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What Channel Is TV One On Spectrum Updated Guide

What Channel Is TV One On Spectrum? – Updated Guide 2022

Many people have been asking what channel is TV One on Spectrum and in this small guide we cover everything and a little more. The TV network is accessible in more than 45 million households across the United States.

TV One, a cable and satellite television network, offers its programming through various tiers of distribution.

You came to the right place for answers for those looking for what channel is TV One on Spectrum Cable.

TV One Overview

TV One, formerly known as TV One 24/7, is a cable network that provides programming targeted to black viewers. The channel features movies and original programs such as the following;

  1. Before Love & Hip Hop
  2. The Rickey Smiley Show
  3. Tiny Tonight with Toya Bush-Harris
  4. Unsung Hollywood
  5. Movie News
  6. A Different World
  7. Single Ladies 2.0

TV One on Spectrum Overview

The Spectrum Channel Lineup is made up of many channels. Subscribers have many choices for the kind of entertainment they want, including music, sports, movies, TV shows, family-friendly programs, and much more.

Keep in mind; Spectrum has secured solid TV services in 40 states across the United States. This means you are unlikely to miss out on some great TV channels like TV One.

TV One isn’t among the TV channels that immediately became hits after hitting the market. The TV channel that was launched in 2004 didn’t get to shine so brightly as some others but still managed to catch the eye of viewers from around the US.

TV One now offers a wide range of entertainment options, including comedies, movies, lifestyle series, docuseries, and reruns of sitcoms. Its target audience is mainly African-American people. You can get a TV One on Spectrum TV. The channel is estimated to have reached about 57 million households in the US.

What Channel is TV One on Spectrum Cable?

If you have a cable package from Spectrum TV, you can find the TV One network by scrolling through the channels list. This list shows each channel number and name.

By looking through the list, you should be able to find TV One at number 167. However, the channel number will vary from one city/state to the other.

For example, In Los Angeles, CA, the channel number is 184. In New York, NY, the channel number is 90, and Reno, NV, its channel number 170. We have summarised all this in the table below.

Channel Name Channel Number
Los Angeles, CA 184
New York, NY 90
Orlando, FL 159
Reno, NV 170,729

A free Spectrum Cable subscription won’t get you access to the channel, but it’s relatively easy to add the network if you already have Spectrum service.

You can do this by calling customer service or adding it through your account on spectrum.com.

For many, the answer to ‘What Channel Is TV One on Spectrum?’ is channel 236.

TV One is a Cable TV Network, which means it can be accessed through an antenna or cable subscription.

If you are not able to watch TV One through either of those methods, then your only other option is to subscribe to the channel’s online content through SlingTV. That said, you can quickly get the channel with a Spectrum TV subscription.

TV One Channel Number Argument

If you’re experiencing issues while trying to find TV One and would like assistance, please call Spectrum TV on 1-888-438-2427, and they’ll be happy to help you.

We can assure you that Spectrum does carry TV One in their service. But, sometimes, people are not sure whether the channel is available on the service or not.

A short phone call to Spectrum customer service should clear your doubts and questions.

Top Popular TV shows to watch on TV One

There are several TV shows that you can watch on TV One. Here are the top six most popular TV shows to watch on TV One.

Live shows

Martin, The Parkers, and The Steve Harvey Show all started on TV One, and these shows were around when Martin was in his prime.

Everybody Loves Raymond

This is a show that aired from 1996 to 2005, and it stars actor Ray Romano.

The Parkers

This show ran from 1999 to 2004, and it stars comedian Mo’Nique. The show has been restarted on TV One.

House of Payne

This series started in 2007 and is still airing, starring actor Lance Gross. It’s the most popular show on TV One at this time.

The Rickey Smiley Show

The Rickey Smiley Show is a show that features comedian and actor Rickey Smiley. It has been airing on TV One since 2012.

A Different World

This sitcom ran from 1987 to 1993, starring actress Lisa Bonet as Denise Huxtable, compared to her role as the daughter of Bill Cosby’s character in The Cosby Show.


TV one is one of the greatest American pay-TVs airing the best TV shows for an entire family’s entertainment.

Depending on where you live in real-time, you can watch TV one on Spectrum. Remember, the channel numbers tend to change with the location, making it difficult to find TV One on Spectrum fast enough. However, once you get the actual channel number, tuning in is a piece of cake.


What Channel Number is TV One?

This will highly depend on the provider and the city/state where you are currently residing. On Spectrum, the channel number varies from one city/state to the other.

In Los Angeles, you can watch TV One HD on channel 184. In New York, NY, it has channel 90, while in Reno, it is channel number 170 and channel number 729.

What channel is 34 on Spectrum?

This is the channel number for Univision (KMEX) HD. Channel 33 is Spectrum SportsNet HD, while Channel number 35 is MTV HD West.

How can I watch TV One?

You can easily stream TV One via streaming services such as Roku or tune into channel 184 in Los Angeles, Channel 90 in New York, channel 159 in Orlando, or Channel Number 170 in Reno, NV. This can vary depending on where you stay.

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