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which city has the fastest internet in the us

Cities With Fastest Internet – Does Your City Win WIFI Speed Race?

We are already familiar with situations like when your favorite movie scene is paused because of buffering or an important conference call lags and finally goes on hold for the same reason.

This totally depends on the internet speed of your area. Some households in US has access to gigabit internet, they can easily stream movies on 20 different gadgets simultaneously, without interruption. Other users (probably us too) have hardly enough capacity to stream a single YouTube video. This all points toward the internet speed.

Since online working (from cooking to banking) has gained popularity across the entire globe, internet speed has become an essential aspect of the internet world. It is quite mandatory to have an internet speed that can assist you in achieving your goal each day.

If you’re a business or a freelancer living in one of the cities with the fastest internet, there is no one luckier. To find your fortune rate, here is a list of top ten cities of U.S.A. with the fastest internet:

Colorado Springs, Colorado

The city is home to a large number of ISPs like Spectrum, Xfinity, etc. and offers up to 2000Mbps download speed to its residents. This is major because the internet connection is supported by fiber optics, DSLs and satellites. It is one of the preferred cities to move if you’re in search of super-fast internet.

Nine Mile Falls, Washington

Being the city with one of the fastest internet speed in the United States, Nine Mile Falls is the city northwest of Spokane, Wash. It was ranked no.1 because when researched by the Broadband Now it stood at 912.72Mbps which is really incredible to say the least. If you’re an online entrepreneur, this city should be your dream home from this moment.

Hoschton, Georgia

Living in a rural area like Georgia may appear not-so-tempting but Hoschton has at least two profitable facilities. First, it’s one of the cities in U.S. with the fastest internet speeds and residents have eight providers which is a lot of choices, to be honest.

Second, people who live there also enjoy the benefits of living in one of the least inexpensive cities in America. The unbelievable figure of 674.25Mbps is the internet speed that is almost unbeatable.

Jasper, Indiana

The Jasper Indiana town has a population of 15,500 and holds its place among one of the cities with the fastest speeds in U.S. The town isn’t just the leader of the internet in Indiana — no other city from the Midwest has this bandwidth figure. The download speed of 573.18Mbps gives a lot of benefits to its residents.

Berkley, Massachusetts

With an internet speed of 562.95Mbps, Berkley Town comes on our list at no.5. The residents are happy people (and why not they’re one of the luckiest) who find checking off all the boxes on their internet bucket lists quite amusing. The city has a population of 6,700 located south of Boston and east of Providence.

Boydton, Virginia

Boydton is situated on the shore of the Roanoke River in the southern region of the state. Although a small, rural region it is one of the cities in America that guarantees the fastest internet speeds. Scantily populated with 275 people, Boydton enjoys more than 500 megabits (or 500 million bits) of downloads per second.

Corte Madera, California

Corte Madera is located on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco and Silicon Valley. But people from this city can easily vouch for internet speeds, unlike its tech-savvy neighbors. The town with nearly 10,000 people has the fastest internet in California with a speed of 540.44Mbps.

Jenks, Oklahoma

Jenks is a southern suburb of Tulsa. Broadband Now tests acknowledge this town (with nearly 23,000 people) having some of the fastest internet providers in the U.S., but its speed is only about half of Colorado.

Provo, Utah

With an average internet speed of 151.23Mbps, Provo has also become popular for its fast internet. Populated with 115,909 people, Provo allows access to internet speeds approximately five times faster as compared to the rest of America. Apart from this attractive feature, Provo also has made a name due to the presence of the biggest universities in America namely, the Brigham Young University and Utah Valley University.

Kansas City, Kansas

It is the third-largest city of the United States. Kansas is popular for its fast internet speed due to many facilities. For instance, the city has got wide access to fiber optics, cables, DSLs and various other types of internet connections.

You can easily gain access to Spectrum internet or Xfinity or At&t services that provide a generous amount of download speed and super-fast connection to accomplish your tasks.

The city provides an estimated download speed of 122.04Mbps which makes it super desirable for online businesses and remote-based workers for there is nothing as precious to them as fast internet.

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These cities aren’t that urbanized yet they have one of the fastest internet speeds in the country. Cities that invest in fiber internet networks and make efforts to attract the top providers dramatically exceed less-connected cities in terms of citywide access to strong internet service. With several thousand people now working remotely, internet speed is becoming crucial and businesses or companies consider locations with robust internet. And if you are among the category that work and earn from home, you might be curious to find out how your area’s internet speed compares to these cities above.

So you can weigh against the list and data provided above to evaluate and analyze your city’s internet speed. Just because you live in the cities or states with either fastest or slowest internet speed, it doesn’t undoubtedly mean you will get similar speed outcome. Based on your location, the type of services you subscribe to and the infrastructure it can be much better. With complete deployment of 5G around the corner, the world may get to hear some good news about comparatively faster internet in every area.

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