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Avast Internet Security Vs Premier Should You Upgrade Your Avast

Avast Internet Security Vs Avast Premier – Worth The Upgrade?

If you have been seriously considering purchasing antivirus software and can’t decide if it’s a good idea to upgrade, read on for Avast Internet Security vs. Premier.

We have compared the two services for more insights on what will help your computer better.

We all well know the internet is full of all sorts of things and as a result, we need a trust worthed internet security.

There is always the risk of someone on the other end stealing your personal information.

This threat comes in all forms including viruses, malware, Trojans, and so on. For a long time, Avast has been a popular antivirus used by millions of people all around the world.

It’s a leading security solution you’ll find in the market and comes in different levels to suit the needs of the users.

There are two versions; Avast Internet Security and Avast Premier (Premium Security) which is paid.

Are you thinking of upgrading to Premium but have some doubts? Is the free version enough to keep malware and viruses at bay?

Let’s dive into the comparison and find out the answers.

Avast Internet Security overview

Avast is a leading brand that has been providing quality security packages for internet users. The free Avast internet security is the most popular and brings to the table a host of features for the best protection against cyber threats.

Of course, the free version of Avast doesn’t come with any extra charges. Look at it as a way to try the service before finally committing to the paid product.

While the free version will offer some form of protection for your devices, it’s not entirely the real deal.

Avast Premier, on the other hand, comes with advanced security features.

Avast Premier overview

Avast Premier is basically the more advanced version of this antivirus. It has a set of features you will certainly miss in the free version.

These include process virtualization, safe zone, and sandbox just to mention a few.

In other words, this paid version of Avast consists of additional defensive mechanisms to help you deal with cyber threats better.

Features of the Avast Internet Security

The free Avast has two main features. The first one is to block viruses and all sorts of malware already existing on your Mac or PC.

This will go on as long as the service is installed on your devices. Avast will work tirelessly to detect any viruses, malware, and other cyber threats in real-time to ensure optimum security.

This will take your mind off worrying about your computer getting infected by viruses or someone accessing your personal information.

This is very important considering we live in a technological world where almost everybody is using the internet on a day-to-day basis.

Avast has other features to ensure your well-being and that of your devices. There is something they call the Ransomware protection live-time.

This involves extensive system updates to keep the software up to date on every new thing. The truth is things never stay the same and the same goes for cybercrimes.

Hackers are constantly evolving their tricks and finding new loopholes. That’s why it’s important to patch up security vulnerabilities through system updates.

This version of Avast also includes wifi security scanning. With this, you’re in luck because it’s mostly a paid feature for the other antivirus programs.

Wifi security scanning basically means you can run a wireless network scan. Remember, it’s not just your computer that’s at risk but also the wifi network.

There could be intruders on your network ready to steal private information. This is the best way to keep them away.

The Avast software works to identify any flaws within the network so that you can make the necessary changes.

Other features include the core shield for malware, spyware, virus and adware protection, the virus chest, and automated updating.

For a free version, you are definitely getting more from this antivirus.

The main features of Avast Premier

Well, you won’t get many features from the free Avast internet security. But the premium version has a lot going for it in the category.

On that note, let’s discuss some of the notable features of Avast Premier.

Firewall Strong security to surf the internet

A firewall is an important security feature if you intend to surf the internet. Thankfully, Avast Premier has a built-in advanced firewall.

It makes this antivirus suitable for people in need of extra security when online. Furthermore, many of the free and paid antiviruses don’t come with an advanced firewall.

So we can comfortably say you’re in luck.

The firewall automatically checks and scrutinizes each of the connections that come into your network.

Anything suspicious is spontaneously blocked and a notification is sent to you. This means you are protected at all times including when off the internet.

Real Site Protection – Blocks fake websites

We do know the internet is a great place as much as it’s dangerous. There are many fake websites out there created for malicious and harmful activities.

Avast Premier has a web browser script built into the software. It detects and blocks fake or malicious websites to give you peace of mind when performing online activities like shopping or just browsing.

It’s like your guardian angel is always on the lookout for anything that might harm you.

In addition, it spots and stops potential intruders and cybercriminals who want to steal your passwords and other sensitive information like bank details.

For Avast, it’s an all-inclusive package and we like that.

Email Security

One more reason to consider upgrading is the fact that Avast Premier also monitors your emails. It’s something most antiviruses don’t offer.

Before we can proceed, let’s make something clear so that there is no confusion or speculations.

Avast does not read the customer’s emails but rather looks into the ‘header’ packets. Fortunately, the packets don’t check information within your emails.

What they do is check technical details for insights on what’s coming in and going. This way, annoying spam emails are blocked and never reach your inbox.

