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Is 15 Mbps Good Internet - The Question (Answered)

Is 15 Mbps Good Internet – The Question (Answered)

There are so many people who want to know their internet speed range. Depending on how you use your internet, there is a specific range or category that is suitable for you. There is a different internet speed for gaming, streaming and use of multiple devices.

What you have to do is determine your usage. We will get to that part in a moment but the subject of the day is if 15 Mbps is good internet. What can you do with 15 Mbps internet speeds? Is it fast enough? We will discuss all this and more for a better understanding of whether 15 Mbps is useful internet or not.

What is actually a good internet speed?

The truth is there is good internet speed and bad internet speed. Good internet speeds will get most of the job done with very few hitches or interruptions. It is an internet speed that can support most online activities such as downloading music or videos, online gaming, streaming and web browsing. On that note, for most households, an internet connection at 25 Mbps or above is considered to be a good internet speed.

On the other hand, 15 Mbps can be good internet if the connection can meet the needs of a household. For instance, a family with two users or less would be comfortable with 15 Mbps internet speeds. With such an internet connection, you will be able to access much of the online content without facing many issues. But if there are multiple users or connected devices, this peed range is bound to become easily overloaded. This means that you may not be able to utilize things that require high bandwidth, such as streaming on multiple devices.

The question of what is a good internet will depend on a household and its internet usage. Some users only need the internet to perform tasks such as browsing the web, doing some online shopping and checking their emails. Such people will feel that 15mbps is good internet. On the other side, a person who regularly plays online video games and likes streaming 4k videos on multiple devices will definitely not be satisfied with 15 Mbps.

What is considered a fast internet?

Internet with download speeds of 100 Mbps or higher is oftentimes considered to be fast internet. This is mainly because this type of internet connection can effectively handle multiple users with multiple simultaneously connected devices. This means that fast internet speeds should be able to allow you to perform multiple online activities on various internet devices all at once.

For that reason, a large household with many internet users may not benefit from 15 Mbps. As a matter of fact, 15 Mbps may not support well the simultaneous use of multiple devices or a household with multiple users. For one thing, too many users will throttle the speeds making it impossible to access the internet seamlessly.

Therefore, before settling for 15 Mbps internet speeds, there are several things to keep in mind;

  • The number of connected devices and in use simultaneously
  • The number of people streaming videos from Netflix, YouTube and other services
  • Do you want to use the internet for competitive online gaming?
  • Do you need to send large files on a regular basis?
  • Are you the kind of person to stream 4k videos, or do you want the internet for only simple online tasks?

The answer to this question will tell you whether 15 Mbps internet speeds will be enough for you or not.

How 15 Mbps fares on with different online functions and applications

Web surfing, email and social media

Some people only need the bare minimum when it comes to the internet. With 15 Mbps, you will be able to surf various websites, check and send emails seamlessly. These are the general online applications that don’t require much bandwidth. In fact, users can consistently and successfully perform these tasks with zero issues.

Streaming music

Streaming and downloading music tend to be relatively easy and less demanding on broadband. For instance, streaming music on a platform such as Pandora only requires about 64 kbps. Therefore, 15 Mbps is more than enough for this task, and there will certainly be no lags.

Streaming videos on Netflix, hulu etc.

Netflix requires a minimum of 5 Mbps to stream videos in standard resolutions. Thus this means 15 Mbps would do quite an excellent job at streaming the latest movies in HD quality on Netflix or any other streaming service. But if you are thinking of streaming in 4k Ultra HD, then you will need at least 25 Mbps to achieve it.

Gam ing

The minimum internet speeds required for a seamless gaming experience is basically 10 Mbps. This is applicable if there are no other gamers and internet users in the house. 15 Mbps internet speeds will surely deliver a fairly great gaming experience. However, the upload speeds are also a factor to consider, especially when it’s online gaming involving other players. Internet plans with 15 Mbps may not have the upload speeds that will provide consistency. Keep in mind, if there are multiple users on the same broadband connection, more than 15 Mbps speeds will be required.

Video conferencing

When it comes to video conferencing, 15 Mbps is a good enough match. For instance, video conferences on Skype require as little as 8 Mbps for a group call consisting of 7 people. However, higher speeds will offer a better experience and consistency.


From the information above, it’s easy to see that 15 Mbps internet speeds are capable of getting many of the online activities done. With that said, this will mostly work for single users. When it comes to multiple users and multiple devices connected on the same network, 15 Mbps will not cut it. Think about your internet needs, and from there you can determine whether 15 Mbps internet speeds will be of help to you or not.