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IGMP Proxy On Or Off

IGMP Proxy On Or Off – What Is It & How To Disable It

IGMP Proxy On or Off will be the focus of this write-up. I’m sure the majority of us have heard proxies and at some point, used them. But the question is, what is IGMP Proxy and what it’s a function? By definition, the acronym IGMP means internet group management protocol that is used by hosts and routers on any IP network. This is usually steered to create a multicast group membership. Oftentimes, IGMP is used when it comes to online streaming.

IGMP Proxy Explained

The responsibility of IGMP Proxy is to ensure any multicast router can read and also learn any membership information. Also, it helps in forwarding the multicast packets as it relates to any membership info. But the IGMP proxy works on certain topologies, mainly the ones that do not need routing protocols. Some of these protocols are PIM-SM, DVMRP, and PIM-DM.

The IGMP proxy is made up of a special upstream interface using high-end configurations including a downstream interface that functions on the router’s side of the entire protocol. In addition to the upstream interface, the proxy is also supported by the host site of the protocol.

The designs of the specialized mechanism related to multicast forwarding are done by the proxy but this is strictly on the membership information provided by IGMP. The router also must line out all forwarding packets seen on the interface. Then the IGMP continues to create forwarding entries and includes them directly to the multicast forwarding cache (MFC).

The Right Choice between IGMP Proxy On or Off

In the absence of configuration for IGMP proxy, any multicast traffic will be regarded as broadcast transmission. In addition to this, it will forward packets to every port available on the network. On the other hand, when the IGMP proxy is enabled, it will send multicast traffic only to the specific multicast cluster. But this will be solely on the information provided.

The proxy won’t be able to generate extra network traffic, which will guarantee a reduced traffic passage via the switch. In situations like this, it’s recommended to enable your IGMP proxy all the time once it won’t result in any problem for you. Hence, because it can convert any multicast traffic into unicast traffic, it will lead to more effective productivity of the wireless devices.

There are a couple of benefits you stand to enjoy when IGMP Proxy is enabled on your interface:

  • Every report related to group membership will be sent directly to the group.
  • Once the hosts exist from the multicast group, the unsolicited leave report of the group membership will be directly sent to the router group.
  • When an address group is joined by the hosts without other known hosts, the membership report will also be directly sent to the group. Many users decide to disable IGMP proxy depending on their needs.

For those considering this strictly for home use, it’s recommended to always enable IGMP proxy especially when you need to make use of the streaming services for an extended period. In addition, every mirroring issue will be fixed.

On the other hand, in a situation where you don’t intend to harness any of these benefits, then you’ve no other option to disable the proxy. It’s important to do this because the router will maintain monitoring multicast transmissions and the all-time needed for power processing will also be wasted. This is because transmissions that do not exist on the network will also be monitored.

Disabling the IGMP Proxy

If you’ve decided that switch off the IGMP is the best solution for you, follow the steps below to disable it:

  1. On your computer system, navigate to network connections, then move to local area connection.
  2. Tap on “details” and pen down the IP address.
  3. Enter the router’s IP address directly inside the search bar of the web browser. The setup page will be opened.
  4. Go straight to the bridging folder, go to the Multicast menu.
  5. Scroll down to the IGMP Proxy section.
  6. Tap on “enable IGMP Proxy status”. This will uncheck the box.
  7. Click on apply.

In Conclusion

Hopefully, everything you need to know about IGMP proxy its benefits, and the process for disabling it, has been covered in this write-up.

Frequently asked questions

What does IGMP mean?

The acronym means internet group management protocol which is used by hosts and routers working on a particular IP network. With this, the process of creating Multicast group members and streaming online is made easy.

Is it advisable to disable the IGMP proxy?

It is recommended to leave this proxy enabled unless started causing an issue. In short, IGMP proxy is useful because it won’t create extra network traffic. Furthermore, it will ensure there is a reduced passage via the switch. This is the reason why many users prefer to keep it ON every time. There won’t be

How do I disable IGMP?

Log in to access the router’s settings before navigating to network connections. Tap on the local area connection. Next is to click on details and provide the needed IP address of the router. Automatically, the setup page will open comprising the bridging folder. With the folder, you’ll get to see the Multicast menu. Open it, then scroll down until the IGMP is reached. The tick is next to enable IGMP proxy. Tap on the box again and the settings will be disabled.

How does IGMP proxy function?

Its responsivity is to help identify and enable multicast routers to obtain every membership info. The IGMP proxy will then proceed to send every multicast packet using the provided information. However, this only makes sense in topologies that do not focus on routing protocols such as PIM-DM, PIM-SIM, DVMRP.


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