Avast Sandbox – Custom scanning

Suspicious apps or the apps you download from the web must run through the Sandbox mode. This opens and runs the program without glitches on your PC.

If there is the existence of malicious content, the program will protect your device even before the application installs. Therefore, you won’t have to encounter issues as a result of malicious apps.

File protection

Since nothing is truly safe from cybercriminals, your files also need to be secured. Avast Premier provides file encryption to protect your personal documents.

It’s a measure to avoid access to the folders or any changes being made to them. Avast promises to prevent malware and viruses from accessing your personal files. This occurs through file encryption.

Data Shredder

Deleting data can be a challenge especially when you’re not sure it’s safe. The deleted private data might still be hanging around somewhere.

To enable you to delete sensitive data securely, Avast Premier has a feature called Shred.

This allows you to shred the documents properly and prevent anyone else from accessing what was originally in those files.

Webcam Security

With this feature, sneaky people won’t be able to use your webcam. Avast will filter genuine apps like Skype and Facetime from the list.

Any time the webcam is in use, you’ll get a notification to know when someone is secretly watching.

Secure your browser

This is meant to secure your saved passwords.

How to download and install the Avast Premier?

To successfully download the Avast Premier, you need a system higher than XP SP3, RAM of over 256Mb, and hard disk space of 1.5 GB or more.

We will also like to point out that there’s a trial version which you can use before deciding if it’s your money’s worth.

Follow these steps to download the program swiftly;

  1. Find the premier download page.
  2. Under the prices of products section, there is a Download Trial button. Simply click on it.
  3. The installer will be promptly downloaded. Launch and then select Yes to let it install.
  4. Click on install and follow the next prompts.

The trial period will be over at some point. After that, you will have to activate it to use the program.

There are two ways to do this; through the activation code or the Avast account.

However, before you proceed with either of these, you must purchase the license.

Activating through the Avast Account

  1. The first thing you will need to do is create an Avast account.
  2. From the system tray at the lower right of your PC, simply right-click on the Avast icon and select subscription information.
  3. Next is to click on Log into your Avast Account on the My licenses screen.
  4. Once logged in, select products you want from available products and click on Continue. This should activate your account in a few seconds.

Use the activation code

  1. Once you’ve made a purchase, you will receive an email.
  2. Open the email and then right-click the attachment. Save it.
  3. On the system tray at the lower right, click on the Avast icon and find the subscription information.
  4. Click on Enter valid activation code on My licenses screen.
  5. Click-use license file.
  6. Find your downloaded license and tap on open
  7. The last step is to click on Continue to activate your account.

Differences between Avast Internet Security and Premier

Both Avast Internet Security and Avast Premier are great choices for the users who want better protection of their devices from viruses and malware.

Furthermore, they all work well in providing security against viruses in any kind of system whether it’s a phone, laptop, PC, or other gadgets.

Avast does match up to expectations when it comes to protecting systems from getting infected with viruses, malware, and malicious downloads.

Pop-up messages and notifications will warn you in case there are concerns. When you visit a safe site, the icon on your Avast program turns green.

If you need the extra security tools, you will have to pay for them. As we said, the firewall is one of the most important features that come with the Avast Premier.

Unfortunately, Avast Internet Security doesn’t offer this feature. The Avast Premier has it to monitor your internet connection and check for intruders trying to spy on you and your system.

Such cyber criminals will also gather your personal info and use it for malicious intent. Also, the firewalls prevent people from piggybacking on your network, which makes it lag.

Unlike Avast Internet Security, Avast Premier allows direct access to tools for secure banking. Safe banking tools hide away personal data and sensitive information like your credit card numbers, bank accounts during online transactions, and so on.

To put it plainly, online banking will be much safer for you.

The one thing that both programs lack is parental controls while using a child’s computer. Parental controls are very important because they help keep the kids safe from cyberbullies and inappropriate content.

That said Avast Premier and Avast internet security offer access to Mobile Protection. This means you can surf on your mobile phone or tablet without worrying about anything.

Your private info and online activities will be safe from hackers and prying eyes. Users are required to download a certain application for mobile devices to get the security system.

The added protection for your mobile devices may lack a couple of security features and tools.

What is the Cost of Avast Premier and Avast Internet Security?

As mention, Avast has a free version of its antivirus. But this is not entirely free because you will have to subscribe at some point.

After a specified period of time, uses have to get a paid license to use Avast Internet Security. Avast Internet Security has all the features of the free antivirus and a few more.

There are three options for Avast Internet Security Subscriptions.

The one-year subscription costs $30 for a single device. The two-year and three-year subscriptions cost $55 and $80 for one device respectively.

