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ATT WiFi Calling On Unlocked Phones How Does It Work

AT&T Wi-Fi Calling On Unlocked Phones – How Does It Work?

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For more on AT&T Wi-Fi calling on an unlocked phone, read on. In recent times, internet technologies have been on the rise.

Among these latest technologies is Wi-Fi calling which is already integrated into some iPhone and Android devices.

This is well suited for users who intend to achieve quality calls when indoors. The technology is indeed timely because more people are now working remotely, meaning Wi-Fi calling will be of great importance.

However, to make use of this without hitches, you need a reliable Wi-Fi network. With this, you’ll enjoy your HD voice team meetings using a cloud phone system. There will also be clarity with quality sound.

AT&T on their part has gone further to come up with a design specifically for people making use of unlocked phones.

It’s important to note that Wi-Fi calling works on IEEE and Wi-Fi alliance. Users with a stable internet connection can get to choose a router that can provide Wi-Fi coverage at least 150 feet coverage.

As the coverage is being transmitted, it can experience disruptions depending on the type of building and materials around it.

With this technology, you’re free to make calls phone calls using a Wi-Fi internet connection. The good thing about this is that Android and iOS devices have inbuilt VoIP calls which are in line with its universal standards. This is important to prevent any possible compromise.

Wi-Fi Calling Methodology

If you’re still trying to set up your Wi-Fi calls, you need to make use of the voice over internet protocol (VoIP) system.

Using this will quickly enable the phone lines to be established by reaching the carriers via the internet connection.

This process will be easy for the user. Among the frequently used applications are WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook Messenger, which are all designed using the VoIP tech for calls.

In addition, the Nextiva app can be used to make Wi-Fi calls using any device, though this is often used by business establishments.

The good thing is that these apps, do not require any cellular network or SIM card connection for you to make any calls.

Also, the VoIP technology is in charge of enhancing an effective and efficient system for calls. In the case of AT&T Wi-Fi calling, you decide on the phone number and the right plan for a better business experience.

The good thing about this Wi-Fi calling is that you won’t have to pay any huge bills to any ISP. Once you have a reliable network, there won’t be any drop calls.

Charges for Wi-Fi calling

Calls are made through cellular network connections and it is charged from the monthly plans.

Wi-Fi calling works similarly because you won’t be required to pay any additional charges. After all, it will still be from the monthly voice plans.

Users that need telecommunication that does not involve any international calling rates will benefit from this package.

This implies that the data will be used from your internet plans. From statistics, WhatsApp calls tops by managing about 100 million voice calls.

There is a projection that it will still reach 542 million in a few years. With WhatsApp calls, it’s easier to make calls to other countries without spending roaming costs.

Benefits of Wi-Fi Calling

Once you’ve access to a Wi-Fi connection, you’re free to call or text any part of the world. The good part is that the voice quality will be improved even when the coverage is poor.

Also, there are no extra charges required because everything will be charged from the existing voice plans and monthly internet without any add-on services.

Another unique thing about Wi-Fi calling is that you don’t require any separate applications because it’s already a built-in feature.

Furthermore, users will be able to optimize the battery life of their smartphones because they won’t always have to be searching for network signals.

Drawdown of Wi-Fi Calling

There might be situations where your Wi-Fi connection will slow down as a result of network congestion.

For those that make use of outdated smartphones, it will be incapable of making Wi-Fi calls. Some countries also have restrictions when it comes to Wi-Fi calls.

However, AT&T provides coverage and Wi-Fi calling abilities, especially for unlocked phones. But this can’t be allowed on Samsung phones because they’re yet to pay for certification.

In other words, there are chances that you might be able to make Wi-Fi calls on unlocked Verizon and Samsung phones.

In Conclusion

With Wi-Fi Calling, you can talk and text from your indoor locations where ordinarily it might be difficult to make calls.

Wi-Fi calling also functions in the Domestic Coverage Area (Puerto Rico, U.S, and U.S. Virgin Islands including other international countries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to make Wi-Fi calling using unlocked phones via AT&T?

Once the coverage is concerned, AT&T provides Wi-Fi calling abilities for all unlocked phones. But this feature is not allowed on Samsung phones because of certification issues.

So, there is every tendency you can do Wi-Fi calling on Verizon or Samsung phones.

Are unlocked phones compatible with Wi-Fi calling?

The truth is that factory unlocked phones do not have this feature. Wi-Fi calling is not in any way backed up with the Android operating system.

However, AT&T provides this when you purchase your family phone packages from them.

How can I unlock Wi-Fi calling?

This procedure is how to enable Wi-Fi Calling on any Android Phone;

  1. Tap on the notification shade, then long-press the Wi-Fi icon to bring out Wi-Fi settings.
  2. Navigate towards the bottom, choose ‘Wi-Fi Preferences’>>> Advanced.
  3. Choose Wi-Fi Calling, flip to switch it ‘On’.


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