one in 2021

TV One has a good cocktail of TV shows that you can watch right now. Here are some of the best six TV shows that you can watch on TV One on 2021 and beyond.


The show follows the life of an African American male who was born to a family with all women but eventually discovers his father is a drug dealer. Coming from this background, he creates an alter ego named “Rick” where nothing can hurt him.

Sins of the city

This show is another great additive in the TV One shows lineup. It is a modern remake of the classic novel “Scarlet Pimpernel” ​​​​​It follows the story of Willy Cartier, who has to choose between his mother and an African American mistress.

The Break-Up

This show tells the story of a young couple that has been dating for a while and seem to be going great. However, one day, they decide to break up and see what each other lives would look like without them in it.

Prince of Howard Beach

This TV One show tells the story of a young man who was not accepted by his mother’s side, so he escaped to Howard Beach and showed them exactly what he can do.

Every Negro has a breaking point

This TV One show tells the story of an African American male who is framed for murder and thrown in jail but breaks out after 15 years due to new evidence that emerged about his case. After getting out of prison with next to nothing, he realizes what society was like when he left it.

Fatal Attraction

This TV One show tells the story of a love affair that has gone wrong. A man is pulled into an extra-marital relationship because he thinks it can bring excitement to his life finally but soon realizes that every action has consequences.


What are some good shows on TV One?

There are so many good shows on TV One, but above are our picks for the top six TV shows on TV one that you should start with.

What package does TV One come with?

TV One is available on the Digital Preferred or above packages. You can find out what you have now by going to Fios.com, clicking ‘My Account’ at the top right of the page, and using your ZIP code to view your account details.

What channel is TV One on Fios?

The TV One Channel is on the Digital Preferred Tier of channels, channel number 271 of the lineup. You can find it with your Zip code. This Channel Guide will show you all the available options for watching your favorite shows and movies on TV One.


TV One is the best TV channel for Black Americans. If you want to watch any of the TV shows explained above, then tune in to channel number271 on Fios. However, this channel Number can vary from one viewer to the other.

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