If you want security for more than one device, Avast offers flexible subscriptions.

Avast Premier is basically a higher-level security program from Avast. It offers more features than the Avast Internet Security.

It can do everything that the Avast Internet security does, but has some extra features. The additional features include a Data shredder, Webcam shield, and Automatic software updater.

It also has three options for subscriptions. The three-year subscription costs $105, two years for $70, and a one-year subscription for $35, all for a single device.

The Avast Premier comes with decent security features that will protect your devices. However, it offers three more extra features than the internet security suite.

If you don’t urgently need any of those services, you’re better off with Avast Internet Security. This one costs less and still provides a high level of security.

Watch out for some extra-cost options on Avast Internet Security

Even after paying for the security suite, we noticed a few components require an additional fee to allow full functionality.

While you may not need the Avast Premier suite, some services may call for an upgrade. For instance, automated software updates don’t come without an upgrade to the Software Updater Pro.

Several components simply require an upgrade to work. But for the most part, you will realize this after investing time in these services.

This is quite annoying, to say the least.

For instance, once you’ve already downloaded and launched the Cleanup Premium, it will help to free the system from useless items that are taking up resources.

However, when you try to click the button and resolve problems, it’s revealed you need to pay a separate license fee for this component’s full functionality.

The same goes for the Driver Updater. The upsell only appears after you’ve carried out the scanning process.

Hopefully, Avast will do something about this because it’s frustrating to discover things last minute.

Moving on to the Privacy page, there is an icon for the SecureLine VPN component from Avast.

When you tap the button to switch on VPN, it reveals you don’t have full access to this service. This is yet another disappointment.

You can opt for the 60-day free trial but it won’t be long before you’re eventually required to pay an extra subscription fee to use VPN.

Avast Internet Security comes with the Online Security component. It’s a feature meant to actively block mainly the ad trackers who try to profile your online activities and use the information for their own benefit.

AntiTrack component is good for the users but like many others, you must upgrade to unlock its full functionality. It seems like a subscription to Avast Premier unlocks many more features.

Avast Internet Security vs. Avast Premier: Performance

The one thing that often has people worried about using Antivirus software is the effect on system performance.

Fortunately, Avast doesn’t cause any significant system performance lags. As a matter of fact, it’s way better than some competitors.

It will not slow down performance or tamper with the system resources.

Is Avast Internet Security worth it?

When you upgrade from the free version and pay for the Avast Internet Security, you will get access to a host of features including firewall, password management, antivirus, spam filtering, and a lot more.

It actually shares many of the features with Avast free antivirus. The main issue is that majority of the bonus features lack full access.

Instead, such features are reserved for Avast Premier.

If your needs are not too many or urgent, the Avast free antivirus will do the trick. However, if you want everything Avast has to offer without missing out or holding back, Avast Premier would be perfect.

Unfortunately, Avast Internet Security falls right in the middle of the pack and it’s stuck there. It makes little sense to include services that are not fully accessible to the users and, that’s where Avast Internet Security stands.

Is Avast Premier worth it?

There is no doubt Avast Premier is a good product. It has advanced features that are also highly functional.

Therefore, if you need the best security features from Avast, opt for a Premier subscription. With that being said, users have questions to ask concerning the extra features.

For example, extra features still require payment for full access making the program more expensive.

It’s not really worth it for the people looking to cut costs. Furthermore, this Avast suite lacks parental control features. If that’s a big concern for you, you are better off finding something else.


Avast Internet Security and Avast Premier have several things in common. They both meet the needs of the users in one way or the other.

The one very important feature that wasn’t available is parental controls. Also, you have to launch and set up an entirely separate program for mobile devices.

All in all, Avast offers plenty of good things like a personal firewall, fake website protection, and even vulnerability scanning. It not only secures your devices but also the internet network.


What is the difference between Avast free and premium?

The free Avast antivirus only provides basic protection like virus scans, the virus chest, and the core shields.

This works for the people who don’t really need a high level of protection.

Premium is the paid version and provides advanced protection like firewall, real shield, ransomware shield, core shields, virus scans, and sandbox.

What is the difference between Avast Pro and Premier?

For starters, Avast Premier is actually more expensive than Pro. Secondly, Avast Premier consists of four more features that aren’t available on Pro.

These include two-way firewall protection, antispam email filter, webcam shield, and automatic software updater.

Is Avast free good enough?

Many people find the free version of Avast very helpful. For a free antivirus tool, Avast does more than just offer basic protection.

It provides full-scale protection together with a ton of excellent features.

For instance, Avast free comes with browser protection, network security scanner, free antivirus protection, malware protection, phishing protection, and ransomware shield.


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